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One month. 31 days. 31 days from the time Princess Rarity Belle had been ponynapped until her safe return by Twilight Sparkle and her fellow paladins. After days of fighting, sweating, and bleeding, after what was practically considered to be a miniature war, Twilight and her Princess have returned home at last. And even in the most unlikely of times, love manages to bloom.

Cover image by A4R91N. Subject to change if I ever decide to actually commission my sister for some art. Also, just kind of ignore the wings. It was the only picture I could find that fit the story without that even being my intention.

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7387895 Glad you enjoyed! Coming from someone who is usually a TwiDash fanatic, I was really nervous about this one. And if I do turn this into a detailed, multi-chapter thing that's still one thing that's going to hang me up. I have no idea what I'm doing shipping RariTwi. Ah well. Let it be said that I'm not afraid of trying new things!

*has a little fan-gasm when Azure Lily appears* :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting take on events. Although: only child? No Sweetie Belle?

7388204 I do hope you take this and run with it! It seems a fun reimagining of things! :twilightsmile:

A very nice "aftermath" sort of story. I certainly wouldn't be against reading the whole thing should you decide to give it a go.

One thing I will criticize, and this has more to do with how you labeled the story rather than the story itself, is to only put in character tags of the characters that are the focus of the story. I would have only put Twilight and Rarity as the characters. Yes, Trixie and Sunset and the other main ponies make an appearance, but they have very little impact in this narrative. It's misleading and can frustrate readers when all these characters get are a few sentences each.

Also, I would drop the Adventure tag. An adventure did take place, but all after the fact and told to us rather than experienced.

Those issues aside, lovely tale!

Fuck this is good I hope you do get to doing another story around this one.

7388768 Glad you enjoyed! I do agree with you on the tagging-- you'd think with 3 published fics under my belt, I'd be able to tell which belong and which don't. Ah well.

7388284 If I ever do take this universe and run with it, she wont come in until later. Later as in, second sequel, if I eveb get that far.

7388300 I've always been a fan of reimagining the very start of the Mane 6's adventures. Valkyrie is proof of that, after all (even if its been forever since Ive managed to update that one).

7389207 It is on my "things to do list". I just can't really give a timeframe on when it'll be out. Happy you enjoyed this though!

7390942 I just realized I'm following like, all your stories. *nags you about updates!* :rainbowlaugh:

7390981 If its any consolation, they're on my "to-do list"? To be fair, I actually spent my hour lunch break at work pounding out a little more of Valkyrie's next chapter.

Congrats on getting your story high into the popular column! :D

7394090 Hooray! I'm hoping it'll hit the featured box before I do a little shameless self promotion via my more popular stories. Really want to see if I can do it without relying on Valkyrie/Unyielding to boost it.

I enjoyed this story a lot, to my favs and all the stuff <3

This was very enjoyable! A nice short story that's so richly detailed that I feel like I just read a story 10 times the length of this! Great story. Have your 100th upvote! :raritywink:

Can you do a story that contains the true adventure of this story and I'm talking about a true story with more than one chapter.

7999604 That as the original plan, but real life stuff got in the way. I've got a rough draft already done, just needs quite a bit of polish.

Oh... my... gosh... :rainbowderp:
Sequel? :pinkiehappy:
YES! :raritystarry:

Now that my episode is over, I would like to say that I never expected or even heard of a sequel happening.
I can honestly say that I am excited! I wish you luck in creating a worthy successor! :twilightsmile:

omg, this is why i keep watch over stories I already faved <3

Them references :raritywink:
Interesting, going to check out your other work now, Flicka.

8396785 Glad you enjoyed! I'm not entirely sure anything I write is worth checking out, but people seem to enjoy them all the same. Now, if only I could actually update regularly... :fluttercry:


I'm glad to see that this story is up to your usual high standards. There are a lot of cute and/or interesting things here, and I must say it has me curious to learn more about this world so I'm very much looking forwards to that prequel you mentioned you were working on. Really the only criticism I have of this one is that it could use a quick editing pass to clean up mechanical errors because there were a fair number of those, but it doesn't hinder enjoyment too much so it's not that big a deal.

Was thrilled to see this had a new chapter when I went to reread it.

Do we know when the sequal will be???

Hey! This is actually prity good! I knew going through my folower's accounts to see if they wrote things was a good idea :3 We've got similar tastes in theme, pacing, and you've differently got more talent than me, and can clearly tell more serious story without getting board. I'm actually impressed by that and would love tips if you can manage them.

This was seriously cool. I like the concept of Twilight as a soldier (duh), and the whole Paladin's idea gives me an idea for my next project. See I will have to do a new AU so I can write something not dependent on prior continuity and--

Sweetheart was replaced by a unicorn mare with a shiny white coat, shockingly blue eyes, and singleton straw yellow mane and tail cut into a nice, short cropped pixie bob and a simple long flowing tail, and a cutiemark of a silver star with a lightning bolt coming out of it. “My name is Azure Lily, but just call me Lily. I'll be your biomancer today.” Lily’s voice held a hint of a Germane accent despite near perfect Equestrian.

... And there are some character's of mine who deserve more attention. And you clearly like one of them a lot. PM me. Why dont we work out some kind of official story for Lily that fits the timeline? Or even another timeline. You can write it. I'll mark it as canon and everything :3

You flatter me far too much meep, though a compliment is a compliment. I'll see if I can give you a few pointers later.

Comment posted by Knight N Gale deleted Apr 5th, 2018

Chainlink-Armor with fur underneath . . uurrrg i pity the fools having to wear that . .


you have rendered me speechless

This is great! You have left me wanting to know all about the retrieval of Princess Rarity. I hope you continue Twilight's battle report/storytelling. Plus, you have gotten your characteristics right. Twilight is as good as Canon while Trixie and Sunset play into the part while keeping their basis character intact.

Well done! Thanks for the read!


RariTwi? Well, I don't actually have a preferred ship for pony-Twilight. So, it's alright with me.^_^

Now if it had been Sci-Twi... She belongs with Sunset. Sunset/Sci-Twi, SunLight all the way!^_^

I look forward to more from you.^_^


Speaking of absent siblings... Where's Twilight's brother? Anybody seen him?

Lily's a biokinetic? Hmmm... She wouldn't happen to be linked to a certain Entity Shard, would she?

9638466 I'll be honest, no idea what that comment is referencing. But she's actually a cameo OC of one of my writer friends, so...


It was was referencing Panacea/Amy Dallon from the 'Worm' web serial. And how she's a biokinetic that gets her power from being linked to a Shard of a giant space thing. The space thing is also sometimes called an Entity.

She finished her cup of coffee in several swift swallows, just as she always did every morning. She set the mug in the kitchenette sink to be washed later and proceeded to grab her large purple thermos. The remainder of the pot of coffee went into this thermos, and she swiftly began preparing it just as she had her small glass.

Me irl before work.

Yea, Twilight as a Badass Soldier is far more interesting then a magical prodigy forced into a princess.

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