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This is a show separate from Good Morning Equestria
Inspired by the fanart: RUG Podcast
By Doodle-Mark

Four former villains decide to set up a new show for all the listeners to rival Pinkie Pie's shenanigans. Hopefully this show in the afternoons will be fun and have less chaos in. Right? They also talk to former villains and reformed creatures on their show and see where they are now.

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Yes, more Tempest and Sunset!!

Great start with this!

"I'm here, taking time from my counselling at the School of Friendship, giving you advice to all of you across Equestria!"

I do believe it's "counseling" with one "L" and the two "you"s in this sentence seem kind of redundant.

Otherwise, quirky idea, I like it!

"I don't what would be better sometimes," Rainbow Dash groaned, "Trixie's spell or the Poison Joke."

Did you mean "I don't know what would be better sometimes"?

This looks interesting. I'm guessing there will be chapters with listeners asking the ex-villains questions. I wonder what they would ask Sunset. No one knows about the human world or her being a former student of Celestia.

Someone beat me to it :rainbowlaugh: probably for the best since I have other proyects taking my tiem. Let's how this plays out :pinkiehappy:

So it looks like Trixie also got the idea to have her own radio station just like Pinkie Pie so she asked Starlight glimmer to join with her alongside with Sunset Shimmer which apparently connected to the human world which that's a pretty interesting and it looks like they got fizzle Pop berry twist to join in this should be very interesting to see and I wonder what they're going to talk about and probably asking the ones who actually was bad to talk about their past life like glida garble or Pharynx well can't wait to see how that works out

You also said you deleted Pinkie's mouth," Starlight lightly joked, "You may want to teach me that spell."

Lol I'm sure a lot of people will love to learn that spell

Well I am actually really glad they're learning from their mistakes after doing all this it takes a long time to get there but it was worth it in the end

Aww that's actually sweet having them hug each other to knowing that they're not alone about the past fear and it was all so funny to Trixie failing so badly lol but I wonder if they're going to have any special guess like any Redemption characters are characters who have bad reputation guess we'll find out next time

This is so cute! I love the concept, and best of all, more Tempest and Trixie!

To be fair, in Sunset's world it might not go as badly considering it would be seen as fiction over there

You wrote Stygian really well

I think you do a good job writing the characters.

“I even read your friends’ Friendship Journal,” Stygian turned to Starlight, who froze in her seat. Not that cursed book of misery.
“Your friends’ accomplishments could rival the Pillars themselves. They are truly spectacular in their own way!” Stygian hugged his copy of the Journal of Friendship. Starlight just breathed a sigh of relief.
“I may take a copy of the Friendship Journal to my world if that’s okay? If a former villain think it’s good, why not?”
“No!” Starlight hugged Sunset’s face, “By Celestia, do not put that Journal into your world! Think of what your counterparts would do to that thing?!” Starlight begged.

Okay I thought the Friendship Journal just like any other fandom people take things way too serious and way too far when it comes to stories like that and sometimes it gets very toxic but there is fandoms who doesn't take it too hard core and just basically liking the show what it is yes unfortunately they're always going to be a couple of people who will agreed and disagreed about some things that's how opinions work

It's cool to see stygian how's he been doing and everything and it's pretty cool he says it because everybody has their own Shadows or dark side of whatever but we just can't give in to it we just had to move on and push on to the better future so I think that's pretty cool and yes despite the friendship Journal sort of cause a ruckus and the fandom and basically it's kind of like a a metaphor of the show can be a mix feelings but everybody has their own opinions so I wonder what else are they going to talk about and who else is going to be there special guests for their Redemption stories I guess we'll find out next time

This is a clever idea, and I'll probably follow it, but please do me a favor so you can make it more readable— separate different speakers' dialogues with full breaks:

"It's good we have so many friends to help us back on track," Starlight thought.

"Indeed we do," Tempest said.

"And I helped someone else as well with their mistakes and I've made more friends in my world as well," Sunset smiled.

"We all have," Starlight answered.

"Well, that's all we have time for this afternoon," Sunset answered to their listeners, "Have a great day and always lend a hoof to those who have lost their way."

At first I had a wild idea that Twilight was going to mass buy the journal to distribute in the human world.

Whats the problem with the friendship journal again? I forgot

I believe it was when multiple copies of the friendship books were sold to all of Equestria then Twilight realized it was a bad idea to do that.

Stygian took a deep breath and said, “No matter how sunny the day may be, or how bright we feel, a shadow is cast behind us and follows our very step. No matter where we turn, or even when it gets dark, we have our shadows. My shadow was my past anger, and anger is always the shortest distance to a mistake. It took hold when the Pillars abandoned me, thinking I was trying to match their power. I just wanted to respect and grew in resentment. I became the very worst of myself that forced me and the Pillars into limbo.”

Remove the closing speechmarks.

This is an adorable idea. More, please.

"Hands...Beautiful, precious hands," Lyra said slowly, "I must know their secrets. Secrets that could shape the understanding of biology. No more having to rely on slippy hooves and levitation. No more struggling to hold a teacup by the handle. The joy of having such strange appendages at the end of a foreleg." Lyra gave a grin of pleasure.

Of course Lyra would be so exciting to see human lol 😅

Wow it appears that sunset tells about her life in the human world which it was pretty interesting topic but hey its pretty cool and yeah Lyra was excited to hear this lol

There we go, dialogue break spaces were perfect. :twilightsmile:

You really ought to get an editor, though...


Thank you so much for the supporting comment :twilightblush:

the image reminds of the "I got sense/friendship beaten into me by Naruto Club"

Trixie, starlight, sunset, tempest and Sombra what’s the first thing that they do and they become evil in slave everyone around them All four of them share the same trait being unicorns and what’s the first thing that the colonist do when they go to a new country they in slave everyone around them
Coincidence I think not he he he

Cooking with glida that's pretty cool and it's pretty interesting looking back at your past histories how much you change after their second visit and I'm kind of glad that she changed after Rainbow dash and Pinkie Pie came so I wonder who's going to be next for the special guests or what kind of topic are they going to talk about guess we'll find out next time

There was a missed pun opportunity in Griffinscones.

Ok, now you have to get Ember in the show.

Ooh, yess, Ember should go on the show!! Also, Pharynx is technically a reformed baddie too...though I bet the real reason Thorax came on the show first is because Phar refused

"It was a bit of a bumpy started," Thorax nervously laughed, "Some things were new and all. We tried Twilight's guide to celebrating Hearth's Warming Eve for example. We may have taken the list a bit too literally there,"

Oh yeah I remember Ocellus explain how you guys celebrate your hearths warming eve lol and to be honest it was cute and it brought me a good laugh on that

"Don't remind me," Starlight groaned, "I mean, how in the name and Celestia do me and Twilight look alike?"

I feel like the writer is called out about how the fan down point out that Twilight and starlight almost look alike just a hairstyle is different but still not really I don't see it still

Well it's really nice to hear thorax talked about his experience throughout his years up to this point and I do like how his friendship with ember is pretty solid speaking of her is she going to make her appearances on good morning Equestria or the r.u.g even though technically she was in the bad guy in the first place that honor goes to garble but he did change in season 9 so I'll give him that but anyway either her or garble can't wait to see how that works out

I finally took the time to read this story, and it is great!

I hope Ember gets a turn on the show next!

Thank you so much and I'm glad you're liking it so far :twilightsheepish:

This made me so happy :rainbowkiss: Ember and Tempest seem like workout buddies, the kind that encourage each other but at the same time give light jabs every now and then. Ember's reactions to the other three were also hilarious to read as well

All in all, great chapter!

Both were practically face to face at this point. Starlight turned to Trixie with a pleading face, but somehow Trixie got out a bag of popcorn, observing the spectacle with satisfaction. Starlight facehoofed. However, the two suddenly burst out into laughter.

I kinda saw that coming, but that doesn't diminish how funny it is.

That was pretty intense with ember and fizzlepop Berrytwist almost get into a brawl but they actually respect each other especially their strength and stuff so yeah they hit it off pretty well and yeah dragons did came pretty far speaking of dragon I wonder if garble will be there?

"A true magician never reveals her secrets. Wink,"

Heh, nice reference with the spoken 'wink' that Trixie used in that Vice Headmare episode.

Haha nice nod to the comics (they never did finish that game of chess, did they?) :rainbowlaugh:

Celestia gave the radio a hot glare that could melt metal with her solar flares. Somepony is getting extra paperwork this evening.

"My sister also dreams of such desserts in her dreams," Luna continued, "I once peered into my dear sister's fantasies, and it was enough to make me horribly sick with how sugary her dream was. I can say it could rival even Pinkie Pie's sugary fantasies."

"Actually," Celestia said with a sigh, "Paperwork isn't going to be enough for this."

Oh Luna is so going to get it.

Oh wow it's really awesome to hear Princess Luna one of my favorite princess and something tells me for the celestia whenever going to live this down lol

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