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Dark doesn't always have to be depressing, morbid shouldn't seem so mundane, and romance without regret just sounds... insane, rather than sweet.


To most everypony Diamond Tiara is dazzling, absolutely amazing without a doubt. Everyday she goes through the same trails and stress of being adored and admired. She has perfect grades, the second wealthiest filly in Ponyville for a best friend along with all the money and popularity any filly in Equestria could ever hope for.

There are very few things Diamond Tiara could never afford,two things actually. At first they were only a bit expensive, now they've both become priceless, not even he father's entire fortune could cover their cost.

A first person narrative of a rich, naive foal.

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This was interesting and original, you definitely deserve a thumbs up! You do have a fair number of grammatical errors over the course of the piece, and in places your hinting was a little obvious. Even a filly as naive as Diamond Tiara should have been able to see through some of that... she's not that thick. Also, some of your hyperbole seemed a little bit, well, too much. I mean, really, it takes Diamond Tiara 5 minutes to get from her room to the dining room? You'd think Filthy- I'm sorry, Mr. Rich- would be able to afford a house with a more efficient floorplan :trollestia:

All in all though, it was a decent read. Good luck with getting this out to more people, it deserves more attention than it's getting.

I love your Diamond Tiara. You didn't redeem her, but you made her weirdly easy to relate to, and I had a lot of sympathy for her. While keeping her a horrible, mean, selfish bully.

Good job, have a like and a favourite.

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A good DT story. You definitely have her character down.

Those two maids... adorable.

Also, Filthy having an appreciation for nurse and prench maids... I wonder if the maids are required or just enjoy being in character or these two just have that accent naturally. But, hey, at least Filthy Rich keeps it classy and fun around the mansion.

Breakfast scene.

That moment...

It just blew me away. I had to stop reading for a bit and re-reread again just because it was just so... so WONDERFUL.
That's gotta be the most powerful father daughter moment in fimfic history. I'm pretty damn sure it is.


Silver Spoon.Redefining the definition of spooning since 3-18-2014

Bucking feature, slap this on EQD, ALL the libraries!

I'm done here. No further fics for me today. Going to just end it on a high note.

Good day all, have a milkshake on me!

I could easily see that if the CMC were not around, Tiara wouldn't know what to do. Interesting mind set for her.

I really liked this story, you really got inside Diamond Tiara's head.:pinkiehappy:


That's what I was going for, I'm just glad I was able do somewhat of a decent job. :twilightblush:


That's how I felt as well, she'd eventually have some sort of breakdown if those three ever disappeared. She seems to have an obsession or rather fixation to bullying them,again... that's at least how I feel on the subject. :twilightblush:


Really, you're far too flattering.~ :twilightblush: I am really glad you enjoyed it, and quite a bit it seems. I honestly just wanted to write something short, but endearing and expansive enough to leave an impact without dragging on. Your impression leads me to believe I've done alright for my first attempt.


Thanks, I try to keep characters within their canon caliber as much as possible, even if this is a look "inside" her mind. I'm glad you enjoyed it and took the time to give criticism, good or bad, that's all I'm after. Words are a form of art, and like all art the audience(you) determine my future success, likes and dislikes/etc. :twilightsmile:


Thank you for both, as well as for your opinion/critique. I was actually doing my best to avoid making her seem sweet or just completely misunderstood. As you said, I made her relatable, or tried my best anyway.:twilightsheepish: without changing her character. I just wanted to express her and give comprehensive reasoning behind it.

And I'm glad you enjoyed it.~


It may sound a bit biased but I enjoyed your critique the most, I always wanted someone to grill-rather give harsh and direct criticism.:yay: I can say my grammatical errors come from my wording that at times stems from the Renaissance era and before thus becoming awkward when blended with modern English structured sentences... among other things. :twilightblush:

I was so focus on punctuation that I'd lost sight of grammar a bit as that was honestly my worst obstacle starting off. And yes, Diamond D. Tiara isn't /that thick/ but I was merely exaggerating/romanticizing the mansion's radius.

I appreciate hearing such said about my fiction, I hope more are able to read it, even if they down vote it, I just hope they leave a reason why.

Thank you, really, I honestly hope this isn't the last time we cross paths.

An interesting take on Diamond, I had always thought she enjoyed the attention that the other 'children' [not sure what the correct word is for a group of young ponies] gave her.

That's a really interesting and relatable take on Diamond Tiara. TheCacophonousMuse covered criticism of the more over-top-top aspects of a few details that were hard to buy, but I think those are sort of beside the point to the real purpose of the story, which was very well accomplished.

Thank you for showing us these hidden facets of an often written off and maligned Diamond.

Definitely deserves a much larger viewership that seems like it's getting so far.

This story is 100% pure and unadulteratedly wholeheartedly Diamond Cutters Approved!

I guess that’s what adults mean whenever they mention “spooning.”

10/10!!(for the story that is....):heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Oh I simply adore how Diamond's attitude changed after her bath. From Idiots 1&2 to

A simple, “You look lovely, Ms. Tiara,” said maid number one. “Agreed, now go to your breakfast before it gets cold,” said the other.

And Filthy should be ashamed changing their costumes to fit every fetish he as and to send them in wearing those costumes to take care of his daughter. ((she is such a hypocrite. My Silver and Diamond totally make their maids dress in skimpy Prench Uniforms, collars and lacy panties and they have 3 foals now)) I mean NURSEs? seriously? :facehoof: I can totally understand the Prench Maid unforms but like whats next, sending police mares to bathe your daughter? Play-Colt bunnies maybe?

for buck sake! Poor Diamond must be so confused.:twilightangry2:

“And… time is money, meaning if we can buy anything we can buy a pony, their time at least?”

“In most cases princess, we can, your ballet instructor for instance.”

My eyes rise from my plate, I looked Daddy straight in the eye. “Then… can I buy you?”

My :heart: oh the pain.. oh the feels..:raritydespair:

tragic, heartwarming, heart wrenching, simply BRILLIANT! :twilightsmile:

a few little criticisms. I didnt realize at all that the Spa Twins were suposed to be Filthy and Diamond's maids AKA Idiot#1 and Idiot#2 till I looked at the character tags. I never made the correlation during the story.

another thing, Twist is only mentioned once, I hardly think that earns her a tag.:unsuresweetie:

I thought I'd read every single Diamond Tiara story on this site... until another one comes along to catch me unawares. Obviously, I need to search harder...

A decent pre-Crusaders Of The Lost Mark fic, showing a plausible reason why DT behaves the way she does, the extent of how much she relies on Silver Spoon, and funny interactions with all of the 'idiots' that serve her. I smiled, I laughed, I didn't quite cry, but you get a thumbs up. Nice one. :twilightsmile:

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