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Horrifically Fun


Twilight Sparkle invites a bunch of her friends over to a slumber party… No, not that group of friends… The ones who’ve maybe dabbled in some light conquering or wholesale destruction of planets.

Part of the MAD verse.

Thanks to Tired Old Man, Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolvefor their edits and suggestions and xxMarkingxx for the adorable picture!

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A great start to another fantastic story!


How about you don't tell others when and how to do their hobby?

Christ you're rude.

If he has time to make a new story he has time to finish one first.

Because that's not how writing and muses work? Be polite or keep it to yourself.

He doesn't owe you a damn thing, if he dropped the story tonight and said he wasn't continuing there's not a thing you could do.

Either be happy with what he puts out, or shut the hell up. I'm sick of seeing you yell at him.

You started with caps lock, yes you were. Sod. Off. With your needy self-righteous bs.

I was using it for emphasis. not to yell.

I'm afraid that's not how the writing process works. If it were just a matter of setting aside time so that I could churn out the story of my choice I'd have pretty much no "incomplete" stories. But even if I have a fairly good idea of what the next chapter or a completed story looks like I can't just conjure up a level of writing quality I hold myself to at will. I'm still invested in the fic in question, but yeah, asking for a new chapter, especially on a different fic entirely isn't likely to get me to shift focus. Knowing there is continual interest in something IS helpful, but you'd probably be better off asking me on my user page than piling comments onto things.

This looks lile it'll be a lot of fun. And I do love Sunset's nicknames for Templepop Berryshade.


Sunset shook her head. “Every day I’m not a pony I think at least once about how much easier my life would be if I could still levitate things…” Her eyes widened and unfocused, as if staring at something far, far in the distance. “Really… Every. Single. Day.”

"You look good on her, but you'd look amazing on me."
"Yeah, Twilight?"
"You're trying to seduce my geode again."
"I know. I want your power inside me."

Ok I understand its just hard for me to wait.

A single word capped is using emphasis, your ENTIRE SENTENCE capped is you screeching like a petulant child who hasn't gotten their candy bar from mummy. Stop arguing. Either apologize and stop hounding Justice or fuck off.

.....Read the comment below this one. also I'm not the one who's cursing so much.

That wasn't an apology, it was an excuse. But I hope you keep Justices response in mind rather than badgering him from here on out.

Aww, it was just getting to the good part.

LET'S GO! Another classic in the making. I love these Madverse stories way too much. I really can't wait for more. Keep up the amazing work.

Well over an hour later, it was complete and racing hearts and faces contorted in dead

Pretty sure that's supposed to say 'dread'.

This looks fun. Always happy for more of your writing.

Well played Tempest. Well played. Huh, I wonder if Spike's rampage will qualify for the evil story swappage. Anywho, favored and happily awaiting further writings and thanking muchly for such humor!

Edit: And yes, that picture is adorable!

This looks like fun. Let’s see where this goes!
:rainbowlaugh: Oh you. How do you come up with such gems?

Oooo, ebil pones and their ebil ways. Got to see this one to the end!

Sunset and her demandable alicorn strength

I was about to say that that was a typo, then I realized that no, it wasn't.

A good start, I look forward to more.

“I want a quesadilla!” Trixie exclaimed.

“You’ll get nachos and LIKE it!” Twilight snapped back angrily.

Nice reference

Hah if continues I hope spike would tell them what he did when his greed took over and like to see the reactions of everyone else besides twilight.

Y'know, for all her complaining about it, Twilight has the potential to be pretty evil herself if she's in the right mood. I reference Lesson Zero, where she mind controlled an entire town just to create a problem she could solve.

Actually, on that note, this'd be a wonderful time for Twilight to explain why she never used any of her-OP-please-Nerf-it-because-it's-god-tier-magic on Tempest.

Just add it to the growing number of plot holes the movie has...

i see that slice of life tag and wonder is this going to be random episodes of the girls or an over arching story of them just hanging...

i wouldn't mind either.

but no woona?


“It was a watch , ya numskull!” Order shook his head. “A good one, too! Yer never gonna find another timepiece with a minute hand, millennium hand, and eon hand!”

When they all meet, is it happy land?

Okay, this is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm so tracking this! :pinkiehappy:

I won't try to understand how this came to be, it'll do things to my mind.

*Looks at Tempest's pajamas* I didn't know there was an H.P. Lovecraft clothing line.

Twilight, Spike has more right to be at this slumber party they you do, having tried to destroy ponyville and all. I mean really all you did was cause a riot, the CMC have caused more property damage then you have.


Hey now, it's not the writer's fault so many details of the Storm War were redacted. They had to work with what was legal. National security doncha know... :trixieshiftright:

“Thank you for inviting me to this interdimensional slumber party, Twilight,” Trixie Lulamoon declared with a glare on her face as she stood next to a large black couch. A couch that was currently occupied by three ponies with three horns and two sets of wings amongst them. Trixie had aimed her glare at one of the ponies; one of the two ponies who selfishly had BOTH a horn and wings. A pony who simply returned the glower in kind.

To be fair, she didn't CHOOSE to become a Princess.

Discord regarded the odd ‘pillars’ for a moment. “Truth be told, they have a much smaller chance of exploding than most things I create.”

“That’s a pretty low bar…” Order quipped, his eyes narrowing further.

I was gonna say.

From her own extensive experience diffusing friendship problems, Sunset could tell this was a delicate situation that required plenty of care. So, she opted to stick out her tongue. “First come, first serve!” exclaimed as she made a ‘Shoo, shoo’ motion with her forehooves. “You’ll be fine on the floor. You’re a ‘laying on the floor’ kind of pony. It suits you.”


While my vengeance is not known to be swift, it is known to be overblown, very public, and quite possibly dangerous!

Not INcorrect.

“Perhaps in a nice, controlled setting,” Twilight answered. She leaned forward to catch Starlight’s eye. “Like a heart-to-heart with a guidance counselor.”


One or both managed to get Trixie to shut up.

Probably the latter.

Sunset’s smug smile only grew and she spoke up before Twilight could get in another word. “Okay, but we’re not outside, edgier and more adorable Rambo,” she answered, causing Starlight and Trixie to snicker.

With more electrocuting and less guns.

“Trixie needed more room for setting off fireworks and was showing Twilight her problem was an ‘easy fix’!”


Starlight spoke up, “Rainbow Dash has helped save Equestria a buncha times!” she informed helpfully electing a glare framed by a crinkled brow from Trixie. Starlight continued, “Oh… She’s also a Wonderbolt on top of that… So, there’s that…”

She has a point.

Trixie’s affront evaporated into a merry grin as she tittered out a pleased, “Yeah…”

Twilight let out a frustrated growl.


Sunset shook her head. “Every day I’m not a pony I think at least once about how much easier my life would be if I could still levitate things…” Her eyes widened and unfocused, as if staring at something far, far in the distance. “Really… Every. Single. Day.”


“C’mon, Twilight!” Spike replied. “After all the dangers I’ve faced with you and other things I’ve done, you really think a scary movie is a concern for me?!”

He has a point, he's dealt with seeing his LITERAL GREATEST FEAR courtesy of Sombra, a scary movie is nothing.

Spike looked over his shoulder and smirked before turning back to face the girls. “Are you kidding?” He pointed an index claw at Twilight. “Twilight can’t make it through a scary chapter of a book without her ‘cuddle dragon’, there’s no way she can sit through a movie without me.”


Moments later, Twilight’s pillow was gone, replaced with Spike who was currently being squeezed too tightly to utter an ‘I told you so’.

Love Spike, he's great.

“Horrors! Hah! Right!” Starlight chimed in. “I know I’ve caused a few,” she said with a dismissive wave of a forehoof.

She has caused an apocalyptic future where EVERYTHING IS DEAD.

“I want a quesadilla!” Trixie exclaimed.

“You’ll get nachos and LIKE it!” Twilight snapped back angrily.

I love how Trixie is just trolling Twilight day and night.

Most of them literally.

HAH, nice.

“She drank that massive soda and held it in for the entire movie out of spite…” Tempest chuckled to herself. “Or perhaps Sprite, even. That’s the kind of attitude I can get behind.”

I love puns.

Read it for the onesie, stayed for the Trixie shenanigans.

That's a powerfully cute cover.

“Hey!” Twilight snapped. “I have a strict ‘no blowing up parts of the castle to win arguments’ rule!”

Sunset and Tempest paused for a moment as they stared at Twilight, slowly they turned to look at Starlight expectantly.

Starlight: Oh, sure....Mention one little explosion and suddenly it must have been the crazy pony who did it. Bucking racists.

“Spike,” Twilight began in a chastising tone, “I told you that this movie was too scary for a baby dragon!”

Spike narrowed his eyes slightly and pointed to his wings with his thumb-claw.

Twilight rolled her eyes. “Well… early-pubescent dragon, I guess… maybe.”

“C’mon, Twilight!” Spike replied. “After all the dangers I’ve faced with you and other things I’ve done, you really think a scary movie is a concern for me?!”

“Spike, I said ‘no’!” Twilight countered in her best mom voice.

Spike sighed, stood up, and shrugged. “Fine, fine…” he replied as he turned and walked away.

Is it just me or was anyone else waiting for Spike to just turn back around and say this:

:moustache:: You know what, Twilight? Buck you. I had sex with Rarity multiple times and in multiple places. I think I’m more than old enough to watch a bucking horror movie with the rest of you girls. And if you don’t like that, then I got two words for you....” *Gestures to his crotch with his arms crossed in front of it* “Suck it!!!!”

But seriously, if the girls are going to be watching different genres of movies, please have them watch Deadpool for the comedy night.

Unlike Trixie I think Sunset might actually respect Tempest’s action. Or make go through the last 60 seconds or so of the wicker man. One of the two.

Ah, I get it. Tempest has PJ's with "open eyes". Funny :pinkiehappy:

While that did happen... it's not a sign of maturity to have had sex, it's a sign that Rarity's common sense fled the building and Twilight was too on edge at the time to do anything about it.

I'm not saying Rarity did anything illegal, because does Equestria even have laws for dragon pony relations? Probably not, I'm guessing that interaction usually ends with the dragon eating the pony in the nonsexual way. Spike is a special case, being more pony than dragon, but he's also less adult and more horny teenager. It not being illegal does not make what she did okay.

I will grant you though, your proposed response does make Spike sound like an entitled teen-ager, which is what he is physically by this point.

I saw sunset for the win follow by tempest then Trixie then ever liveing and non liveing thing in both world follow by starlight and if starlight has it her copy

That comment plus that picture... is just :fluttershysad:. Poor Luna, never gets invited to the slumber parties.

Luna is the slumber party. But yes, night shift workers get shafted for normal people get togethers

Given this is, like, the umpteenth time I nearly missed a Justice story, you've have thought I would have remembered that the follow button is a thing before now...

But then the TRUE world wreckers show up: fanfic writers! :fluttershbad:

It's all over, man! IT'S ALL OVER!!


I actually remembered to do it as I was typing that post.

just barely...


Well, it does come down to how old Spike is. I don’t think that they’ve ever really said what his age is, so I was going around the rough age of 16 or so. So, he is acting like a typical cocky teenager who brags about his conquest and thinks he’s more entitled than he actually is. I don’t know if it’s still the same, but when I was around that age, most guys liked to brag about who they had sex with. And I could see Spike still crowing about banging Rarity even now, regardless of whether she is still sleeping with him or not.

Plus.... I just wanted to throw that Degeneration X line in there.:rainbowlaugh:

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