When she was in middle school, Sunset Shimmer suffered from what is called 'Middle-second syndrome'.
It is a term used to describe young teens who have grandiose delusions, and in some cases, have convinces themselves that they have secret powers.
She used to call herself 'The God Princess of Flames', an immortal being capable of manipulate fire, alienating herself from her classmates.
Finding her past embarrassing, Sunset will try everything to start her high school journey quietly after moving out from her city.
But not everything went as planned when she meets Twilight Sparkle, a girl in her class suffering from the very same syndrome, who calls herself 'The God Princess of Night'.
Sunset will do everything in her power to avoid being around that girl, but she will find it to be a difficult task since this girl literally lives next door.

Art Cover by @IoNaomichi on Twitter.

Chunibyo re-written as Equestria Girls with my own changes and implementations.
This is not a serious story, just writing stuff for the fun of it, don't take it too seriously.

Day one, already featured ahah, thanks guys

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Good cover! haaaaaa ..drawing really is such a difficult thing!

Wait, parallel universe? ... interesting

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Interesting so far. One pet peeve, though, is that the way you mix your dialogue with action text is a bit wonky. For example:

“Yeah, yeah, I’m up…” She said, finishing with a loud yawn as she stretched her arms.

This would be all one sentence, so the word "she" shouldn't be capitalized. Or:

“First day…” She thought out loud, “I wonder how my classmates are going to be.” She sighed, “Well, it can’t be worse than my first day in sixth grade.”

Personally, I'd say the first sentence ends at "loud", so uncapitalize "she" again and end it with a period. "She sighed" is a sentence on its own, so another period there.

"First day…” she thought out loud. “I wonder how my classmates are going to be.” She sighed. “Well, it can’t be worse than my first day in sixth grade.”

Anyway, just my two cents. You're doing well! Keep going!

Hey thanks!
Sorry for the mistakes! I'll be careful from now on.

Yes, that is literally the original Japanese for the syndrome mentioned in the description. (There's a reason the official localizations don't bother to translate it)

I'm sorry, is this going to just be a complete rewrite of Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions, but with Equestria Girls characters? It's starting to feel that way as you have already hit a lot of the same story beats as the manga/anime.

Well, now that I think of it, kinda?
I don't know, I haven't watched it in a while though.
I guess it'll be a mix of a re-write with EQG and some of my own implementations?

I'm really hoping it's not too similar. I don't particularly want to read a rewrite of an anime, but with EQG flavors. Here's hoping that we get to see some original writing.

Doki Doki Literature Club reference?

Also getting some Sailor Moon vibes here with Luna the cat...

“Last time I heard of a literature club… It didn’t end very well.” Pinkie looked quite serious, mimicking putting a rope around her neck.

DDLC? thats not good to mention it in such a sweet school life story:pinkiecrazy:

Aww, man. I'm really enjoying this story :twilightsmile:
Thanks for writing it!

Started to read this.
I heard of the anime and bit of cringe humor, not my forte, but could watch, except for the pure rage I feel seeing the main oc hit the cringe girl so many times in the head.
While I get it humor, rubbed me the wrong way.
There better ways to snap her out of it, besides abusing her.

So hoping Sunset doesn't go down that route,

funny you said that because it's something that bothered me as well in the anime,
i try to write as little violence as possible

it is supposed to be a feel good funny story after all

palworld...time killer indeed(and splendid chapter!)

She stopped her walk to smash her head several times in the nearest lamppost, “Die! Die! Die! Me from before!”

You're gonna regret that later Sunset. :fluttershyouch:

The bus ride was way shorter than what Sunset Shimmer expected it to be, and she finally arrived in front of the school. Unfortunately, that weird girl from earlier seemed to be going at that school too.

going to that school too.*

“I saw you… In my dreams…” Then, Twilight let out a cry of pain as she fell on the ground, holding her right hand close to her chest. “My hand! It’s burning!” Twilight cried out.

Well, that was unexpected... :pinkiegasp:

Twilight looked away, “M-My hand burned. It’s because of the demon I sealed inside. Nightmare Moon.” She smiled and stood up to her feet. “It resonated with you, because it can sense powerful beings!” She laughed as she put her hands on her hips, “But don’t worry, I won’t say a word to the evil organization that-”

Ok? :unsuresweetie:

As both girls fell on the ground, they pushed a table which pushed a chair which pushed a displayed skeleton which fell on the ground in a deafening noise. Sunset was now angrier and on top of that, she hurt the back of her head. Today was not a good first day.

Talk about a bad start. :fluttershyouch:

Sunset noticed Twilight standing next to her, looking embarrassed.

It's obvious what's coming. :ajbemused:

‘Of course!’ Sunset frowned and kicked a small rock that was on her path, ‘Of course she lost her wallet! Of course her bus card was in it! Now I have to walk with her home because she apparently lives in the same neighborhood, and, as the universe loves to remind me, I can’t have a normal life!’

I was thinking something different but I think I got the motto. :applejackunsure:

Sunset sighed, “Yeah, well it’s just me, my mother and my brother. My dad’s working for a Japanese company in Tokyo.” Sunset explained, “He’s still with my mom though, long distance relationship and all of that.”

Guess that explains why he wasn't mentioned earlier. :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

“It’s not that… It’s just…” She went closer to Sunset and whispered, “He works for the evil organization.”

Oh boy here we go. :facehoof:

Sunset Shimmer had the great idea to invite Twilight for diner. Sure, she didn’t like the girl, but she wasn’t going to let her starve. So, both girls were sat on one side of the table, and Sunset’s mom and brother were on the other side.


“Disappear into the flames of love!” Sunset exclaimed, even taking the pose like she used to.

Did she do that on purpose or just to make Twilight happy? :applejackconfused:

“Do you want to see it again?” Twilight playfully asked.


“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!” She heard Twilight call as Sunset slammed the door behind her


Sunset sighed and rested her head in the palm of her hand. She wasn’t getting any idea though; she knew a girl like her didn’t stood a chance with a girl like Rarity. A part of her wanted to have a girlfriend by the end of the year, but she wasn’t very hopeful.

You never know what'll happen. :ajsmug:

All their classmates laughed at them and Sunset gritted her teeth as she looked at her feet.

Oof. :fluttershyouch:

“That would be great.” Sunset replied to her, a grin on her face. She quickly glanced back behind her and saw that she managed to lost Twilight Sparkle in the sea of students.

lose Twilight*

“No, of course not…” Sunset made a forced chuckle. “Why would you think that?”

It's written all over your face. :ajbemused:

She heard a loud chuckle behind the door before it opened, revealing Twilight wearing Sunset’s red cape, her sword in her back.

Awkward. :trollestia:

Sunset face palmed. She thought Pinkie Pie was one of the normal ones.

It's Pinkie Pie. She's always like that. :pinkiecrazy:

“In case of cupcake emergency, silly!” Pinkie Pie simply explained, like it was the obvious answer.

Never change Pinkie. :twistnerd:

Sunset tried to help Pinkie Pie as much as she could, but she wasn’t as talented as the pink haired girl. After some messy baking, –Pinkie Pie ‘accidently’ threw some icing on Sunset’ shirt, which resulted in an icing battle– the three girls were sat around the table, enjoying the sweets Pinkie Pie had made.

battle. The three*

‘Let’s say, one and a half.’ She thought with a smirk.

Close enough :unsuresweetie:

As soon as the bell of lunch break rang, Pinkie Pie turned around and faced Sunset with a mischievous grin.

the lunch bell rang,*

“No, silly!” Pinkie Pie giggled. “We talk about our crush! That’s what high school girls does!”

girls do!"*

“I… Don’t have any money on me right now…” Twilight admitted.

Of course. :ajbemused:

“Of course it is, I saw one, near the park two blocks away from where we live! I even took a picture!” Twilight said as she grabbed her phone. She handed it out to Sunset.

it is. I saw one,*

“I knew it!” Twilight jumped in front of Sunset, making the shy girl flinch. “She’s a spy! Quick, God Princess of Flames weed need to-Oww!” She whined in pain as Sunset grabbed her by the ear and pushed her out of the way.

we need to-*

“It was a Nocturna! And a powerful one! It was, at least, level eight or nine!” Twilight stated, now standing next to Sunset. “And I don’t know if it’ll be a good idea to share this kind of information to the… Enemy.” She finished, glaring at Fluttershy.

This is why you don't have friends Twilight. :duck:

‘You just wanted to play.’ Sunset thought as she watched the girl climbing on top of the swing.

Sure did. :facehoof:

“So, I guess it is then.” Sunset handed the cat to Fluttershy, but just when the shy girl was going to take it in her arms, the cat managed to get free from Sunset’s grip and ran away.

Just what we needed! :ajsleepy:

“That’s enough!” He yelled, slapping Twilight right in the face as she was still in the air.

Woah! :pinkiegasp:

“I think you were having a nightmare.” Twilight Sparkle stated, sitting cross-legged on Sunset’s bed with a concerned look. “You were moving around and moaning in your sleep.”

It was the opposite of a nightmare... :ajbemused:

“Uh?” Sunset looked down at herself and saw that the only clothes she was wearing was her pink bra and pantie. “Gah!” She screamed as she grabbed her blanket to cover herself, blushing heavily. “Twilight get out!”

How embarrassing. :fluttershyouch:

“You know vegetables aren’t good for you, right?” Twilight asked her as she was eating her own lunch composed of cold rice and chicken.

It is! :flutterrage:

“It… It was me…” Sunset could her a mutter from her left.

could hear a mutter from her left.*

Rarity spoke up, “As much as would love him to face detention this early in the year…” she started. “I do not think it is… Quite enough.” She glanced at her friend, “What do you say Carrot?”

as I would love him to face detention*

“I’ll show to all of you girls how sorry I am…” He looked up, fire in his eyes. “I’ll shave my head!” He blurted out.

Wait what!? :pinkiegasp:

“I-I’ll do it!” Flash stated. “On my honor as a man!”

I can't believe you wanted this Flash. :facehoof:

Pinkie pouted but didn’t said a word as she was angrily chewing on a candy. The three of them stopped their walk when they heard voices coming from the next hall.

didn't say a word*

“I couldn’t just ignore the poor boy, he’s not a bad lad.” Sunset replied to Pinkie, ignoring Twilight who was now talking to herself. Then a devilish smirk appeared on her face. “And I can’t wait to see him bald.”

He had it coming. :ajsmug:

“Yeah… I was just trying to be polite.” Sunset admitted, her gaze not leaving Flash’s now bald head. A sunray through the window made its way right on top of it, making it shimmer in light.

Lol. :rainbowlaugh:

“At least, his never going to have a bad hair day.” Sunset pointed out. “I’m kind of jealous.”

he's never gonna have a bad hair day."*

“I’m never going to hear the end of it, right?” Flash sighed in defeat.

Nope. :ajsmug:

“I’ll reassure you Pinkie, no one’s ever going to try to read your mind.” Sunset replied as she sat on her chair too. “I at least hope so, for their own sanity.”

You did in another reality. :trollestia:

He quietly watched Twilight as she walked to her desk and took place on her chair. He thought back at what she said earlier, making him blush.

took place in her chair.*

Twilight blew a raspberry, “What are you talking about? You’re the God Princess of Flames, she had no chances against you.”

If she had actual powers. :pinkiecrazy:

Sunset slammed her hand on Twilight’s mouth to stop her from talking, “We would love to, Fluttershy…” then she quickly removed her hand from Twilight’s face. “Ew, Twilight! Did you just lick my hand?” She asked with a disgusted look as she wiped her hand on her jacket.

And here I thought only Hunter from Owl House did that. :applejackunsure:

Twilight rolled her eyes and put the broom away. She kneeled in front of the puppy and scratched it behind its ears, to its delight. “I already told you, someone as to watch these monsters while you guys are working. I would never forgive myself if they attacked you while I’m here.”

someone has to watch these monsters*
Also, they're not monsters! :flutterrage:

“It’s okay Sunset…” Fluttershy stated when she dropped another bag in the corner of the room and opened it. “They’re happy to have someone to play with. Usually, it’s just me…” She then proceeded to put pet food on several bowls. “Can you take bowls over there and put some water in them?”

in several bowls.*

“Oh well, you know… Rainbow Dash usually have soccer practice after school, Applejack has to work on her farm and Pinkie Pie is working with her aunt.” Fluttershy explained, “Rarity comes by, from time to time…”

usually has soccer practice after school,*
At least Rarity does which is good. :pinkiehappy:

“Wait…” Sunset stopped and put the bowl she was holding on a table as she turned around to face Fluttershy, “You are friend with Rarity?”

friends with Rarity?"*

“Well, she mentioned it, but Pinkie’s friend with everyone. I just… Didn’t realized Rarity was a part of your group.” Sunset stated as she looked away. An image of Rarity smiling at her appeared in her mind.

Pinkie's friends with everyone.*

“Sometimes, I really have a hard time following you Twilight.” Sunset said, “And believe me, I try.”

Same. :applejackconfused:

Glad to be caught up with this story. Aside from Twilight's behavior and a few mistakes, I've been enjoying this story. I've read only a few eqg stories where Sunset has always been human and there's no magic business whatsoever. :scootangel:

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