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Knight Light


The wedding was a disaster, Twilight abandoned by her friends and family alike during it yet expected to get things fixed up after the defeat of the changelings, it is understandable that she is upset. Trying to clear her mind she takes a walk and comes across a normally guarded corridor, though is left unguarded due to the recent crisis causing her to investigate. It isn't to get out of worrying about a wedding she isn't invited to, not at all.

She finds the portal mirror and enters it to explore it, her anger at the others encouraging her to skip any safety precautions. Unfortunately, she ends up trapped on the other side on the run from people trying to catch her. That is until one girl finds her, a girl willing to believe her story and offers to help. A girl with a much more painful past who is still working on her own issues. A girl who goes by the name of Sunset Shimmer.

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April 25, 2016
April 26, 2016
A big thanks to everyone who made this possible! :heart:

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Obligatory musical reference go!

I'm thinking sibling relationship, personally.

Since when does Sunset the motherly type? Is it a fanon thing when she addresses someone as "honey"?

Are we going to see everyone's reaction when they see that twilight is not there?

My money's on a sisterly relationship.

Romance relationship, just love sunlight storys

I vote romantic relationship, but sisterly relationship is fine too. Not sure I can see Sunset as motherly towards Twilight, though this Sunset already sounds different from the one we see in EQ1. Looking forward to seeing how they react to each other, as well as how Sunset is at this point in life. Not to mention Twilight's issues with her friends and mentor at the moment. At least Twilight's not an alicorn princess yet, so that's one less thing to anger Sunset.

i feel there should be romance but its your story.nice start im folowing it

the story rock please keep up the awesome work please and see u later onto ch2

What the...I don't get it. Is Sunset already reformed in this?

7157321 lol I have to say I love that song.

7157392 I really do like the sibling relationship idea.

7157414 Thanks.

7157471 For my story it is, Sunset has reasons to act partially motherly at least.

7157506 Yes, yes we are. Might be chapter 2 or 3.

7157601 Very likely at this point.

7157723 I do to, but I'm kind of leaning away from SunLight in this story unless it ends up being SciTwi and Sunset.

7157868 At this point of time, it is looking more like sisterly. There will be a few moments between Sunset and Twi that may look more parental in tone, but in the end they are the same age, or close to it in this story so will likely form a sisterly bond. I'm sorry to those who may be hoping for a Sunset x boy pairing in this story as she has issues against that. She hasn't even dated Flash in this story.

7157983 Now that is a possibility.

7158061 There is a possibility for romance, just not for awhile and more likely between Sunset and somebody else.

7158327 Thanks, I'll try to get chapter 2 done ASAP.

Wow so many comments and likes in one night, thank you everyone! :raritystarry:

7158353 She's pretty much reformed in this story. Does that mean shes friends with everyone at CHS? Nope, not by a long shot. She's just not being a bully any longer though she isn't making a big push to make friends there either as she doesn't want to get close to them really at this point in time.

7158397 So...she's Twilight at the start of the show? Isn't this set after the season 2 finale? Or is this part of it just being AU?

Well, siblings work far better for them, IMHO, and given that people are asking on a maternal role, well, as an older sister figure, Sunset's bound to act like that one in a while, especially when looking out for her "kid sister".

The question there is what's the age difference between the two (real and implied as humans).

7158413 It is set after the wedding in Season 2 and Twilight may or may not have an easier time making friends. It's Sunset who doesn't want anyone close to her as she has reasons and issues both so pushes people at school away usually until recently, though she isn't making many big moves to make friends.

7158420 For this story they are pretty much the same age, though Sunset may be a bit older. Sunset though will have been through some rough times though which makes her more mature and a reason to have a maternal side. There's a few scenes I have in my head such as the one in the picture that would showcase it, such as Sunset being proud of Twilight's progress in learning to be human. Even still, with their ages I think a sibling relationship would be the more likely one to form and will probably be the one to form in the story. And there will be plenty of chances of protective older sister Sunset to shine through.

7158456 Oh...hmm...okay. I feel like that wasn't established but okay...hmmm...I'll track this for now, see where this goes.

7158501 Sorry, more will be shown to help establish that in the next few chapters. Hope you like what's to come.

What would be cool is them having a romantic relationship.

Great start. I can't wait to read more. :heart::derpytongue2::heart:
How long till the portal opens again? couple months? years? and how are the others reactiong?

great opening chapter, i am looking forward to more!

Woah what... look I don't mind AU's, but considering you're starting off with a Bad Celestia and terrible EoH off the bat, some context later would be nice. Also, why iss Twilight running from guards? Why are there guards? There essentially are some gaps in this story that dialogue mentions but arent shown and therefore I am very lost.

THere's also the whole thing about Sunset who is apparently good now? Require more explanation...

7158560 Sorry, it will likely be sibling though there is always SciTwi though that may not happen either, not too sure yet about it yet.

7158595 It will open again in about 2 and a half years normally, though Celestia is and has been working on trying to find a way to open sooner. The others feel like crap and they will have some scenes sometime in the next few chapters.

7158675 Thanks, hopefully I will have another chapter tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

7158933 Sunset has had a completely different life than in canon though Twilight's has been the same up until now. I will sat Twilight was alone on for at least a few days to a week and is running because she was trying to find out how to get back through the closed portal and trying to explain to the police and ask for help getting equipment to study the statue. She is only mistaking the police as guards, there are no royal guards. And the reason she is on the run is because the ones she was talking to didn't try to hide the fact that they thought she was crazy and more or less said she was probably going to be locked away in the nuthouse. All Twilight heard though was locked away. It was pure luck she got away.

Yes! I've been waiting for a story like this for so long! Please, post more chapters soon :twilightsmile:

7159047 I'm aiming to have another chapter done tonight or tomorrow. Hope you like where it goes.

Wait no allowed to attend, did shinign froget to reinstate her as best mare or soemthing?

7159007 Would really have been nice if you would have indicated the time spent.. or better yet, shown a bit of it :P But i see what you were aimig for.

7159159 He wants her there, but after all the excitement he hasn't come out and said it yet though he will remember too a bit too late, the same for all of the apologies. Twilight just still believes he doesn't.

not sure on a few things here. I think the timeskip was a bad move. I rather see Twilight got through all the crap before meeting Sunset.

I can see shining blaming himself, Candace outrage. And shock from the others turning into hate for each other.

With the unstableness of the friendship between rarity and applejack are likely to snap

7159209 Don't worry, things will be shown next chapter.

7159211 Going to be a lot of anger brewing between them pretty much driving a wedge into their friendship.

7159230 Thanks, I want to have the next chapter done by tonight hopefully.

7159054 Well, there is only one way to find that out! :pinkiehappy:

This sounds pretty good so far, I can't wait for more. I would love to see Pony Twilight and Sunset in a relationship. That's up to you.

7159425 Thanks, though sorry, they may not end up being in a romantic relationship. Things change though so who knows. Still, there is always SciTwi. :twilightsmile:

Only for twilight to fix it if she even wants too.

7159672 I'm not too sure if Twilight will want to fix it. Then again, she is still Twilight so may want to do something even if they lost her trust.

This sounds amazing. Since you are going with sisterly bond thats fine. I am a big Sunlight fan,so sisterly is kind of te same... As long as Twilight dose not end up with Brad Flash. I do not hate him it just his is one note, and his only reason ro exsist is to crush on Twilight.

Keep up the good work. Five :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: out of :yay:

Amazing job! I gonna love to see how this story will develop in future chapters.

Good thing Sunset's there for Twilight or else she would be in the loony bin for her entire life.

Great concept but execution is really hurting.

I know you want Twilight trapped here. But a better way then having the portal close DURING THE DAY have her fainted longer and taken to a clinic or the schools nurses office and have her delayed till it's night and the portal closes.

7159823 I'm not sure who Twilight may get paired with, if anyone, of if something may happen between her and Sunset way later but happy you like the sibling angle since it will be that was most likely. Flash, I'm not too sure if he will make it in this story yet though I did debate having some flirting between him and Twilight which I'm pretty sure won't happen since I changed the route the story is going to take from my original plans. It will pretty much center on Twilight and Sunset as well as maybe making friends with CHS though that is left to be seen.

7160012 Thanks, I'll be working on chapter 3 over the next day or two and the fourth one likely near the beginning of the week.

7160097 Yeah, Sunset saved Twilight from a lot of possible bad things which is good. It's also good that Sunset has been changing otherwise the old her may not have even cared and left Twilight to whatever her fate would have been.

7160186 Well, glad you like the concept. It was night/dark out when Twilight came through the portal though. The students thought she was just catching a nap when they came in the next morning and ignored her since it wouldn't be the first time it happened. Twilight pretty much spent the night under the statue.

7160276 In chapter 1 it says:

“AAHHHHHHHHHHH!” The scream rang out through the night before Twilight fainted in shock from both the trip through the mirror and finding herself in an unfamiliar body.

And in chapter 2 it has her waking up with the students going around her into the school. I kind of thought it was pretty clear with that. How would I make it more clear?

Well this is interesting, i would say either Romantic or Sisterly relationship :twilightsmile:, either way is fine as long as there is no parings with flash :pinkiesick:.

quick edit, it seems that i put for instead of or, sorry about that :twilightblush:

7160294 Thanks and it will likely be sisterly, though there is no guarantees that something might pop up later. Still, if it does it will more likely be between SciTwi and Sunset. Don't worry, there won't be any FlashLight in this one.

7160276 You know, I read over my last reply and I admit it loos like I'm coming off as a bitch. Not my intention, I was really asking how to make it more clear not trying to be an ass about it.

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