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3 Years, Huh? · 11:21pm Aug 9th, 2015

As of last May, it has been 3 years since I published my first and only story to FiM. At the time I made it, I was going by the fact there were no clop stories featuring the "Twilicorn" and "Trixie" tags together. It had been plenty of time since Alicorn Twilight had been a thing, but I suppose there was lingering 'distaste' at the time. I know for a fact this is no longer the case today. Part of the reason, is because there is no longer a distinction of "Twilicorn," "Princess Twilight," or

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Question, do you have plans to continue Summer Camp?

1137971 Then clearly you need to write more awesome comments.:twilightsmile:

1133251 I am fairly certain I've only given one comment on this site, and it was a request by the author. O.o Unless I am completely blanking on past activities.

You write some of the best comments I've seen for giving good feedback.

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