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Letting my imagination run free!


Everyone seems to be finding their one special person. Applejack knows she has fallen for the hard working, stubborn fashion girl. Both complete opposites, but some how perfect for each other. All they need is a little dance push into each others arms.

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Well, look who's decided to grace us with her presence.

Why did my mind go straight to Call of Duty Black Ops 1 when I read this line??

Kravchenko: Aah!! The hero of Berlin graces us with his presence! Have you not tired of battle Reznov??

Reznov: As long as Mother Russia has enemies, I will answer her call.

Dragovich: put aside your petty rivalry Kravchenko. Captain Reznov will do as he is told. We are here for ONE German!! And one German only! Doctor Freidrich Steiner!! This man, has offered his cooperation to our cause! He is NOT to be harmed!! Disobey this order...you will be shot!!!


I hate this ship so much it literally makes no sense especially since rarity Is definitley a classist

Thank You! I tried to imagine what Granny Smith would say if one of her grandbabies slept in. :twilightsmile: Have to pay closer attention when my brother plays Black Ops :moustache:

Thank you for your honesty. I was exactly like you before I started reading more Applejack and Rarity pairings and I found them adorable! :pinkiehappy:

7708734 Then why are you here if you dont like RariJack stories?

"we shall have a mind blowing FlutterDash party!"

Sounds like my kind of party!! :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you liked that line! :pinkiehappy:
It would be the best ever! :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, the last two chapters somehow ended up in an all-bold font.

Thank you for letting me know, I'll try to fix it and hopefully no more problems on that end! :pinkiesmile:


Alrighty, it should be fixed. Once again, thank you for the heads up! :twilightblush: :pinkiehappy:

My god this is going to be a GOOD ONE!

oooooOOOOOoooooh I smell conflict:ajsmug:

Omg this is absolutely the best Rarijack fic I've ever read! Happy Thanksgiving :pinkiehappy::heart:

Woah, all the feels with this story. They had such chemistry, then she just wants to be friends. Oh, the humanity.

I love this story please continue with it!! Your skills are amazing, you keep it so enticing that I couldn't stop reading! Can't wai my for the next chapter :D

Thank you very much! I truly appreciate your comment. It makes me want to finish the story sooner... but not too soon :pinkiehappy:

haha right! Some of the things said in the story comes from real life experience. So, thank you for reading! :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the comment! I hope I don't let you down. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you as well! :twilightsheepish: :scootangel:


:rainbowkiss: I'm glad you like reading this story! Thank you and Happy Holidays! :scootangel:

I like it only words of advice. Try to break up the giant speach segments. I had an issue doing that when i started. Remember people or ponies need to breathe. Pinkie Pie being the exception:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the review. I will try to do as you have suggested. Happy New Year! :twilightsheepish:

Woohoo! Now that's one hell of a Christmas gift! And it even had a timely ending!
Overall a great story! It had a ton of heart, and constantly left me wanting to know what happened next. Plus the use of Cheese and Rara were fantastic! I especially loved Rara, her character was great! XD
(Plus it had some great flutterdash in it, which is always a big plus for me :v)
I'm very much looking forward to the sequel!

Great story, looking forward to the sequel!

I'm sorry to say, but the first chapter was near-unreadable for me because of you mixing up tenses.

I wanted to give it a shot, but seeing past tense here and present tense there is just too painful for me to continue.

From what I gathered the story does sound good, so I'll be following it if you were to rewrite it in a consistent tense, preferably past.

Thank you for keeping up with the story! :rainbowkiss:
I wanted everyone to have a love interest and what better person for Pinkie then Cheese (in my opinion) :scootangel:
I wanted to have some conflict so, I went through some old episodes of "Friendship is Magic" and saw the chemistry Applejack and Rara had as childhood friends. Plus they went to summer camp together so, summer fling maybe? :twilightblush: hehe
I also wanted to give an inside into the other's relationships. Sadly I didn't do as much for Twilight and Sunset... in this story :pinkiegasp: (there might be a Sunlight spin off that takes place during Legends of Everfree. During the year Applejack was talking about in her toast.)
I also look forward to the Sequal! :raritystarry: Many Thanks and Happy New Year! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you and I am hoping to get at least a few chapters in by February or so. :twilightsheepish:
Thank you and Happy New Year! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for your review and I sorry for the tense mix up's. I did rewrite the first chapter to the past tense, it was suppose to be a dream like sequence. I guess I didn't do great job at that and for that I am sorry. :ajsleepy:
The rest of the story is in present tense, just the first chapter is in past tense. :pinkiesmile:
Feel free to Direct Message me if there are any other concerns.
Thank you and Happy New Years! :pinkiehappy:

7839407 Dream sequence or not, the tense should stay consistent. You can write a dream sequence in both past or present tense without mixing the two.

If the rest of the story is consistent in that regard, though, I'll try to suffer through the first one and continue reading.

I see, thank you for clarifying that for me! :twilightsheepish:
Hopefully the story makes up for the first chapter fumble. :pinkiehappy:

I absolutely love how you brought Rara in, it really makes the story take a different turn:pinkiehappy: and I LOVE how you portrait Applejack:ajsmug::ajsmug:

Oooh shit is gonna go down :ajbemused::flutterrage:

This was an amazing story and will be one of my absolute favorites, and my absolute favorite Rarijack story, I think I've never red one better:raritystarry: I really look forward to the upcoming story:heart::heart:

Thank you, I wanted conflict and after seeing "The Mane Attraction" I figured why not have Rara help move things along :pinkiehappy:

I really appreciate all the comments you have posted on this story! :scootangel:
I wanted something relatable and not so far fetched. I have read some that are a little out there ( I love them though :derpytongue2:) I hope to be posting towards the end of February! :pinkiehappy:

Whaaat!?! You have to continue!!! This story is so sweet and cool!!! Long live Rarijack!!!


Thank You for your amazing comment! Long live Rarijack! :pinkiehappy:
Maybe, hopefully, soon you readers will receive a great surprise! :rainbowkiss:
Thank you for reading and many more stories to come! :twilightsheepish:

I like how you used lyrics from the song "Don't Run Away" from Let It Shine as titles for your chapters.

I realised at the start of the fourteenth chapter when I saw the title and started making the connection to the story title. Though I'm not sure whether or not I was the only one who noticed. Am I?


Thank You for that! You are the only one who has noticed! :pinkiehappy:
That was the whole reason I took long publishing the chapters. I couldn't decide what to call the chapters :derpytongue2:
It brings me joy to know that people figure out why I named the chapters that way! :twilightsheepish:
Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoyed the story! :pinkiehappy:

Calling it now. One of them gets pregnant. Judging from the very last part. Can't wait!

Why am i thinking of "Let it Shine" when i read chapter titles?
Wait a second...:ajsmug:

An interesting way to tell the story, and it was a good story. Just some of the tenses (never did like first person view) and how you put the dancing with the lyrics threw me off some. It's always a tough call for how to manage dancing while singing songs. Technically, the fimfiction rules on song lyrics in the story itself has changed but it's no worries. :)

Good luck writing and thanks for bringing another interesting rarijack story out in the world.

Hi there I'm a new guy here. Just wanted to say I like your story. And the ships you chose for this one. Its mah style :ajsmug::raritywink: Rarijack, my Number 1 ship (to me its best ship so yeah wanna know why just ask.) Pinkie and Cheese, my number 2 ship (they work together.) And the song, I am a song lover (like for real every type of song i have at least one song for it.) And I like that you chose that song. Keep up the good work.

Comment posted by Geo Mark deleted Apr 15th, 2018

Tone wise this story is all over the place. It seems like you came up with a lot, and I mean a lot, of various set pieces before hand and tired them all together. This might sound like a criticism, and partially I suppose it is, but I will say that the pieces are good and how they are tied together is even better. It's just that from scene to scene it seemed like characters emotions and dispositions change dramatically. You do kind of make up for that near the end with the line about really having been together for a while and just not admitting it, but it doesn't change how dramatic the shifts are. Once I got use to the neck breaking turnarounds though it was a good story with fantastic set pieces. Creating and finding a way to explain an entire dance routine shows commitment to a craft.

Ive just read it all and I really liked it. It was a great story and with all the ups and downs. One amazing RariJack story, plus I love SciSet we got :D

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