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astrolatry - the worship of stars


To assist her in her duties, Princess Celestia has the ancient bloodline of Inkwells; a role passed down through their family through generations, from mother to daughter, father to son.

And Princess Luna?

Luna has Sunset Shimmer.

Written for the Choices - Species Change Contest.

Special thanks to my lovely beta readers Sadie, Chloe, and Josie for helping me proofread this and beating my inner critic back with a stick. <3

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That cliffhanger leaves way too much room for a sequel. I have to see Luna's reaction to Sunset returning.

Sequel!!!!! I need it!!

Why do I have a sick feeling that while there was offer of redemption for a fallen Lady of the Night from the Elements of Harmony, for the demon who give her darnest to become something more than a raging bloodthirsty killing machine they give no chance.
Quite ironic and sad, considering her fierce loyalty and brutal honensty for those who showed her the way to become more wholesome and happy.

This definitely feels like it`s a cliffhanger to another good story, and when it comes to great stories with Sunset Shimmer then i can never get enough off of them. 👍

With the way Sunset disappeared at the time of NMM's banishment, I think she got the Siren treatment and got banished to the human world where her human form is close to her demon form, minus the claws, wings and black sclera if were going by canon Sunset's demon form.
I would wonder if Luna would feel the need to retrieve and dissuade her most loyal servant, or just like in canon, since the offense is against Twilight, it's her problem.
What's interesting here is Sunset's motivations aren't merely self-centered and a lust for power, but out of still steadfast loyalty to Luna.

Uhh any chance for a sequel for this?🙏🥰


Very interesting. I like the world building going on here. I do wonder where it all goes from here, especially the eventual reunion between Sunset and the Princesses (we all know it has to happen eventually).

Nice ending what the princesses will think when they find out about it! HAHA

An interesting start. Curious to see where this goes.

I have a feeling where this is all going and I really want to read to find out if I'm right. Call me intrigue. Also, I'm really upset at myself that I took this long to get to the story. You're writing structure flows very easily it's clean and should be complimented. Well done. To the next chapter!

Huh, surprisingly, that was not what I expected. I was anticipating Celestia balming Sunset for corrupting her sister and banishing her back to Tartarus. This would have been the ultimate betrayal and fulfillment of Sunset’s expectations that betrayal was inevitable even for ever patient Celestia. Then, we would cut to after Luna's return and to find that Demon Shimmer was Queen of Hell instead of through the mirror.

Still, I enjoyed this.

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