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One month. 31 days. 31 days from the time Princess Rarity Belle had been ponynapped until her safe return by Twilight Sparkle and her fellow paladins. After days of fighting, sweating, and bleeding, after what was practically considered to be a miniature war, Twilight and her Princess have returned home at last. And even in the most unlikely of times, love manages to bloom.

Cover image by A4R91N. Subject to change if I ever decide to actually commission my sister for some art. Also, just kind of ignore the wings. It was the only picture I could find that fit the story without that even being my intention.

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Featured 9/12/13. You guys are awesome!

Queen Chrysalis and Princess Jade are worried. Equestria, and the planet Sol, are about to be plunged into a chaos the likes of which have not been seen since the War of the Sun and the Moon almost a thousand years ago. The problem is, the changelings are the only ones who know it is coming. The second problem is, every other race despises the changelings, viewing them as a lesser race. So Chrysalis and her sister hatch a desperate plan: To infiltrate the rankings of Equestria and gain their trust, so that the ponies might once again trust the Peacekeepers of old. Should Princess Jade fail... everything will be plunged into darkness and madness.

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