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Watchin' fics. Mostly dark and/or sci-fi

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2359911 Ah. Good.

I do hope you enjoy my work, or, failing that, that you don't hesitate to tell me when it's all wrong. I didn't just rag on Trick's fic because of some personal vendetta or something; I hold things to standards, and don't pull punches.

So please. NEVER hesitate to tell me what you think. Even if it's just that it wasn't really your cup of tea.


I took a look at what you had. I'd already read several of them and found them good, if not quite favorite-worthy. Don't worry, this isn't just in response to your watch, though that/the comment definitely was the catalyst.

Please, please, darling.

Only follow if you actually read my stuff. I really would hate to clog up your feed with my guff if you don't want it.


Thanks for the recommendations! Having just now read Slingshot, I really liked it.

I have previously read Arrow 18 and found it fine, but a little undirected- more of a series of events than a story with a plot. Still good, but not quite a favorite.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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