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Her Majesty Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, Element of Magic, Ruler of One Fourth of all Equestria, Guardian of Harmony, and the First Star of Six has reigned in Equestria for one hundred years. She and her friends, the Elements of Harmony, have served as tireless protectors against all manner of evil, and they are revered and loved by all. Despite this, Twilight lives in fear. She is beset by premonitions of a dark and terrible future, and creatures older than time are readying to move against her. To save herself, her friends, and the world itself, she must delve deep into the past to learn the secrets of the world's making. What are the Elements of Harmony, really? What makes Twilight and her friends so special? And most importantly, who is the ancient creature that calls himself Entropy, and what does he want with the Princess of Friendship?

[Special thanks to @earthsong9405 for the cover art]

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That was a interesting story goodluck with the rest of it.

PLEASE tell me Entropy's defeat is incredibly humiliating.

Intriguing read, excited to see were it goes next. Keep up the good work!

The new chapters were good. Goodluck with the next one.

Can I have a link to the artist who made the cover art?

That was a good chapter. I wonder how Twilight fits into the strange voices schemes.


They're tagged in the description, but here's their linktree (https://linktr.ee/Earthsong9405). They made that art for me years ago, and I don't think they do much, if any, mlp art anymore, to be honest. But I might be wrong. Still, their art is incredible, so definitely go check 'em out.

This is a really nice setup and I especially enjoyed the description of Aj because she needs love too. Bravo!

Aw man I barely helped with this ahah. Also dang, Twilight really went Lisan-Al Gaib and used the voice on Orphic lol.

I really do appreciate your help though. Also, the Lisan-Al Gaib part made me laugh out loud XD

What a bombshell of a chapter. I was reading and wincing at every line during THAT scene. Amazing writing. Rough stuff. Very good stuff, but rough stuff. I feel for everyone involved.

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