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"When the dust has cleared, and victory denied; a summit too lofty, river a little too wide. If we keep our pride, though paradise is lost, we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost."


Even though it's only been days since the Storm King's invasion of Equestria, Tempest has now been tasked to start learning about friendship. After an encounter with Starlight Glimmer, she joins the Reformed Unicorn Mares group. Surely interacting with a few ponies can't be too hard, right?

Thanks again to AShadowOfCygnus for editing.

Cover art is Where's the Rum? by DocWario.

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I knew that piece of art would spawn a story eventually... But seriously, class act in hilarity!

I'm more surprised that no-one managed to write a story from that picture before I did. :rainbowlaugh: And thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Rush and Pony on!

Equestria has its own Waldorf and Statler I see.

Screening the crowd, Tempest spied a couple of old stallions who looked less than impressed sitting in the front row of seats.

One of the ponies decided to voice his displeasure, "Boy, those fireworks really brighten up the stage!"

The other replied, "Too bad they can't brighten up her act!"

Ecstatically, the pair laughed at their heckling, causing Trixie scowl in their direction. She rolled her eyes but continued on with the introduction.

This was a wonderfully hillarious and delightful story, which had only a single flaw.

Tempest ripped off the fake horn from her head and grabbed Pinkie in her magic field

Tempest can't grab anypony with her magic. Her broken horn renders it unstable, making it impossible for her to cast conventional spells, like telekinesis. It even says as much in every description of her bio Hasbro has put out.

Tempest is a unicorn from Equestria who has lost her way (and her magic)

There's a very real chance those electric shocks she dished out throughout the movie are her version of what normal ponies would do to use telekenesis, if the flashback in her song is any indicator.

Still, it's an ultimately small and inconsequential nitpick for an amazing story such as this, but I felt I should point it out anyways.

I read the title of this story, clicked it open, then googled the meme, I was gone for twenty full minutes before I remembered what I was doing beforehand.

friendship is a hellofadrug


I'm sure others figured the joke out.

For everyone else...

Considering that the show loves its references, and there's been opportunity before, I'm impressed they haven't done Statler and Waldorf themselves.


The power of the internet, no? :rainbowlaugh:


I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. And thanks for the feedback. This is probably why I should read bios, lol. I honestly felt that after years of practice, she would have been able to perform some normal abilities, but hey, so long as it's a minor issue, I'm happy with it.

Rush and Pony on!

After an abysmal year on my YouTube channel I could certainly go for some R.U.M to drown my sorrows right about now. And I get the added benefit of knowing that this R.U.M won't kill me via alcohol poisoning and thus I conclude this story a far better choice over any sort of alcoholic substance. Good story. And great cover art too. All four of them.

Only unicorns can turn evil because, let's face it, mud ponies and feather brains can't possibly overthrow anypony! They're pathetic and inferior! (Unicorn supremacy!)


Always Upvote Alondro

I like your story, we should talk more. I also love how you made Tempest's personality just like Rampages from Project horizons.

bit too thrown together for me

Thanks. I appreciate the kind words, and I'm glad that this helped cheer you up a bit. :twilghtsmile:



Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to read it anyway.

Rush and Pony on!

Thank you for writing this. Maybe I might base an animation on this story, if I had your permission to do so should I decide to go ahead with it.

Thing is I'd have few to no options in terms of voice actors...hmm...guess it could be a silent animation or something.

Sunset walking like a human in her pony form was super adorable. I always loved that she's the only pony who has permanently moved as a human to the point where she now fully transitioned her behavior to match.

Hey, if I helped inspire you to do something, go right ahead. Just PM me if you do make it. I'd love to see the finished product.

You know, I haven't even watched Mirror Magic yet. Yeah, I thought it was too good, and too cute, an opportunity to pass up. Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

She needs all the rum. And friendship ponies being worse and friendship than non-friendship ponies?

Gosh, imagine a crossover with those two! :rainbowlaugh:

Rush and Pony on!

I do Photoshop animations, and my method of animation is kind of slow, so it would take some time and it wouldn't look as great as what other animators could produce. It might not even be a long video. But yes! If I do go ahead with the idea, you'll be informed ASAP! Thank you very much! Perhaps not all was lost this year after all. Thank you tremendously.

No problem, man. :twilightsmile:

Rush and Pony on!

Hmm...I think I'll start planning out a little storyboard for the animation after I work on my small 'BUM' animation.

It's not what you think by the way. XD 'BUM' will be a pony parody of the Georgie scene from that 'IT' film. It's basically just gonna be a homeless guy instead of a creepy clown. Because homeless people can be scarier, and I happen to know someone who met a homeless person living in a sewer. Long story short the man died from rat bites.

Didn't this conversation take a dark turn suddenly? Ha ha ha. It IS nearing to Halloween after all. Okay I'll stop taking up space in your comment section. Check your Follower count because I'm giving you a !+. I hope to see more stuff out of you, mate. And a huge Happy Halloween to you and all of your followers and readers!

O when Sun's light submits to Moon's night
The monsters come out to scare and fright
And the people cry out their terrified screams
On this night, night of Halloween

I'm not trying to be weird, but...
Why is Sunset staring between her own legs in that picture?

If I were to balance myself on a chair, I would definitely stare down at myself. Just saying. :trixieshiftright:

8512192 Now I feel bad because I was sure I'd get tons of downvotes. :applecry:

Eh, IT isn't really my thing, hey, whatever floats your boat. And you're right: it's Halloween season. Perfect time to get dark and spooky. :moustache:

Well, and also if you've lived in the human world for a long time, you'd feel it was a novelty to have hooves, too, lol.

Rush and Pony on!

I'd love to see Twilight leave Tempest a bottle of rum in her room while she's sleeping.

Ah! You said the thing from the movie!

"They all FLOAT down here, Georgie! They all FLOAT!"

IT also isn't my thing either. But whatever. Happy Halloween.

Ah, Waldorf and Statler ponies. Now I want them in the show.

8514908 So AJ is almost done training to become Pony Saitama I see.

Huh... you would think Pinkie of all ponies would use Tempest's real name. Fizzlepop Berrytwist. Especially considering how excited she was when she learned it.

If only. If only.

Quite true. I suppose Pinkie could have called Tempest "Fizzy" instead, but eh, I like Pinkie calling her "Tempy," in all honesty. Maybe I just miss watching Bones. :pinkiecrazy:

Rush and Pony on!

Because she forgot how great it feels to have hooves again.

"Yeah, and how did you eat if everypony was really bad at baking?" another schoolpony asked.

They ate...poorly.

"Hey, kids!" Sunset began, a tad too hyper and condescending.

Wanna see a dead body? :ajsmug:

"You know, I don't know exactly how this happened, either." Starlight replied, scratching her muzzle in thought.

hah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t23YSJzMEpg

Poor Tempest! May 99 bottles of rum be in her future.

I know right? First thing I thought when reading the heckling was wondering why I’ve never encountered them in any fics before this one.

This was... bizarre.

Clearing her throat, the blue unicorn, Trixie, stood up on her seat and began, "The Great and Powerful Trixie needs no introduction, so she won't." With that, she sat down again, smirking.


"Oh, that," he laughed, completely ignoring Tempest's growing irritation. "You see, now that the Storm King, is, well, kaput, that kinda leaves you as, like, the ruler of his kingdom now."

It never occurred to me this is a possibility.
Neither did I see anyone else do it


Wanna see a dead body? :ajsmug:

Glancing between her fellow unicorns, Sunset finally said, "I didn't even know water could start a fire."

I see that Sunset hasn't read up on napalm, or Greek fire.
Napalm can burn on water.

I'm glad to see that you've been having a bit of fun with this. You may have predicted an eventual sequel, given that this was written in 2017 and that art piece from DocWario wasn't even out yet. :rainbowlaugh:

I look forward to a sequel with ice cream truck Tempest!:twilightsmile:

Well, I'll put my own spin on it, but yes, there will be an ice cream side hustle, and there will be more chaos as the girls from R.U.M. can only provide. :pinkiecrazy:

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