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This is a one-off story to my main series Reformed Unicorn Group Podcast

The RUG decides to give streaming a live lunch at Twilight's favourite place to eat a go, ready to try something new for their fans and followers from their podcast series. However, this will be a meal no pony would be expecting.

Inspired by the artwork RUG IRL Stream by Doodle-Mark on DeviantArt.

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I should be working... :facehoof:

“And I will have a berry twist special,” Tempest nodded.

Of course she would.

"Can we have dessert?"

dang now I'm hungry

Meanwhile, I'm actually having fruit XD

Thank goodness I was eating breakfast when I read this, otherwise I would be very hungry
And good on Sunset for being brave enough to admit that as a human she's eaten meat, she likes it and is willing to try it as a pony. And yay, friendship lesson :twilightsmile:
Good story

Thank you for the compliment ^^

Wow I wasn't expecting the story nice to see you even though it's a spin off but hey pretty cool and it looks like r u g are doing a little bit live streaming by the technology is getting much better I mean look at the technology in the My Little Pony new generation although it was pretty funny to see the reaction that Sunset it's asking for meat anyway that was a pretty fun one keep up the good work

"And looks like Rainbow has sent several angry faces..." Tempest trailed off, "I wonder why?" She asked herself. Trixie and Starlight gave each other knowing looks.

Rainbow seriously needs help because it seems like she is an alcoholic at time.

Nice story! Very entertaining!

"Can we have dessert?"

Who was asking for desert?! 😂

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