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Sometimes Dad can be gone for a while when he goes on one of his research trips. But sometimes he brings back something special. Today he brings back a strange statue of a pegasus frozen in fright.

Written for the 2022 May Pairings Contest.

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Cozy is wonderful. She's sweet and kind and she's smart , too. Really smart.

and maniplutive, EVIL🤨

No rest for the wicked eh? Wonder how Cozy would integrate with the earth ponies once she gets convinced to leave the house.

I love this. While ideally, Twilight would be the one to try to reform Cozy Glow (instead of giving up on her), it's nice that her spiritual successor would give it a shot. With the power of love, no less. Even aside of that, it's interesting to think how Cozy would have fared in the future of Gen 5. I hope some day you might decide to write a sequel for this. I will certainly follow you from now on. :)

Great use of the phrase! (Of course cage the elephants Beck-tastic song comes to mind!)




This story is so perfect, made me feel so good, words can't even begin to describe it...

Absolutely amazing. Just amazing! Loved it from beginning to end. The emotions, the sadness that Sunny felt when her father disappeared (got a few tears out), and then her happiness with Cozy. And then Cozy herself finally accepting the friendship she rejected for so long for Sunny.

It's still the same Cozy from before, trying to isolate Sunny initially from Hitch and Sprout. But then coming to accept Hitch, and then trying to cheer up Sunny even though it's likely she never done something like that.

Real shame there probably won't be a sequel to this, because the potential conflict for when Izzy shows up and tries to become Sunny's Best Friend along the whole adventure. Because perhaps some of Cozy's old habits for power are hard to get rid of, but for Sunny's sake, would try to hold back.

Either way, great story.

This NEEDS a sequel. We need to see how Cozy's presence affects the events of the movie. Will Sunny's invasion of Canterlogic and subsequent speech actually work if Cozy writes the right manipulative words for her to say and sway the crowd?
"Do you all really trust the head of this company? The one who uses the Pegasi and Unicorns to take your money. Every night she laughs at you and your fears, counting your money, making fun of you! She doesnt care about you. All this tech is juat cheaply made junk she's tricking you into buying. Surely your smarter than that? You aren't goung to let her manipulate you into giving up allllllllll of your money, are you."
I mean, if Sprout can brainwash everypony in a single musical number, I'm sure Cozy and Sunny could get everypony to tear down Canterlogic right then and there with the right words. Then, maybe it will be Sprout, Hitch, and Izzy who go in the journey after Sunny and Cozy take over Maretime Bay.

Wow. Just wow. This was absolutely beautiful, and there's nothing more I can really say that the judges didn't already day, so I'll just say congratulations again and thank you for writing such an amazing fic for this contest.

wow, she didn't even have to try

This was really well done, and one of the most fascinating versions of a Cozy Glow reformation that I've seen. It was great seeing her and Sunny bond and the role Cozy played throughout her life. I appreciated that you didn't have Cozy try something overtly evil, yet still didn't have Sunny completely ignorant to her true nature.

Hey, do you ever think of making a continuation of this story? Because I think a lot of people would love it!

It was a good story, until romance entered the picture.
It went kinda "eh" after that.
I still liked the premise and the story overall.
I stayed worried for Sunny, thinking that Cozy was going to manipulate her and screw her over somehow, but fortunately, Cozy didn't do anything significantly bad to Sunny.

I now hope that Cozy's statue shows up in a corner somewhere in a G5 episode.
No special attention given to her. She's just an antique serving as room decoration in a corner.
Maybe she's used as a hat rack, or a character sets their drink on her head.
Maybe she's notable since she feels body temperature warm, but no one dwells on it.
Throughout the series, no one ever knows who she is.

Hello! Have a review. This one really caught me and didn't really let go, apart perhaps from the very end when the romance was a tad predictable, if maybe inevitable given what the fic was written for. I loved how you wrote both principal characters, and Argyle's supporting role was very nice as well. As I said in the review, delightful. Have a like and a favourite!

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