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When a rampaging roc, deadly dragon, or horrifying hellhound threatens the idyllic snowy vistas of Equestria, it's the mission of the Celestial Slayers to protect the ponies, and hunt the bloodthirsty beasts that would harm them.

Rarity is one such Slayer.
A woman who has devoted everything to saving the lives of ponies, and ending the lives of monsters. For Rarity, there is no life outside the Hunt.

Except for her time spent at the Golden Oaks Library, flirting with the cute librarian.

A slow-burn, Raritwi-flavored Omniship adventure.
Inspired by Earthsong9405's Slayer!AU where Rarity hunts monsters and Twilight's a peaceful librarian.

Chapters (291)
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Inspired by Earthsong9405's Slayer!AU where Rarity hunts monsters and Twilight's a peaceful librarian.

Can I please have a link to that story?

that's not a story, just some stray worldbuilding posts on earthsong's tumblr (and it was a year or two ago so i don't have a link rn, sorry)

welp, this is wonderful. can't wait to see where it goes!

welp, that was great.

this looks interesting i would be sure to dive nose soon into this , and i would let you know my opinion , for now goodnight and cheers

going ot guess, spike's father was a bad slayer who had his way with twilight when she was younger, and that scared her

look good, I have feeling spike is a dragon but twilight use spell or runes to make him look like normal person, and twilight her self I don't think Is human but some kind of creature in hideing,

it feels neat to see someone theorizing about my stuff, so i'm not gonna confirm or deny anything except to say that nothing rapey is gonna happen in this story, that's just not how i roll. thank u for ur comments btw!

all the mane six together in one big romantic cuddle pile

Rarity: Occupation: Celestial Slayer
Rainbow Dash: Occupation: Celestial Slayer
Applejack: Occupation: Blacksmith
Pinkie Pie: Occupation: Celestial Slayer Hero wannabe
Twilight: Occupation: Prodigious Dork:twilightsheepish:


“Everypony in this town is crazy. Including me.”


Possible ships: FluttershyXPinkie Pie


“I was trying to make a dramatic entrance,” Rainbow swore she was gonna get heat stroke if her face didn’t cool down, “and didn’t realize the door opened out.”

There's only one way to do it. gotta do it right.

So rarity has issues with dragons... Well that is likely going to be awkward later.

why do i have feeling, the frist dragon was twilight who did leave, and another dragon show up and burn the town down??

I have to say, your fanfiction Pinkie is way better than show Pinkie. Ima be sad when im caught up on this story cause ill either a) be finished with it or b)have to wait for more to be written.

well I still want twilight and rarity to meet up, I have my bits that twilight was a dragoness that rarity meet and fought who left, and dragon rarity fought and kill was spike's father or just a random dragon who was spy on twilight.

that or twilight is some other kind of monster who want to live with ponys


Not a bad theory.:pinkiesmile: I like it,:pinkiesmile: hope it's right honestly.:pinkiecrazy: Tho i think it was her father or mother that attached the village.:applejackunsure: Bubbles is probably a dragon as well.:applejackunsure::pinkiesmile:

i think bubble is somehting more like a forest base dragon land bound

No, author, it is not gay to wipe blood off another girls lips. However, this is a shipfic, with an AppleDash going on, so we also still cant call it gay, even if it will soon move that way.

hmmm.. i dunno, i'm pretty sure it's gay

In regards to the trans thing spoilers cause we're 20 chapters in, I would just say "I'm glad she's like me" then you can try and find a natural time in the story for them to reveal it. Like maybe Rainbow Dash reveals it as a secret late at a stay at the Library, depending on how Rainbow views it, I think it could be really cool to build up through the story, and give them something in common. Even if Rainbow/Twilight or the rest of the group views it as the complete opposite of a secret I still think it could be cool to have them open up about it after we've already gotten to know them in the story.

I do wonder when Rarity meets Twilight. I see that Twilight and Spike always seem to be running away from something. And from the show, we know Spike's a dragon... and then we have Rarity's 'tragic' story about dragons.

My calculations include: 11/10 Drama. 100/100 worth the read.
Rainbow, Twi, and Spike Book Club= 20%cooler

i kinda agree with Author Name in the comments. Like, I'm all for any of the characters being LGBT+ but you could definitely have worked it in more naturally. Apart from that, still looking forward to that raritwi and rainbowjack fluff! Or whatever the pairings are going to be, I'm not sure yet.

Go Rainbow! You can do this!

*steam boat noises* all aboard the s.s. raritwi!

I'm onboard! I'm onboard! Just let me stow my stuff and I can get to work in the boiler room.

FINALLY! I thought I'd pull my hair out waiting for the Raritwi 😆. And man was it worth the wait! Rarity was full power flirting right out the gate 😂 and Twilight liked it immediately. I. am extremely happy.

i am on bored but I wonder what secrets twilight is hideing that may cause Rarity to rethink about all she done and knew. or why twilight dislike slayers

Okay everyone, we need to start planning on how to get the AppleDash ship built. Whos with me? Also, first.

And so, the swashbuckling duo returns to a library that contains a certain mare and her kid, both hiding a secret ....


never ending or till it ends or at least till we find out why twilight is worry about slayer and or why she move so much around and knew so much..... still bet she some kind of old monster who seen most of her peacefully kind being kill by slayer cuase few of them kill few ponys......

I find kinda jarring how Rarity is introduced as a badass expert Hunter, and the first time we see her in action, she gets chewed and spat by a target she defined as easy.

yea that's fair. the idea's supposed to be a mix between "even simple missions are extremely dangerous" and "rarity's not bringing her A-game cuz she's Depressed" but since this is the first mission u see her on there's no context for what a mission is "supposed" to look like and the intent doesn't entirely shine thru

The day ive dreaded has come at last...im all caught up X<

Aaaaa, I love these absolutely useless lesbians

If this is my little pony why are you writing lesbian sheep?????

lmao i didn't know that was a term before,, i LOVE IT???

all of them lmao
but the title's specifically a reference to ch. 45 (Applesolutely the Uselessest) since it's playing off the events of that chapter

This made me feel warm and fuzzy 😊 excuse me while I go find somebody to hug.

Comment posted by Ratmandango deleted Oct 23rd, 2019

fuck you. if you don't respect trans people, and i mean ALL trans people including nonbinary folks, gender fluid folks, neo-pronouns, the works?? get the fuck off my page and don't come back.

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