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When she was in middle school, Sunset Shimmer suffered from what is called 'Middle-second syndrome'. Finding her past embarrassing, Sunset will try everything to start her high school journey quietly after moving out from her city.

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V - Flash Sentry, lovesick lover boy

Sunset Shimmer was walking alongside Rarity next to the Canterlot river, both girls holding hands, enjoying each other’s company. Sunset took a closer look at the beautiful girl standing next to her, her perfectly curled purple hair flowing down her back, eyes as perfect as diamonds and a beautiful smile across her face. The faint blush on her cheeks being easily the cutest thing Sunset ever saw in her life.

Rarity slowed down her pace and let go of Sunset’s hand. Sunset turned around to face her, a concerned look on her face.

“Rarity?” She asked. “Is something wrong?”

Rarity shook her head, “No, Sunset.” She looked at her straight into her eyes as if she was staring right into her soul. “In fact, everything is perfect.” Rarity took a small step forward. “You’re perfect, Sunset…”

Sunset gulped. She tried to ignore the burning feeling across her cheeks and the butterflies in her stomach but it was easier said than done. “Uh, thanks?”

Rarity took both of Sunset’s hands in hers, maintaining her gaze. “There is… Something I wanted to tell you, for quite some time now...”

Sunset’s heartbeat was going crazy. “R-Really?”

“Yes…” Rarity took another step forward, now only a few inches away from Sunset. “Sunset I… I love you.”

Sunset didn’t know what to say. She just stared at the perfect girl in front of her, her heart beating as loudly as ever.

Rarity closed the small gap left between the two of them, their chest almost touching. Then, Rarity slowly closed her eyes and pressed her lips forward, only a mere inch from Sunset’s.

Sunset hold her breath and mimicked her as she closed her eyes, took a tiny step, and pressed her lips against…

“Sunset! Wake up!”

“Uh?” Sunset’s eyes opened and the first thing she saw when she woke up was Twilight Sparkle’s face staring at her, only a few inches away. “Woah!” She screamed in surprise as she rolled to the side and fell from her bed, her face right on the ground.

“I think you were having a nightmare.” Twilight Sparkle stated, sitting cross-legged on Sunset’s bed with a concerned look. “You were moving around and moaning in your sleep.”

Sunset made a forced chuckle. “Uh yeah… Nightmare.”

‘That’s it, no more spicy food before going to bed.’ She thought as she wiped off the sweat on her forehead.

Then, Sunset realized what was going on and frowned, pointing her finger at Twilight. “And what are you doing here?”

“Waking you up?” Twilight tried, an innocent grin on her face.

“How did you get in anyway?” Sunset asked, already annoyed this early in the morning, slowly standing up on her feet.

“Your window was opened.” Twilight explained as she pointed to the designated window, which was indeed open, and Sunset could see the usual rope hanging outside. Twilight must have used it to climb down like she used to do on her balcony.

Twilight appearing unannounced in her apartment was now becoming a regular thing for the Shimmer family.

Sunset pinched the bridge of her nose, “Twilight, you can’t just enter my room like that!” she snarled.

“Why not?” Was a genuine question Twilight asked her, with an interrogating glare.

“It’s a breach of privacy! What if I was… You know…” Sunset wasn’t believing the fact that she actually needed to explain this to Twilight. “Indecent?”

“You mean, like you are now?” Twilight asked again.

“Uh?” Sunset looked down at herself and saw that the only clothes she was wearing was her pink bra and pantie. “Gah!” She screamed as she grabbed her blanket to cover herself, blushing heavily. “Twilight get out!”

“But Sun-” Twilight started.

“GET OUT!” Sunset screamed, her face red as a tomato.

Twilight pouted but reluctantly gets up from the bed and made her way towards the door, “You must’ve get up on the wrong foot today Sunset, because you are-”

Sunset did not let her finish as she violently pushed her out and slammed the door behind her.

“Oh, hello Miss Shimmer.” She heard Twilight from the other end of the door.

“Twilight?!” Sunrise Shimmer exclaimed, surprised to see the purple haired girl coming out of Sunset’s room.

Sunset slammed her head against the door and fell on her knees.

“Kill me now.” She said, hoping a certain someone high above could hear her complaints.

Sunset went to go with her usual morning routine as she ate her breakfast alongside her brother, her mother and Twilight. An hour and a half later, both girls were in school, walking towards their respective places in the classroom.

As she was marching towards her desk, Sunset found herself stopping in front of Rarity who was talking with one of her friends.

“Oh, hello darling.” Rarity greeted, a charming smile on her face.

Sunset felt the heat rising on her cheeks. “H-Hi Rarity!” she squeaked as the memories from her dream resurfaced.

Rarity made a polite giggle, but even if she saw the faint blush on Sunset’s cheeks, she did not mention it. Sunset then finally arrived at her desk and sat in her seat as she sighed.

‘Dummy.’ She insulted herself.

To Sunset’s surprise, Pinkie Pie wasn’t there, which was odd considering the fact that she usually was one of the first of her classmates to arrive in the morning.

She did not think much of it, something must have happened and she was running a bit late, nothing to worry about. As Sunset sat behind her desk and grabbed her notebook from her bag, she heard two of her classmates chatting next to her.

She wasn’t particularly listening to them, but they were loud enough for Sunset to ear most of their conversation. She recognized one of them being Flash Sentry but she forgot the name of the other one. Sunset never was good at remembering names but Flash was easily recognizable with his spiky electric blue hair and blue eyes.

“… no biggies.” The other boy said with a monotone voice that was contrasting with the smirk he was wearing. Flash seemed to be in some sort of trouble and his friend was having a lot of fun with it. “There’s plenty of fish in the sea, Sentry.” He stated as he passed his hand through his mid-length black hair.

“I know, I know.” Flash quickly added with a sigh as he took his place on his desk on the left of Sunset’s. “But it’s already the fourth time I’ve been rejected since the year started!” He stated with a desperate look on his face.

“Well,” His friend continued with a chuckle, “Maybe if you stopped being so clingy, you’ll have better luck.” he stated candidly.

“What can I say?” Flash whined, throwing his hands above his head. “I was in love!” When his friend snorted, Flash frowned his eyebrows. “Stop making fun of me!”

The black haired boy rolled his eyes, “You’re falling in love with a different girl every Tuesdays, Flash. So, forgive me if I’m not taking you seriously.” he stated with his derisive smirk. Then, a sympathetic smile appeared, replacing the smirk on his face as he put his hand on Flash’s shoulder. “But, you’re still my best friend. So if you ever need a wingman…” He finished with a wink.

Flash smiled back, “Thanks, Red.”

“Anytime, man.”

Red turned around to take his place on the second row, but then raised an eyebrow at the empty spot in front of Sunset.

“Where’s Pinkie?” He asked, staring at the missing person’s desk a while.

Sunset took a moment to realize he was talking to her as her gaze met his. She shrugged, “I don’t know.”

He stared at her with an annoyed look on his face which Sunset guessed was his natural expression. Sunset could, for a fraction of second, see a disappointed look on his red eyes before his bored expression came back. He just shrugged before heading to his desk.

“Uh…” Sunset heard from her left, she turned around to face Flash as he awkwardly grinned at her. “We’ve never really been formerly introduced before, didn’t we? I’m Flash Sentry.” He said, handing his hand to Sunset.

Sunset shook his hand out of politeness and returned to revise the lesson of the day on her notebook. “Sunset Shimmer.” She blankly stated.

“So…” Flash continued, with what he thought was cool smile. “How’s it going?”

Sunset sighed and narrowed her eyes when she looked back at him. She could easily guess the intent, she lowered her elbows to her desk and leant forward as a thin line appeared on her face. He was trying to hit on her.

Sunset coughed politely in her fist. She was glad that, before she could mutter a response, someone appeared in front of her breathing heavily.

“I… Made it… In time!” Pinkie Pie managed to mumble as she dropped herself on her chair, taking back her breath.

Sunset silently thanked her for the interruption. “Sup’ Pinkie?” She greeted, her smile reappearing. “What took you so long?”

“Gummy was stuck in the dishwasher!” Pinkie explained her, like it was obvious.

Sunset gave her a questioning look, “Who? And what was he doing in there?”

“How am I supposed to clean a baby alligator?” Pinkie asked, dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry, wha-” Sunset was cut short by the bell announcing the start of the class.

During lunchtime, both Sunset and Twilight were sitting on a bench in the bleachers of the school’s soccer field. Sunset was slowly chewing on her home-made salad as she watched a rainbow haired girl practicing lonely on the field.

“You decided on which club you’re going to join?” Twilight asked her.

Sunset shrugged, “Not really. This girl, Raven, asked me if I wanted to join hers, I guess I’ll check it out.”

“Hmmm…” Twilight hummed, staring at Sunset’s lunch.

Sunset sighed, now used to her friend’s antics.

“You know vegetables aren’t good for you, right?” Twilight asked her as she was eating her own lunch composed of cold rice and chicken.

Sunset raised a single eyebrow as she looked at her, “What are you talking about?” she asked as she put a slice of cucumber in her mouth.

“Vegetables considerably lowers your mana and your stamina.” Twilight explained, her face tight as she wore a disgusted look watching Sunset’s salad.

Sunset chuckled, “I take it you don’t like vegetables.”

“God no.” Twilight pulled out her tong of her mouth, showing her revulsion. “The Black Knight knows that it weakens me, that’s why he always tries to hide some in my lunches.”

Sunset had a sympathetic thought for Twilight’s brother, raising a girl like her must not be easy. “Yeah, that’s obviously why.”

“But I’m no fool.” Twilight proudly stated as she put a piece of chicken in her mouth. “I always double check my meals.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Sunset silently continued to eat her lunch for a few minutes as she watched the rainbow haired girl on the field cheer to herself when she landed a goal, enjoying the calm, ignoring the insistent look Twilight was giving her.

“Hey, God Princess of Flames…” Twilight started.

Sunset rolled her eyes, “I already told you to not call me by that name. At least, not in school.” she stated as she folded her arms, giving Twilight an annoyed look.

“I heard… Something really strange in class this morning.” Twilight began, ignoring Sunset’s complaint as usual.

Sunset gave her an intrigued look, beckoning her to continue.

“Those two boys, sitting next to me in class… What’s their name again?” She said, a thoughtful expression on her face. “Oh right, Red and Thunderlane!”

“Yeah, what about them?” Sunset asked.

“They were talking about some kind of list the boys in our class made.” She put another piece of chicken in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully as she remembered the conversation. “Something about a poll… Something about the prettiest girls in our class or something like that.”

Sunset snorted, “Well I’m not surprised, that’s teenage boys for you.” She said as she finished her salad and started peeling the skin out of an orange. “I really hope for them that they won’t get caught though. Not that I really care, but if the girls in our class founds out, those guys will be in a lot of trouble.”

Twilight shrugged, “I guess so. I think it’s dumb.” she then looked down at her feet. “I’m sure I’m at the bottom of that list.”

“I think you’re underestimating yourself, Twi’.” Sunset said, bumping Twilight’s shoulder. “And, then again, who cares?” She asked, “It’s just a dumb list.”

“Yeah…” Her cheerful demeanor quickly came back as she playfully leaned into Sunset’s shoulder. “I think you’ll be at the top of the list though.”

“And you’re overestimating me.” Sunset chuckled as she gently pushed Twilight away from her, “I don’t stand a chance next to girls like Rarity or Roseluck.”

“I think you’re prettier than them…” Twilight muttered too quietly for Sunset to hear.

“What?” Sunset asked her.

“N-Nothing!” Twilight quickly added as she put a big piece of chicken in her mouth and swallowed it after chewing it only two times. Her face became red as she started to cough, choking on it.

Sunset busted out of laughter as she slammed her hand on Twilight’s back to help her friend.

The mood was tense in the classroom on this early afternoon. Rarity and another girl Sunset remembered as Carrot Top were both standing in front of the classroom, angry looks on their faces. Miss Cheerily was standing next to them, a disappointed look on her face as she glared at the classroom.

Almost all of the girls in the class were wearing the same expression as Rarity. Even Pinkie Pie was somewhat angry, to Sunset’s surprise. Behind Rarity, on the black board, was a piece of paper.

“Dear Carrot and I have found something very interesting during lunchbreak.” Rarity started, pointing to the piece of paper.

The boys in the class were all looking distressed, except for Red and Thunderlane sitting next to each other’s, both tried to repress their laughs but quickly straightened themselves at the look Miss Cheerilee was giving them.

Sunset glanced at her left to see a sweating Flash Sentry, his face livid as he gulped.

The piece of paper on the board was the famous list Twilight mentioned earlier, a list of what the boys thought were the prettiest girls in the class. Even at her place at the back of the class, Sunset could easily read what was written.

1. Rarity Belle
2. Sunset Shimmer
3. Roseluck
4. Dusk Whistle
5. Choco Cream

And the list went on. All the fourteen girls of the class were noted on that list. Sunset smirked at herself when she saw she was second and sighed when she saw Twilight was number seven.

Right in the middle, that’s not bad.’ She thought to herself, hoping Twilight wouldn’t think much of it.

She also was surprised that Pinkie was number thirteen. Sunset genuinely thought that Pinkie Pie was cute enough to be somewhat popular, but she guessed that her attitude could be repulsive for some of the boys.

“I would love to hear what you boys have to say about this.” Rarity stated, her cold stare stopping at each and everyone one of the boys in the class. When she observed every movements and actions the boys were doing, her gaze stopped on Red as he couldn’t stop his snickering. “Red Light.”

As he heard his name, he quickly stopped laughing and straightened himself. He was still wearing that usual annoyed look on his face but Sunset saw from behind that he was nervously waggling his fingers behind his back. “Uh, yeah?”

“Do you have anything to do with that? Is there… Anything you can tell me?”

Red made a forced chuckle, “To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it.”

Sunset smirked. He was a good liar. Rarity slowly nodded but Sunset could see that she wasn’t believing him. She however looked at the boy sitting next to him.


“Y-Yes!” The boy replied.

“Have you participated in those rankings?” Rarity cold stared him, pointing the list behind her with her thumb.

Thunderlane wasn’t as good as Red to hide his emotions. He was quivering, shifting his weight from side-to-side.

“N-No I…” He gulped loudly as he eyes frantically looked from left to right in panic.

Rarity raised an eyebrow as she crossed her arms. “Yes?” She asked suspiciously.

“I… I don’t remember!” The poor boy stuttered.

Rarity and Carrot Top both looked at him with interrogating glares.

Sunset repressed a laugh as she looked back at Flash. If someone could drown in his own sweat, Flash would be dead long ago. She already found the culprit, but she knew better than interrupting Rarity’s investigation.

“Looks like we’re at a dead end.” Miss Cheerilee stated. “Well if we don’t have a culprit, I say it would be fair that all the boys here will face the same punishment.”


“Oh, c’mon!”

“I have nothing to do with it!”

All Sunset could hear was excuses from her masculine classmates. In a scattered fashion, voices started to become louder and soon, the classroom became a boisterous field of complaints for the boys, while the girls remained silent, glaring daggers at them.

“It… It was me…” Sunset could her a mutter from her left.

No one heard him as Miss Cheerilee was trying to calm the class.

“IT WAS ME!” Flash Sentry yelled as he jumped to his feet, unable to meet the gaze of his peers.

The class went silent as all looks were now on him.

‘Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.’ Sunset thought to herself as she leaned her head into the palm of her head. She was glad that all the attention was on someone else than herself for a change.

“I… I did it.” Flash stated in a whisper that could easily be heard in the entire classroom now that everyone was silent. He looked down at the ground, biting his bottom lip. “N-No one else was involved. I did it all myself.”

Sunset looked around the classroom and had a hard time not laughing at the sight in front of her. All the boys in the class were looking at him like he was a hero of some sort, taking the blame for all of them. But the girls were giving him cold stares, even Pinkie Pie. Twilight, as for her, was looking intrigued but Sunset could read on her face that she just wanted this to be over so she could go home.

“I-I’m sorry.” He continued. “I didn’t think it would hurt you girls like it did, I did not mean any harm… It was just a silly game.”

“It was just a game?” Rarity asked him, outraged. “And do you really want us to believe you were the only one involved in… In this?!” She asked again.

“I was!” He exclaimed adamantly.

As silence came back in the room, both Rarity and Carrot Top turned their gaze to Miss Cheerilee. Their teacher sighed and looked at Flash with disappointment.

“Mister Sentry…” She started. “I think I speak for all of us here when I say that I’m really deceived by your actions. And I do think detention is the appropriate punishment.”

Flash didn’t say a word.

“However, since you’ve not only wronged me but all the girls here, I think it’s only fair that they chose the suitable punishment.” She turned her gaze to Rarity and Carrot Top. “What do you say girls?”

Rarity spoke up, “As much as would love him to face detention this early in the year…” she started. “I do not think it is… Quite enough.” She glanced at her friend, “What do you say Carrot?”

“To begin with, a proper apology would be appropriate.” Carrot started, “It is one thing to say you are sorry, but it is another to show how really sorry you are.”

“I know that…” Flash said. “That’s why I’ve made a decision.”

“A decision?” Carrot raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll show to all of you girls how sorry I am…” He looked up, fire in his eyes. “I’ll shave my head!” He blurted out.

This time, Sunset couldn’t refrain her laughter.

“I… I don’t think it’s…” Miss Cheerilee started, but she was quickly cut short by Rarity.

“I think it’s an excellent idea.” Rarity nodded.

“It’ll work.” Carrot nodded too. “We won’t forgive you right away but if you do it, It’ll show us you were serious when you said you were sorry.”

“I-I’ll do it!” Flash stated. “On my honor as a man!”

“Today was… Interesting?” Twilight stated, as she walked alongside Sunset and Pinkie Pie through the halls of Canterlot High School.

Sunset laughed. “Yeah, I had a great time.”

Pinkie pouted but didn’t said a word as she was angrily chewing on a candy. The three of them stopped their walk when they heard voices coming from the next hall.

“Oh god, what did I do?!” Flash cried out, his face in the palm on his hands.

When Sunset, Twilight and Pinkie Pie turned around at the corner, they saw Flash sitting on the stairs next to the janitor’s cabinet, Red and Thunderlane right by his side.

“You were a true hero back there, Flash!” Thunderlane said.

“Yeah… A true martyr, giving his life for his fellow classmates.” Red added mockingly, “Now, can I please be the one that’ll shave your head?”

Flash raised his head and glared at him with pleading eyes.

“What? I always wanted to shave someone’s head.” Red said as he shrugged.

“Y-You don’t really expect me to shave my head right?”

Sunset walked towards them as she cleared her throat to catch their attention, Twilight and Pinkie right behind her.

“Actually,” Sunset began, “The girls do expect you to do it. What you guys did was… Pretty messed up.”

Thunderlane looked away at that statement and Red made a forced chuckle.

“D-Didn’t you heard him?” Red asked, raising his hands like he was innocent and had nothing to do with it. “He said he did it! I’ve got nothing to do wi-”

When Red stopped talking and wore a fearful expression on his face as he looked away, Sunset turned around and could see the stare Pinkie Pie was giving him.

‘Geez’ Pinkie.’ Sunset thought. She was honestly chocked that the usual cheerful girl could give an angry look at someone like that.

Thirteen?” She hissed as she glared daggers at him.

“Hey for what it’s worth, I’m the one who voted for you!” Red tried. When he saw that Pinkie was still giving him a cold stare, he sat down next to Flash. “Alright, I’ll shut up…” He whispered.

Sunset sighed, “Listen guys. It’s not about who’s first or who’s last.” She said as she put a hand on Pinkie’s shoulder to calm her down. “The girls were really hurt by your actions. How would you guys react if we did the same thing?”

Flash slowly nodded as he gave her a comprehensive smile, “Yeah, I guess we would’ve been pretty mad too.”

Sunset gave him an honest smile.

“Then you know what you have to do.”

“Yeah…” He nodded, “I guess I do.”

With a nod of her head, Sunset walked away. “And to be honest, it’s just hair man, It’ll grow back.” She finished as she waved him goodbye.

“So… It means I can shave your head right?” Sunset heard Red’s voice ask as she walked away.

“Woaw, Sunset.” Twilight added when she was sure they were far enough so the boys could no longer hear them.

“You were far kinder than I thought you would be.” Pinkie nodded, her joyful attitude slowly, but surely, coming back. “Who would’ve guessed that under that grumpy face of yours, there would be such a kind and generous woman!”

Sunset gave her a look, “Grumpy face?”

“I can’t believe we spent so much time on this when there’s much more important things going on right now.” Twilight quickly said. “I had to refrain her, but my demon almost awakened in class and-”

“I couldn’t just ignore the poor boy, he’s not a bad lad.” Sunset replied to Pinkie, ignoring Twilight who was now talking to herself. Then a devilish smirk appeared on her face. “And I can’t wait to see him bald.”

Author's Note:

this chapter is way longer than I expected it to be
it was supposed to be out Saturday
but y'know how life is, some things happens...
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