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Patreon · 6:06am Oct 8th, 2022

I will be opening a Patreon for those who want access to chapters early. Keep in mind its not required and I will always eventually post the chapters on here and other sites for free. But some support will help so I don't have to overwork at my second job for money.

Equestrian Heroes Profile

Twilight Sparkle


Rainbow Dash



Pinkie Pie



Cutie Mark Crusaders


Sweetie Belle




Ponyville Citizens.

Nurse Redheart

Mayor Mare

Aura Diamond Tiara

Silver Spoon

Peppermint Twist -

Snips -


Ginger Gold

Mr Cake

Misses Cake



Aloe & Lotus



Cloudchaser and Flitter

Dr Horse

Mr. Rich

Applejack's Family

Big Mac

Granny Smith

The Do Family

Ditzy Do

Amethyst Star

Dinky Do - See Cutie Mark Crusaders

Rarity's Family

Hondo Flanks

Cookie Crumbles

Sweetie Belle- See Cutie Mark Crusaders

Aunt Jewel

Animal Friends


Angel Bunny






The Princesses




Canterlot Citizens


Lyra Heartstrings

Lemon Hearts


Solar Guard

Lunar Guard

Twilight's Family

Shining Armor

Twilight Velvet

Night Light

Fluttershy's Family

General Grand Esteem

Fley Truths

Outside of Ponyville

Pinkie's Family

Marble Pie

Limestone Pie

Maud Pie



Sunset Shimmer - ???

Adaigo Dazzle

Aria Blaze

Sonata Dusk

Ursa Minor



Equestrian Heroes Terms

Alicorn - A species of equine that has the traits of all three tribes. The Strength and connection to nature reserved for Earth Ponies. The control over weather and flight of a pegasus and a Unicorn's ability to use magic. Natural born Alicorns are rare. Currently the only confirmed or known Alicorns in history are Celestia and Luna.

The only known none natural born Alicorns is Cadance.

Thestrals- A species of pony descended from ponies changed by a combination of Lunar and Nightmare magic. Ponies imbued with vampiric traits and bat-like abilities. A tribe of ponies fiercely loyal to the princess of the moon no matter her state. Currently only making two-percent of the overall population.

Canterlot - Capital of the nation of Equestria where both Princesses reside. Formerly a Unicorn settlement established thousands of years ago.

Colt - a young male equine child typically from ages five to fourteen.

Dam- The birth mother of a foal.

Earth Pony - One of the three major tribes of the Pony species. Their talent is a mixture of Abnormal strength, vitality, a link with nature and animals. Clans or large family will very often keep a specific mixture of these four features, making them fantastic farmers. The tribe making up the largest percentage of their species. The most physically built of the three main tribes only the Princesses eclipse the typical earth pony in height.

Filly -a young female equine child ranging from the ages five to fourteen.

Foal - An equine child ranging from newborn to up to four years of age.

Gelding - A castrated animal. Usually male. A crime often reserved for criminals who are repeated offenders or a massive offender of sex crimes. A common punishment in the era prior to the sister's rule this practice has mostly fallen out of practice.

Heat -

Pegasus -Winged equines who can control the weather. The most slender and sleek of the three tribes they have the ability to fly and walk on clouds as well as a resistance to colder temperatures.

Ponyviille - A small town north of the badlands and south of the capital of Canterlot. A population ranging from four-hundred to six-hundred Ponyville's claim to fame is the fact that the six elements of harmony have made this place their home. Come season three Ponyville is in the process of being turned into a city and is home to all seven elements of Harmony.

Stallion -A male adult Equine .

Unicorn - Equines with horns allowing them to utilize magic. Often the weakest in build physically unicorns use their powerful magicks and keen mine to make up for this.

Zebra -

Equestrian Heroes Images

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