• Published 16th Jan 2024
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When she was in middle school, Sunset Shimmer suffered from what is called 'Middle-second syndrome'. Finding her past embarrassing, Sunset will try everything to start her high school journey quietly after moving out from her city.

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II - Twilight Sparkle, the God Princess of Night

“Hum… Here, this should do it.” Sunset stated as she grabbed the ointment bottle she was searching for through one of the infirmary closet. “The nurse does not seem to be here though.” She said as she looked around the small infirmary.

The size of the infirmary made Sunset realize something, this school was way tinier than the one she used to go.

‘I did go from a private school to a public one.’ She thought as she walked towards Twilight Sparkle who was sat down on the nearest chair, patiently waiting for Sunset. “Here, let me take a look.”

Sunset opened the bottle and took Twilight’s hand, not noticing the blush on the purple haired girl’s face. She slowly but methodically put the ointment on her hand.

There was silence for a minute before Sunset rose her glare to Twilight and finally found the courage to ask, “What’s your problem?”

Twilight looked away, “M-My hand burned. It’s because of the demon I sealed inside. Nightmare Moon.” She smiled and stood up to her feet. “It resonated with you, because it can sense powerful beings!” She laughed as she put her hands on her hips, “But don’t worry, I won’t say a word to the evil organization that-”

But Sunset wasn’t listening anymore, she just couldn’t.

‘No doubt,’ She thought, ‘She’s a serious case!’

“Nightmare Moon is a powerful demon from the seven hells, sometimes it warns to me about the foes I’ll come across.” Twilight Sparkle stated, “Or, allies.” She finished with an implied glare.

‘I should get going, I don’t think it’ll be good for my own sanity to be close to that girl.’ Sunset cleared her throat. “Listen hum, Twilight,” She started, “I’ll get back to class, feel free to-”

“But be careful!” Twilight quickly cut her through her sentence, she made a small jump to be an inch away from Sunset, “Who knows, maybe the evil organization is listening right now, walls have ears…” She finished in a whisper, “It’ll stay between us… God Princess of Flames.”

Sunset’s heart skipped a beat.

“Uh?” She just looked at Twilight with an empty glare, flabbergasted.

Twilight smirked and took a few step back as she put her right hand in front of her, “Disappear into the flames of love!”

“STOP THAT!” Sunset grabbed Twilight by her wrist, the purple haired girl seemed unfazed, “W-W-Where have you heard about that, eh?” She gulped, her hands were trembling, sweat dropping on her face. Sunset wasn’t realizing that her grip on Twilight’s wrist was growing tighter.

“As I told you,” Twilight continued with a confident grin, “Nightmare Moon can see everything, she…” Her confident mask faded away as she was now unable to ignore the pain, “S-Sunset you’re hurting me.” She admitted with puppy eyes.

Sunset quickly let her go, still shaking. “Sorry!” She squeaked. “L-Listen, you can’t talk about that to ANYONE!”

“Of course!” Twilight exclaimed with pride, “Don’t worry, I, the God Princess of Night will know how to keep my mouth shut. The evil organization mustn’t-”

“No, that’s not it!” Sunset exclaimed as she stomped the ground, “I’m done with that, you hear me? Done! The God Princess of Flames is sealed! Forever!”

“But why?” Twilight pouted as she crossed her arms, “It’s cool!”

“No it’s not!” Sunset gritted her teeth, she was getting angry, and quite bored of this conversation. She inhaled deeply and retrieved her calm, “Listen, this part of me is behind me now,” She stated, putting a lock of stray hair in front of her face back in place, “It’s over!”

“Really?” Twilight asked.


Twilight put a hand on her mouth and looked at Sunset with pride and hope, “Does that means… You finally achieved the status of ‘God Queen of Flames’?”

Something snapped in Sunset, she grabbed Twilight by the collar and shook the poor girl. “Listen! I’m no god, no princess, no queen! I don’t have magic and demons aren’t real! I’m just a regular Freshman!”

“Okay! Okay! Okay!” Twilight pleaded, “Stop shaking me pleaaaaaa-”

Sunset let go of Twilight which dropped on her butt. “And you too you’re just a normal student! So stop pretending!”

“Not true.” Twilight said, “I sealed Nightmare Moon in my-”

“Twilight, it doesn’t exist.” Sunset simply stated her facts.

Twilight frowned and looked at the ground. “Yes it does.”

“No it doesn’t!” Sunset blurted out once again.

Twilight smirked as she put her hands in her pockets and defied Sunset with a stare, “Then… You want me to show it to you?”

Sunset paused for a second. Something wasn’t right. “W-What?”

“Do you want to see… My demon?” Twilight seriously asked. All of her demeanor changed.

‘W-Why does she sounds so serious all of a sudden?’ Sunset gulped. ‘Wait is she… for real?’

“So?” Twilight asked again.

Sunset loudly cleared her throat and defied Twilight with a glare, “Yeah, go ahead.”

Twilight chuckled as she took a step forward, “You asked for it.”

Twilight slowly put her right hand out of her jacket’s pocket, her palm facing her own face, showing Sunset the back of her hand with the rune on it. And Sunset could swear it was glowing in a blue light.

Twilight took a step forward, “I appeal to the powers of nightmares…” She started, taking another step.

Sunset took a step back, her eyes wide open, “W-Wait…”

“Be the armed arm of my anger…” Twilight continued, slowly taking another step. Her hand was glowing such as it was illuminating the whole room.

“It… It can’t be…” Sunset stated, “S-Stay away!”

“May the endless night be-uh?” Twilight tripped and fell forward right on top of Sunset.

As both girls fell on the ground, they pushed a table which pushed a chair which pushed a displayed skeleton which fell on the ground in a deafening noise. Sunset was now angrier and on top of that, she hurt the back of her head. Today was not a good first day.

“Oh snap…” Twilight stated as she sat on top of Sunset and put her glasses back in place.

Sunset was about to move the girl when she stated a blue light to her left. There on the ground, was one of those wireless LED lights. Sunset looked at it, then at Twilight, then back at it and back a Twilight.

Twilight chuckled as she grabbed it, “Wait, I’ll put it back in place.”

“I swear I’m going to-” Sunset growled as she readied to launch herself towards Twilight’s throat.

Then, the door opened and a lady in white blouse entered. She looked around to see what caused that noise she just heard and then she saw them. She raised an eyebrow at the sight of Sunset Shimmer laying on the ground and Twilight Sparkle sitting on top of her, and crossed her arms.

Sunset and Twilight both exchanged a look before both gulping at the same time.

“May I ask what is going on here?” The nurse asked with a tone that meant she wasn’t going to repeat her question.

As both girls walked back towards their classroom, Sunset stated, “Listen, Twilight. I’m seriously done with all of this. You want to believe in that crap? Fine! But leave me out of it.”

“But I can’t!” Twilight stated, grabbing Sunset’s arm, “You saw my demon, now we’re bounded by a pact!”

Sunset sighed and rolled her eyes, “What kind of pact?”

“The pact between the soul of the night and the soul of the flames!” Twilight cheered, “We’re like, soulmates.”

Sunset grunted, shaking her arm for Twilight to let it go, “That’s a lot of souls to be sure…”

They both arrived back at their classroom and Sunset excused herself to be late for her very first class.

“I-It’s okay girls, really.” Their professor dismissed their excuse with a movement of her hand, “So, you are Sunset Shimmer right?” She asked with a smile as both girls entered the classroom.

‘And everyone’s looking back at me now… Great.’ Sunset thought.

“Yep, that’s me.” Sunset quietly stated, avoiding her classmate’s glares.

“And you must be Twilight Sparkle.” The professor asked, looking at Twilight.

Twilight chuckled, “Eh, that is indeed how the mortals of this world calls me. But I’ll do you a favor, you can call me the God Pr-aouch!” She said rubbing her ribs Sunset just pocked.

“Ignore her.” Sunset quickly added, “She’s dumb.”

All the class giggled. Sunset wanted to go back in the courtyard and dig her own grave with her bare hands.

“O-Okay then.” The professor made a nervous and awkward chuckle, “Oh, yes! I’m Miss Cheerilee by the way, nice meeting you girls.” She then gestured them to go back to their places.

Sunset dropped herself on her chair, ignoring the snickers from her classmates.

“What an impression on your first day, uh?” Pinkie Pie asked her with a giggle.

Sunset rolled her eyes and fell face first on her desk. “You tell me.”

The rest of the day passed by quickly as Sunset went through her first classes and met her new professors.

‘They seems nice.’

When the alarm rang at 3 P.M, all students put their stuff back in their bags and prepared themselves to go home. Sunset was going to do the same when Pinkie Pie stood next to her.

“So, Laser tag?” Pinkie joyfully asked.

Sunset looked at her with stars in her eyes, she almost forgot.

‘Pinkie Pie… I love you.’ Sunset fortunately thought to herself, as she quickly wiped away the tears in the corners of her eyes.

“Yeah, let me just-”

“Sunset Shimmer?” Miss Cheerilee called from her desk, “Can you come here a minute?”

Sunset noticed Twilight standing next to her, looking embarrassed.

‘Oh god, what now…’

‘Of course!’ Sunset frowned and kicked a small rock that was on her path, ‘Of course she lost her wallet! Of course her bus card was in it! Now I have to walk with her home because she apparently lives in the same neighborhood, and, as the universe loves to remind me, I can’t have a normal life!’

She glared as Twilight playfully runs circle around the red and gold haired girl.

‘Blissful idiot.’

At least, Pinkie Pie gave her phone number to Sunset so they could exchange texts.

_Sorry I couldn’t come, maybe another time? Sunset wrote.

_Of course, we have a whole year ahead of us silly! Was what Pinkie Pie replied.

Sunset smirked, she already liked the girl.

‘Unlike the other one there.’ She thought, glaring daggers at Twilight.

“So… You live with your family?” Twilight asked, breaking the silence.

Sunset sighed, “Yeah, well it’s just me, my mother and my brother. My dad’s working for a Japanese company in Tokyo.” Sunset explained, “He’s still with my mom though, long distance relationship and all of that.”

“Must be cool…” Twilight stated, looking at the sky, “At my home, it’s just me and my big brother…”

“By the sound of it,” Sunset said, “You don’t seem to be fond of your brother.”

“It’s not that… It’s just…” She went closer to Sunset and whispered, “He works for the evil organization.”


“He’s a Black Knight posted at the control station of the invisible borders!” She gritted her teeth, “He’s an enemy.”

“Hey.” Sunset stared at her, with a deadpanned glare.

“Even with Nightmare Moon, I can’t defeat him! His power is incommenrable! He’s scary.” Twilight stated.

Incommensurable.” Sunset corrected, “And, that brother of yours, he’s that scary?”

“He is!” Twilight vigorously nodded, her glasses bouncing up and down on her nose.

Sunset sighed. ‘Well, I pity the poor man. He has to deal with her every single day.’

“I actually would like your help.” Twilight admitted, grabbing Sunset’s arm.

‘I hate when she does that!’ Sunset thought, shaking her arm again, but Twilight wasn’t letting it go.

“God Princess of Flames! Your power is the only thing capable to lead us to the invisible borders!” Twilight exclaimed.

“I told you to not say that name anymore!” Sunset growled, “Come on, what did I do to deserve this?” She whined at the sky.

Twilight let go of Sunset’s arm. “Look, I even got you a new special attack!” She ran a few meters and then slides on the ground while turning on herself, “Hellflames!” She exclaimed, imaging a burst of flames out of her palms.

When she finally finished spinning, she looked back at Sunset with a proud face. “So? So? How was it?”

Sunset looked unimpressed, “You have small wheels under your shoes? Seriously Twilight, you’re fifteen.”

“Actually, now that you mention it, I am two thousand and thirty-eight years old, I was reborn in this body by-” Twilight started.

‘And here we go again…’ Sunset rolled her eyes.

They both resumed her walk in silence and only a minute later, Sunset bumped into Twilight when she was watching her phone.

“Ugh, what again?” Sunset asked, annoyed.

Twilight stared at the vending machine in front of her. Sunset sighed and got her wallet out, “What do you want?”

Twilight beamed at her and pointed to a purple energy drink, “It gives back mana and HP!”

Sunset ignored her and bought the drink.

After an hour walk, but what seemed to be an eternity for Sunset, Twilight Sparkle and herself finally reached their destination, namely, their home. Sunset was walking and Twilight hung tight on Sunset’s arm as she was sliding on her wheel shoes.

“Wait, you live in apartment 3-8?” Sunset asked.

“Yep!” Twilight nodded.

“It’s like, the apartment just on top of mine.” Sunset realized with fear.

Twilight giggles, “There’s no such things as coincidences.”

‘Yeah, I’m starting to believe that.’ Sunset thought.

They both walked up the stairs of the apartment complex, and Sunset stopped in front of her door.

“Well, that’s where I’m leaving you.” Sunset stated. ‘Finally.’ She added in her thoughts.

Twilight looked away and mumbled something, fidgeting her hair with her fingers.

“What again?” Sunset asked.

“Well… My keys were in my wallet and… My brother works until nine, so…” She said, finding a small spot on the wall next to her very interesting.

Sunset crossed her arms and waited. Twilight slowly managed to look at her with puppy eyes, which frustrated Sunset.

‘I’m going to regret this.’

“Oh, so you are officer Armor’s little sister! He briefly talked about you now that I remember!” Sunrise Shimmer stated, cutting the hot cheese pizza in the center of the table in pieces.

Sunset Shimmer had the great idea to invite Twilight for diner. Sure, she didn’t like the girl, but she wasn’t going to let her starve. So, both girls were sat on one side of the table, and Sunset’s mom and brother were on the other side.

“You met the guy?” Sunset asked as she sipped her can of coke.

“Yes, the very day we moved in. A very charming young man.” Her mother explained, she took a closer look at twilight a smiled at the girl, “And he wasn’t lying when he said you were cute!”

Twilight’s face became red.

“What’s that on your hand?” Sunburst asked her, pointing to the rune.

“That’s nothing.” Sunset stated before Twilight could answer.

“Nightmare Moon is the master of the night, she’s the one who will bring darkness upon thee-” She was cut short by Sunset slamming a slice of pizza in Twilight’s plate.

“We don’t need an explanation!”

“A-Alright.” Twilight stated, now more interested in the pizza in front of her.

After diner, both girls were in Sunset’s room. Sunset was sat on the edge of her bed, waiting impatiently for Twilight’s brother to return. Twilight Sparkle, as for her, was having a lot of fun searching through Sunset’s stuff.

She beamed with joy when she found the box with the cape and the sword inside. “So cool!” She stated as she drew the sword out of the box, “Strapped in the back, it’ll look amazing!”

Sunset smirked, “Well actually, that’s how I used to-” She stopped herself.

“Hm?” Twilight turned to look at Sunset.

Sunset frowned and crossed her arms, “Whatever.” She uncrossed her arms and gets up to her feet, “You can keep playing with it if you want. Tomorrow, I’ll throw it away.”

“T-Throw it away?” Twilight asked with a small voice.


Twilight jumped to her feet, “B-But that’s the God Princess of Flames legacy!”

“Yeah, well, the God Princess of Flames isn’t real, so…” Sunset shrugged, “And, didn’t I already told you I was over with all this?”

“Why?” Twilight asked.

“It’s embarrassing!” Sunset spat out.

“No, it’s cool.” Twilight firmly stated.

“No, it’s, NOT!” Sunset stomped the ground, “Really not!” She snatched back the sword from Twilight’s grip.

Twilight looked sad, not because of Sunset’s gesture, but because of Sunset’s words.

“Magic isn’t real!” Sunset said once more, “The God Princess of Flame isn’t real…” She finished in a hushed tone, looking away.

Twilight took a deep breath, “Magic does exist.”

“No it doesn’t.”

“Yes it does.”

Sunset let out a frustrated growl before looking back at Twilight in the eyes, “Listen, you’re really starting to-” Sunset stopped when she saw Twilight’s look of determination.

Twilight looked at her firmly, her eyes sparkling, “Yes it does.” She said, believing every words. “So… Don’t throw it away.”

Sunset was lost in Twilight’s eyes. Those big, purple, curious eyes. She sighed in defeat.

‘Well, I must admit, this girl is way stronger than me.’ Sunset thought. She gently put the sword back in its box before turning around and pointed Twilight with her finger.

“Disappear into the flames of love!” Sunset exclaimed, even taking the pose like she used to.

Twilight’s eyes opened wide, a smile taking its place on her face. At least, she managed to make her smile.

Sunset smirked and put the box back under her bed, “Don’t get any ideas, it’ll just be a waste. I’ll sell it on Ebay or something.”

Twilight’s smile stayed rightfully on her face as she quietly nodded.

And, seeing that genuine, happy smile on the girl’s face. Sunset couldn’t help but reply with one of her own.