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Tempest Shadow is still unsteady on her hooves, struggling with the decision she made to turn her back on the Storm King. She isn't sure where she fits in, in the bright and colorful world she left behind as a filly. All she can see is the weakness that peace and tranquility has bred into society, and when a new threat rises up, Tempest Shadow might be the only pony who's willing to face it down.

Written as a commission for Undome Tinwe

Thank you to all my readers, something something like and subscribe and patreon, something about eating food, self-deprecating joke about my sense of self-worth.

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Dammit I’m sitting in a Wendy’s right now, you can’t write things that are gonna make me burst out laughing in public like that!

I really like all the character interactions here. And I see that the No Offense treatment is a constant across dimensions.

While Celestia right, it’s also sensible to negotiate from a position of “We could destroy you but we really don’t want to. So let’s be reasonable and don't do anything that will make us.”

The lunacy progresses, the party assembles, we get a coherent explanation for Celestia and Twilight’s behavior...

I do have a major flaw in this plan. The base is full of soldiers. While they may be Caprans, and not fall under the letter of the ‘don’t hurt anypony’ clause, you’ll need a way for them to evacuate.

This was great! Loved it the whole way through. Also there’s no way that Euryale is dead or petrified, so...The Gorgon Strikes Back, maybe?

“Imagine a snake with the front half of a deer,” Tempest explained. “Bronze hooves and antlers, steel scales, incredibly strong and fast and able to breathe a gas that turns living things to stone.”

Ah, I see we're going with the D&D kind of gorgon, not the Greek one.

Nice, very nice. Eurale is wonderfully unpleasant, I hate competent enemies.

Trixie, appropriately, steals the show with her escape act.

I do hope they went back and picked up all the petrified Yetis to restore. Now they’re prisoners, basically, that means they need to be treated as such.

Meanwhile, Equestria could use a proper forward military base. One with proper high quality Earth pony contractors this time. Maybe even hire the yetis. In a non-combatant role unless they want to stay in the army.

You know, it occurs to me that the magic resistant armor the Yetis had could easily have been forged from Gorgon Scales. Good thing that this lot figured out how to work around it this time.

I like this adventuring party. I hope they get up to more nonsense and nation saving in the future.

I call it the Sun Crusher

Goddammit, I wasn't expecting this one.

Probably. It doesn't feel correct that a gorgon could be affected by their own petrifying breath. Or at least, it doesn't feel right that Euryale wouldn't have taken some sort of precaution.

More to the point though, I'm curious as to how Celestia and Luna are reacting to all of this, considering that their unwillingness to consider things from a point of view that contrasted with theirs would have ended with both of them petrified - again - and Equestria for sale to whomever had the cash for it - again! Maybe the real reason they're turning things over to Twilight and company is because they know that they're actually really, really bad at their jobs and they're trying to bail before people start to final notice.

I mean, if it hasn't already happened after a thousand some years, it probably won't, but you never know.

“Trixie already said she declared bankruptcy!” Trixie shouted. “That means Trixie doesn’t have to pay her bills!”

“First, that ain’t how bankruptcy works,” the voice said, from behind the wall of sharks. “Second, you didn’t declare nothing, you just yelled it real loud last time someone came to get the money you owe.

So basically this:

How much about Yang Wen-li should I know while reading this?

Loved it!

Getting the four unicorns of the Friendshippocalypse together like this is some of the most fun I get from this site. They are all such strong personalities and get to shine in their own ways. The Star Wars references sprinkled throughout just make it all the sweeter. Too bad Disney threw most of that out when they rebooted the franchise.

As always, good work!

Is this like "Battle Beyond the Stars" with the spaceship that looks like a huge pair of boobs and the snarky AI?


Roger Corman's greatest movie. :rainbowlaugh:

Fascinatingly, it also launched several major careers: James Cameron (hired for the effects work, which was praised despite the film's low budget, much of which went to hiring George Peppard and Robert Vaughn) and Bill Paxton (who was actually working on set as a carpenter!) and it was also acclaimed film composer James Horner's breakout production, followed immediately by his score for "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".

(HAVE ALL THE TRIVIA!!!) :pinkiecrazy:

“You spent so much time conquering cities that we only had a few nights to spend together.”

“How does that even work?” Trixie asked. “She’s really big, and a snake--”

Alondro saunters in, dressed in full pimp garb, "I could direct you to some examples on e621 if you'd li-"

Everyone, literally... everyone... "OH HELL NO!!!"

Alondro :<

That was a solid reference

The cover looks like a StarWarsPoster.
Can't wait for a magical story starting with the words "The Storm Kings TRADE FEDERATION........." XD

One pointed at the ponies with a spear and grunted something in their language, a beautiful and poetic statement somewhere between a war cry and a haiku which none of the ponies could appreciate at all.

"Behold: unicorns!
A group is called a blessing.
We shall be a curse."

In any case, a spectacular adventure of reformed friends. Adagio Brando, a fascinating design for local gorgons, and more Star Wars references than you can shake a stick at made for a fantastic read. (And hopefully this will encourage Equestria to be just a touch more proactive in self-defense. Double-tapping an enemy state doesn't count as unprovoked aggression, after all...) Thank you for this.

Haven't actually read it yet, but I have to give you some props for knowing about Euryale. *hands Golden Harvest plushie* Bonus points to anyone who can entangle the layers of that joke.

It's taking the nonhuman parts of the monster and putting something else in its place, which is also what they did with centaurs.


Are they going to need to worry about Medusa or Stheno coming for revenge?

Having Luna being the one to vouch that this previously evil pony is definitely being reformed and should live in luxury instead of serving prison time isn't the best optics for her.

9874284 A D&D Gorgon usually looks more like a metallic bull, as far as I remember. I think this description is from the Gorgon we see in S9.

IDW did a comics special called "The Nightmare Knights," where Luna puts together a group of reformed villains for a dangerous heist-style mission to help Equestria. It was pretty good, but this is better.


Maybe the real reason they're turning things over to Twilight and company is because they know that they're actually really, really bad at their jobs and they're trying to bail before people start to final notice.

What? No. That's ridiculous! Both Celestia and Luna are retiring because of the many, many years.... of work... they put in...

Man, Luna sits on a throne for like 5-6 years and retires? Is she a Chicago public servant?

“I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and their dog.”


Adagio stood up and stepped out of the booth, facing Tempest. “Oh? You’re approaching me? I thought you looked like another refugee from Equestria. So what are you going to do, come over here like one of those pathetic students at Canterlot High and try to hug me and make friends with me?”

“I can’t beat the stupid out of you without getting closer,” Tempest said.


Yeah, somebody's familiar with the good old pre-Disney expanded universe. I wholeheartedly approve.

Also, this story is great. Another well-executed action comedy misadventure. How are they gonna get out of this? And is Trixie okay? Time to find out.

That was really fun. Great story.

No matter where I got I cannot escape the Jo Jo, ....Trixie has a airship?


The D&D one came from medieval bestiaries (which Gygax was very fond of) which had a tendency to mix up various other creatures from Roman bestiaries, swapping names and descriptions around almost randomly. Sometimes called 'the African Gorgon', sometimes called a Catoblepas, etc.

However, this thing doesn't match the D&D Gorgon physically. The deer bit throws me. If it was a bull-snake like in S9 (which could be the Greek creature known as Ophiotaurus), I would be fine with it as I could see how you could get all the various depictions of Medusa and the Catoblepas mixed together to end up looking like the Ophiotaurus. But a deer? That's new. :)

You are certainly one of the most underrated authors on this site. That was a rip roaring good time. Bravo!!!

Actually, given the weapon of choice, there's a lot of EU-era SW references. I approve.

This was fun and the characters felt spot on. Thanks for the read.

"Non male," disse Sunset. “Mi piace l'aspetto del signore della guerra malvagio. Sembra che ti stia preparando a salire a bordo di una nave ribelle e chiedi che consegnino i piani rubati.

ahahhaah, what a funny reference!

Tempest and Starlight are off to do something impetuous, short sighted, ill thought out, and awesome, aren't they?

Yup, we have us a bad mares group of do gooders!

So, I'm assuming Sunset's whole method of bypassing that kind of security is by exploiting certain intrinsic flaws. Notably, eventually everything melts if you pour enough heat into it.

Trixie....... is never going to stop being Trixie, and that is why we love her. Yeah, she's going to be fine.

Also, this is why you bring the Ponies that have Orbital Friendship Cannon firing authority with you for these things

Okay, this was just.... insanely fun and.... yeah I could actually see these character doing most of this. What more is there to say? Loved it!

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