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I read a lot.

Must Read #1 - Reviews

Celestia In Excelsis
Tells the story of how princess Celestia came to be; An incredibly mature story almost professionaly written(Action, Death, Slice of life, Sad)

Twilight's Midnight Violations
A curse in the sparkle family turns Twilight upside down making her do something that will change her life forever, this is clop but really nice one with a deep story and consequences(Adult, Herm(futa), Dark, Evil, Slice of life)

An affliction of the heart(all of them)
Know the awesome story of Kuno, a changeling with an attitude as she finds out about love, the equestrian way. This is pretty much the fic that made me love changelings(Comedy, Romance)

An alternate universe where Spike never was hatched by Twilight so he grows up on his own, best Spike-Rarity story ever made(Romance)

Millenium Wake
Rarity Falls into a 1000 year slumber and the world has changed for the worse, follow her into a post apocalyptic mayhem...IMHO this story puts Fallout: Equestia to shame...also for some weird reason developed a fetish for scorpion tails...as long as they come attached to a marshmallow :trollestia: (Sad, Dark, Adventure)

Must Read #2 - Reviews

When We Were Young
A story of a teen Celestia, her family and first struggles at life and her first love...a really touching story(Teen, Romance)

For the Ones we Love
Long multi complex story weaving the story of an adult Spike. his destiny and his relationship with the mistress of day and her family...All the things spike do for love, its just awesome(Dark, Gore, Adventure)

Of the Hive
Twiligth is deadly wounded after a changeling attack, far from home, only way to save her life is to turn her into a changeling....Another awesome take on changelings, a lot more complex and in-deep than anything else ever seen(Adventure, Slice of life)

A Wonderful Mind
Twilight went totally bonkers and in the nut house, something is wrong with her but no one knows what...years passed and she doesnt get anything better, this is the story of Rarity as she tries to get her friends back together and help Twilight(adventure)

Dream a Little Dream
Twilight developes a spell to see into other people's dreams, to test it she decides to check her friend's.....little she knows in what she is going to get into...I also like to call this story "The mane 6 fetish"(Adult, Dark, Herm)

Must Read #3 - Reviews

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Thank you for listing up a tale like Velveteen Dream. Keep sticking around, you won't wanna miss a moment of Vis.

Lemme know in the fic's comments just what drove you to it - or anywhere you can what drove ya to me! :trollestia:

I appreciate the faves on "Can Ya Fix Her?" and "I Feel Beautiful". Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for reading Rainbow Dash Comes Out of the Closet! I hope you enjoyed it!


Thank you for adding This Isn't War to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thanks for favoriting Miracle! :twilightsmile:

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