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Writing Again. · 2:30pm Apr 29th, 2014

Hey again guys.

Yes. I am alive.
Yes. I am fine.

No. The fic is not dead.

If you want to call the first chapters of the story 'Season One', go right ahead. I am. :)

Anyway, I know the wait has been long. Hope you all stick around for the future adventures of our consort.

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1309829 I was reading a story by Kalash97 called Racer and the Geek, and it went on haitus for far too long. So I did something in the same vein, and my few fans love it x3 I would be happy to see more stories like this one crop up!

1323314 Previous comment edited after finding that story in StarTrekFan's Favs.:applejackconfused:

1322970 glad to see someone agrees with me. That guy seriously fucked up this story with the way he 're-wrote' it. :pinkiesick:

So, I eagerly await the next chapter of this one! :twilightsmile:

1309829 Apples apple. Apple apple apples Apple's apples' apple. On a happier note; even with the months old blog post the last active timer reading six hours means StarTrekFan hasn't died again yet!

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