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It's strange how a single change can create a massive difference in somepony's life.

Somewhere in a different world, Twilight Sparkle is thrust into an unforeseen destiny with the most unlikely (and possibly unstable) group of friends to fight the forces of darkness and bring the magic of friendship back to Equestria.

That's if they don't kill each other first.

Inspired by Lets Do This’ “Not Exactly Friends” series

Cover art done by Kids-In-The-Corner

Check out the rest of the series here:

Part 2: Pony Tails

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I would love to see more of your work, keep it going!! (Amazing story by the way)

Let's put it this way. If you can keep from making the same mistakes Lets Do This did with their universe (Trixie and what the universe ultimately was, to name but two), then I'm interested.

Too early to call after just Chapter 1 though.

To be fair, the series was pretty great up until the last parts with that headache inducing ending. Promise, no time travel shenanigans involved.

*Grabs spray bottle* Bad, Starlight! Bad!

Alright; Challenge accepted:

-Twilight: Magic
-Tempest: Loyalty
-Moondancer: Kindness
-Starlight: Generosity
-Sunset: Honesty
-Trixie: Laughter

While I'm not normally a fan of the Celestia/Luna role swap I am interested to see where this goes. Especially cause it's pretty damn hard to go wrong with both Sunset Shimmer and Tempest Shadow in the same fic.

Alternate Title: My Little Pony but written by a Unicorn Supremacist

Dang, that makes perfect sense, I was going to guess Twilight still as magic and Tempest as Loyalty but I think you nailed it.

Comment posted by platogkrone deleted Sep 24th, 2020

Trottington St. And Trottington Rd.

I feel your pain starlight try living near a corner of 8rd and 8th dr

Credit goes to kids-in-the-corner on Deviantart

Tis I. First time ever seeing something I've drawn as someone's story art. Not gonna lie, a happy tear was shed.

I don't even realize it was you because your name is cut off. I've seen your work and it is amazing. Out of curiosity, you said that the picture was inspired by a story on this site. Am I right in assuming it's Let's Do This' series?

Sure is. Read through all of them and wanted to draw something cute, so the shoe fit. And thank you for the compliment, you've honestly made my day.

I do still have the original file, if you want, I could switch out Celestia in the background for Luna, as she seems to be the central princess in this AU. With the happiness this brought me today, I certainly don't mind.

If it's not too much, that would be incredible! This is the first time I've ever actually spoken to the creators of my cover arts, so it's actually pretty exciting.

I also edited the summery so you get proper credit for your work

It's no problem, I'm sure by the end of the day I can get it fixed up for ya. I got a few errands to run but it won't take long to edit.

Comment posted by WanderingPony deleted Sep 24th, 2020

I’m always up for alternate Elements. Keep it up!

I can hazard a guess.

Moondancer - Loyalty
Starlight - Honesty
Tempest - Generosity
Sunset - Kindness
Twilight - Magic
Trixie - Laughter

A very enjoyable first chapter. I'm intrigued to see where you decide to take this story. The idea has alot of potential.

There was nothing "stable" about the previous group of friends so, no biggie there. :pinkiecrazy:

They stare into your very soul~:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Level Dasher deleted Sep 25th, 2020

I'd say Tempest For Loyalty , She is Loyal to a Fault ! when it comes to the storm king. Though With all of these unicorns i'd say Magic is even on the table for debate I could totally see Glimmer or Sunset stealing it. I agree with pretty much all of your choices though.

I had to look up prestidigitation. Good on you, Trix :trixieshiftleft:

Jeez this is really underrated. Ngl this is really well done, I can't wait for next chapter.

I just realized, all of them were unicorn

This band of emotional unicorns will surely cause Discord's earlier release.

Comment posted by Dramamaster829 deleted Sep 28th, 2020

Well, that's one way to get them all the join together. Throw them all in the path of a wagon screaming. Honestly did not see that coming.

10/10 Bet Starlight and Tempest are regretting every coming to Canterlot rn

this is VERY interesting!:twilightsmile:

Since Trixie is clearly the weakest unicorn of the group, I wanted to give her something that would make her contribute beyond her slight-of-hoof tricks. So I made her an adequate potion maker, but not on the same level as Zecora.

What meanest thou?! Trixie is a great and powerful stagemare! Surely a mare like her stands as a strong mage, if not a competent wizard! Thy blasphemy shall be excused, but only this once! Thou underestimate her power as many have done. Heed my words author, tread carefully or thou shall pay the price.

You have fancy speak.

I have a fluttershy.


Needs more chapters.


I was going to comment that Trixie's side hustle of potions is a little weird, as I would think alchemy to create her fireworks would make more sense...


This is an alternate universe, and we've been shown in the show itself how much can change with just a little twist of fate. So, it's quite possible in this Luna ruled world that she could have learned potion brewing from a passing zebra at one point in her life. Looking forward to seeing how that will change the unicorn dynamic.

Good start so far.

Very nice chapter, keep going!

I think this story has serious legs and I eagerly await the next update.


Starlight=bitch (that kid will get his cutie mark back, right? He's not soul-raped for life?)
Trixie=bitch, but to those who deserve it.
Tempest... Gotta do what you have to to survive.
Moondancer= Poor girl. Total woobie. I want to hug, even if I'm not Twilight.

Yeah, I like what you did with Trixie. Same annoying ol' showmare, but with a few other tricks up her sleeve (badum tss).

Daybreaker’s barrier had completely cut the palace off from the rest of the world, stopping in front the castle gates and blocking any entrance from all directions.

This reminds me a lot of the barrier-around-the-castle bit from—funnily enough—Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (ha!). It's a really good way to go about this whole situation, too— can't immediately burn ALL of Equestria, right?
Also gotta say, though...

Princess Luna had no chance to defend herself before the dome enveloped her. The crowd that surrounded the stage turned and fled, screaming, but the barrier was moving so fast that many were swallowed up in seconds.

That's dark. Dayum. :twilightoops:
One last thing (sorry :twilightsheepish:)— when you say the dome enveloped Luna, do you mean she was burned with the rest of the ponies, or that the dome surrounded her and trapped her inside with Daybreaker? I'm reeeeeally hoping it's the latter, but the former would make sense, too.

I don't think Trixie is weak in magic power as many believe. She lack knowledge and skill. But later in the show she does reveal some rather astonish feats. Like teleporting a piece of land from the everfree, levitating her own wagon. And perhaps her greatest feat teleporting a magical artifact which even time magic couldn't get rid off. Namely the table in the friendship castle. :twilightsheepish:

I'm saying she's not as strong compared to the others.

Starlight is clearly the most powerful because her magic worked against three alicorns and none of them could do anything to reverse her spells. Twilight and Sunset were Celestia's personal pupils. Tempest is just an overall badass with raw firework power. And though not much is known in canon, it can be surmised that Moon Dancer is Twilight's intellectual equal.

I just gave Trixie something a little more to contribute to the team. Potions seemed like the best choice because even in canon, Twilight always went to Zecora for help in that area even though she's a smart pony.

Comment posted by Imaginaryspace deleted Oct 1st, 2020

Well talk about flipping the story on its head.

I have thought about a story with all the redeemed Unicorns on a team together(Sunset, Starlight, Trixie, Tempest). So this one comes pretty damn close!

Of course a few things come to my mind with these opening chapters, what are you going to with the Mane 6? Cameo appearances?

I get the feeling that Moondancers feelings towards Twilight go deeper then friendship...

Starlight, she seems mostly like her redeemed self, but with part of her villain self still present.

Sunset, doesn’t seem to be much of a she-devil like she was when we initially met her in EG, but there does seem to be a level of arrogance.

Trixie, not much for me to say, seems like the same old Trixie to me. Same for Tempest.

Best part about all this? You have the whole context of the show to draw from! I’m excited to see what else you’ll flip!

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