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This story is a sequel to Another Side of Friendship

Daybreaker is defeated and Equestria is saved, but for Twilight and her new group of friends, the adventure doesn't end there. Join Mane 6 as they face bitter rivals, annoying pests, high society, and the challenges of everyday pony life.

Cover art done by Those Kids In The Corner

Part 2 of the Another Side of Friendship series

Chapters (14)
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Is it just me, or does Spike seem a bit more apathetic than usual?

Nice start! Looking forward for more.

Princess Luna had already raised the sun for the night

I don't think that's how the day-night cycle works.

I'm gald this is comming back, and I really enjoyed Twilight's interactions with everyone. I find it specially funny that Tempest is an open thief in front of the ruler of the land without any shame.

In short, the entire table was more expensive than her parent’s house.

favorite quote of the chapter


As long as Twi doesn't use the Raven Inkwell/Sarah Palin hairdo, I'm happy for her.

It's odd that Tempest is just kind of allowed to go pickpocketing, I thought for sure she'd get a job in the royal guard or something.

I mean, everyone else learned and improved - Sunset is apparently no longer wearing a façade, Moondancer isn't cold anymore, Trixie has embraced her new entertainer role and even Starlight doesn't despise cutie marks anymore (I assume, since she's helping foals most likely with cutie marks). All of them used to harm other ponies in some way, but not anymore. That's not the case with Tempest.

Sure, Tempest is with her pal Grubber again displaying that loyalty, but it's still a bit of a weird place to put her in. Luna herself acknowledges her thievery and rolls with it.

This issue aside, I'm really liking this to start with (I guess I always end up ranting about something, huh)

That was intentional.

Unlike the others, Tempest hasn't fully embraced her Element and changed for the better. There's still something she needs to do before she's ready to evolve as a person (pony?), but that's not for a long while.

Neat! Glad to see you have long plans for this ^^
Speaking of...

“This is Agent Sweetie Drops – my position has been compromised. Moving to relocate. Initiating memory wipe procedures.”

I don't think that was brought up again, was it? Is that another foreshadowing?
(Sorry for asking so many questions, this is like MLP But With The Ponies I Actually Find Interesting And Trixie, so understandably I'm excited to see how it develops :twilightblush:)

Yes, background ponies are going to be more prominent in this series.

“I’ve read every book I could get my hands on ever since I was a foal. I’ve read all 983,755 books in the Canterlot Library – twice!”

What hands?

If you don't mind me asking, why do you find the members for this Mane 6 (sans Trixie) more interesting?

I just find the main 5 a bit... boring, and repetitive, perhaps even a little one-dimensional at times. It's the main reason I haven't actually watched all the episodes yet, and doubt I will.

Moon Dancer and Trixie perked up at the last item on Twilight’s checklist. Then they noticed each other and shot challenging glares at one another, sparks metaphorically flying between them. All of this went unnoticed by the object of their affection, but not to everypony else. Sunset rolled her eyes at the pair before addressing Twilight.

Really laying on the hints thick aren’t you?

And yet Twilight can't pick them up. :derpytongue2:

I saw this and was like 'oh hey this sounds familiar' then I realised it was a sequel :rainbowlaugh: glad to see another one I love this group

REALLY good job on the first chapter/episode in this new series. Absolutely adored the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter/episode set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I can definitely understand where Twi might be frustrated with the job hunt and how even the stuff that should have played to her strengths ended up going badly (book store because she went through with a reorganization idea without going over it with the store owner, tutor because she was explaining things in an overly complicated manner that the student she was trying to help couldn't understand, the manager because she tried to schedule too much too soon), but yeah, it is NOT surprising that she was too honest to be a good thief. And, yeah, I see your point concerning her becoming Luna's new aide (plus, hey, one of the biggest upsides is that, if she can hold on to the job long enough, she can find out about Shining and Cadance's wedding MONTHS sooner than in canon).

VERY definitely looking forward to more of this.

Really good chapter...

A little predictble if you know you winter wrap up xD
But really good :)

Gonna be fun to see what Trixie and moondancer will do, hopefully they will try and get Twilight as their date for the event :p

But with sunset getting the tickets 🤔🤔

I love the casual acceptance of Tempest's 'job' by literally everyone. I mean, hell, Luna didn't even blink! Somehow

Although I do have a feeling there will probably be an arc dedicated to Tempest getting a real job tbh. Stealing as a career just doesn't sound like something the other elements would condone for too long.

As I said to another reader, Tempest as she is now is only the initial stage of her character growth. She has a long way to go before she makes a real change.

Comment posted by Souljourner deleted Nov 5th, 2020
Comment posted by Souljourner deleted Nov 5th, 2020

Dear lord, what a great start! I did kind of see the end coming at that breakfast scene, but forgot about it until the end of the chapter. The hunt as a whole, though (even being hired directly by her friends! XD), was hilarious. I can only imagine that there's going to be a chapter dedicated to each character's growth like the previous story did with their Elements, right? T'would make sense.

And who will win Twilight's affections? Trixie or Moondancer? Find out next time on Another Side of Friendship: Pony Tails!

...I'll see myself out.

“I can’t take any more of this! I’m dropping out of school” Darwin declared furiously. “If anypony needs me, I’ll be bird watching at the Galapegasus Islands!”

And there we found evolution. Congrats Twilight.

Given the authors profile name, I think the winner might be pretty clear...

“After breakfast, you’ll be having your daily meeting with Shining Armor from 9 A.M to 10 P.M., followed by – “

This is an intentional error to get to spend the day with her brother and her princess?

Or as I like to say "Celestia is gonna be Celestia, regardless of who she's Celestia-ing." for this episode.

Tempest just showing up with arrows in her armor. Of course.

I'm pretty sure Luna is just humoring Tempest now, after all, stealing the spending money of a bunch of Nobles is probably doing literally nothing to said nobles and her attempts to break into the Royal treasury are obviously impossible so its just funny at this point.

Trixies wagon doubles as a cocktail bar now? =D

From the next episode description in the author’s note, the next episode I was thinking that at some point Luna should check in on Celestia and see how she’s doing at some point. Assuming enough time has passed for her to wake up.

If Sunset wasn’t still reeling from the strangeness of the scene, should would have thought, in her honest opinion, that Tempest looked quite dashing.

“Would the Madame care for anything else?” Tempest asked in a smooth accent that would make anypony swoon.

Should I call FedEx?

Great job with the chapter, I really like the ending you gave and I want to see more!

“Oh please, you’re as transparent as glass,”

Favorite quote of the chapter

Really good job on this latest chapter/episode. Indeed, the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter/episode set-up are all well done in all the right places. While this was, indeed, quite similar to the canon episode, I can understand the reasoning behind that and I AM glad to see Spike getting a bit more appreciation as well as the reasons all the girls except for Sunset wanted to go to the Gala. And, yeah, I can kind of understand all the girls getting their own tickets anyway (since it IS a logical reward for helping stop Daybreaker).

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

“Your matching costume, of course,” Trixie explained gleefully. “For when you perform on stage as Trixie’s Great and Powerful assistant!”

NOO! That's Starlight's position, Trixie!

I love it. The sarcasm you put into not only some of the characters' dialogue but also the narrative itself (which normally I'd suggest against but you just make it work so well) is honestly hysterical. There are one or two things that I personally think may have been just a teeny bit farfetched, even for an AU, but I can give 'em a pass. The chapter as a whole definitely made me laugh.

Can't wait to see what Luna gets up to (or doesn't) next chapter. :twilightsmile:

“What? No, of course not,” said Twilight, looking at Sunset like she had just said two plus two equaled fish.

Two plus two isn't fish, it's six! SIX!!

I have a question. How did Twilight pass her entrance exam? Do the original Mane 6 from the show still have their cutie mark bond, but Twilight just made different friends due to the circumstances?

“What about the ambassador from Griffinstone?” asked Luna.

“Got arrested for fighting with a rainbow-maned speed junkie in Cloudsdale,” Twilight answered casually.

As that was a reference to Rainbow Dash, I have to wonder if the ambassador is Gilda...

As for Lunas groupies, I think they're the bearers of the elements of harmony in another fic?

Luna’s new friend group has the same make up as the Mane 6 post season 3, I think that’s it.

Love how you are drawing from the full pool of MLP knowledge. The advantage of the show being concluded. :)

Also, this chapter was damn great!

This was amazing, I loved every part of it. I want all seasons of this

“…We seriously need to get you a better hobby,” said Sunset.

Favorite quote of the chapter

Well now Luna know get of best day in ages.

The princess blinked…then slowly rose from her desk.

When I read this, I felt that something hilariously awful was about to happen.

“What about the ambassador from Griffinstone?” asked Luna.

“Got arrested for fighting with a rainbow-maned speed junkie in Cloudsdale,” Twilight answered casually.

Thank you, Rainbow. :rainbowlaugh:

“….’The Art of War by Sunny Sue’” Sunset answered shortly, determined to keep reading.

That's one interesting ponified name...

Fiery Flaming Hoops of Death™

Watch out, Bon Bon, you didn't register that patent. It'd be a shame if someone came up with the Fiery Flaming Hoops of Death™®.

“I thought you and Dr. Hoofenshmirtz were quite friendly with each other,” Luna commented.


What a great day off! I loved all of those sections, but for some reason it was actually Blossomforth's studio that amused me the most. I have a feeling it was the image of this:

She stretched a hoof at Luna’s knotted wings and gave them the tiniest push. All of Luna’s limbs instantly came undone, springing out like a pony-in-a-box.

I'm sure I've seen an image like that in another cartoon somewhere, and it made it easy to picture.

Then again, I could also very plainly picture the Octa-Scratch in-home concert (complete with earmuff-required wubs).

Great job! I'm looking forward to seeing more of Luna's groupies! :twilightsmile:


Shouldn't Hoofenshmirtz be fighting a small animal with a hat?

Great and Powerful Trixie is too powerful! The Magician Gods shall smite her for she threatens their very thrones!

Good reference of looney tunes.

That was great. I agree, it's nice to see Trixie come out on top for once. I have to admit, the way you write her, even though she still has the same basic personality, I like her a lot more.

And I've said it before, but I'll say it again: the sarcastic asides in parentheses and in the narrative are really not the way you should make commentary like that when you're writing, but dammit, you just make it work so well.

Can't wait to see Moondancer's time in the spotlight!

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