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Dark doesn't always have to be depressing, morbid shouldn't seem so mundane, and romance without regret just sounds... insane, rather than sweet.

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1299168 Yeah I have a favorite, Rainbow Dash. But, AJ comes in as a tie with her. Mostly it is really hard to decide on a favorite right? :rainbowlaugh:


That silly word, yes that's completely accurate.~ But I was also drawn to her sense of awareness, despite her being so humble she's a natural leader. She's /aware/ of others problems and concerns around her even though she is a bit naive to the outside world sometimes, despite how much she reads. Twilight also has the contradictory love or science, she's just really... relatable is all. :heart:

Not sure why I find admitting all that so embarrassing. :twilightblush:

I take it you have a favorite as well?

1298991 Twilight being adorkable must have attracted you. :twilightsmile:

Definitely,~ since episode one.:twilightblush:

Hey Purple, a big fan of Twilight I bet? :twilightsmile:

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