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In the Equestria Girls world Spike comes out as a dog, thus dwindling any chances he'd have with human Rarity or any of the other Mane Six's human counterparts. But a lot of us wished he had his own human counterpart as well. Not to mention wanting him to get all the girls, because Faust knows he's earned that privilege on several occasions.

This is dedicated to the Spike fans and the fics portraying Spike as a human and getting all the lovely ladies.

My rules for this include no spam fic, bullying other writers, or cursing. And submitted fics must have the human tag. Anthro tagged harem fics are now accepted.

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Interesting folder ideas

Here's an idea for a few more folders:

Dragon Girls (For Ember, Smolder, Mina, and/or female dragon OCs)

Villainesses (Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Daybreaker, etc.)

Comic Exclusives (For any ladies from the IDW comics)

Movie Exclusives (Skystar, Novo, Tempest Shadow, even Celeano)

Generations (This one you could make a sub-folder for different generations like G1, G2, G3, or even G5)

Any thoughts?

Quite right. Especially if they're characters who aren't paired up with anybody

Just something to give Spike fans to broaden their horizons a little bit.

I'll make one. Never actually thought about pairing Spike up with other characters from other shows, but that's just me. I know others probably have

Here's an idea: What about a story folder that's for crossover characters from other franchises?

Here's a thought, you could make a folder for OCs.

401813 Okie-dokie-lokie

401812 Well, you keep looking and I'll continue to look through other groups to find some more to add

401808 Of course. I know someone who was doing one, but unless he/she scrapped the project, I can't find it. I'm hunting through groups for the person to see if the story fits the criteria.

401807 Maybe, but the catch is it has to have the human tag

401805 Would a Scott Pilgrim vs the World crossover fic work?

401803 I do too. But at this point it all depends on how many more Human Spike harem fics exist that I don't know of, or if more continue to be made.

401602 Thanks for the invite. Hope this group grows.

I want to thank the lot of you for joining my group. And I hope we can continue to fill it with some real classic Human Spike harem fics.

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