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I'm easily impressed eh · 11:56pm Jan 3rd, 2013

So like if any of you guys and gals who are reading this have a book that they are writting and what some one to like it and what not I'm your guy so just comment saying that yah'd like me to read your book and I'll probably like it cause I'm rarely diasspointed, aww hell I'm entertained about a book about three bears in the woods and some little girl who steals their poridge for christs sake so I doubt anything can disapoint me so don't be afriad to ask

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As much as I hate it when people assume that someone who hasn't logged into their account for more than a few months is dead, I just read T_F's last blog entry. Based on that, and the fact that he hasn't been online since Christmas Eve 2019, I'm assuming that he's a goner. :fluttercry:

I still mostly enjoyed "Twilight's Unfaithful Student." Nightmare Moon rescuing Derek & Burdy from Hell/Tartarus left the door wide open for a sequel, which I hope somebody writes someday. If that ever happens, I hope they use my idea of Cadence coming to life, like "Christine."

Definitely a shame that you stopped writing, but I understand it, we all have to move on eventually. I logged on for the first time in about 8 months to check up on everyone I followed.

Just watched your YouTube videos and am kinda surprised at how you really are (kinda) the Burdy you portray in the stories.

How do you come up with names for your guns?

I really wish they would let you get fully auto guns in Canada, while my SKS and 22's are nice it'd be pretty fun to just shoot off thirty or so rounds at gophers or targets.

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2221942 Ahhh, I see. Interesting indeed

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