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This group is for alternate universe fanfics where characters play each others’ parts, while still remaining true to their own personalities. Feel free to discuss non-MLP roleswaps in the forums!

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Thank you very much!

442744 I set is as admin-only to stop people from adding non-entries before the contest began. I must've forgotten to change that...

I've added Seconds to Spare to the folder for you.

Whenever I try to add my story to the contest folder, it gives me a permissions error, and it doesn't show up in the story's add-to-group feature. Not sure if I'm doing it wrong lol

442705 That's because it's empty. It's a known issue on Fimfiction. People can still add stories to empty folders from the story's page.

Just so you know, there's no submission button for the June 2021 Contest folder.

442687 They're in the contest announcement posts.

What are the guidelines?

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