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I'm not the greatest writer, but specialising on short and simple stories of cute ponies from MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK.


Inspired by the artwork The Pink One Had Many
By artist Littleivy25

It's Nightmare Night and Fluttershy wants nothing to do with it. She has a quiet spot under the bed ready and she just wants to crawl under it and read with her critter friends. Unfortunately, some pony in the middle of the night has a surprise in store for her.

A One-off quick idea that came to me, looking at art on my DA account.

Thank you once again to StraightToThePointStudio for an amazing reading
Blame the Pink One by StraightToThePointStudio

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“Indeed! Pinkie Pie graciously offered me one of her costumes for me to lend. We were most surprised that she managed to find one to fit us! Is it a glorious sight to behold?” Luna looked down at the meek pegasus with a broad smile. Fluttershy, however, was unable to respond.

Oh yeah I remember that Pinkie Pie has a couple of Disguise costumes of her friends back in the Crystal Empire that was so unexpected and funny at the same time

“We will never invest in a costume from the pink one again… Where did she even get them from?”

We asked about that a long time ago but sometimes it's best not to ask 😅

Wow that was pretty random but pretty funny I will admitted so it looks like Nightmare Night is here once again and Fluttershy really came prepared this time after scare master but what she's was not prepared is Princess Luna just up as her and she got it from Pinkie Pie because of course she has them but this was pretty funny keep up the good work

LOL. This was a great and funny story! :rainbowlaugh:

This would be better if the story image didn't give the twist away.

Thank you for your view. With it being based on the artwork I saw for inspiration, I thought to myself it was pretty obvious who Luna was talking about. :twilightblush: Most of my inspiration comes from the artwork I see and it was really just something simple as a one-shot I wanted to have a go for some fun

Fluttershy is the scariest monster of all, truly.

Across the multiverse, I've seen her be a vampire, the Mane-iac, a dragon slayer, a Smooze cult leader, the creator of the Megaspells that burnt the world with balefire, a manipulator who uses her Stare for evil, a horrible bully, and the owner of the most heart-crushing pout. And her personal Doombunny is a cherry on top.

Fuzzy Legs used his webs to close the windows

Spiderman-style, I would assume.

"We were most surprised that she managed to find one to fit us!"

I'm not--Pinkie has probably always had at least one somewhere on hoof for years. In case of princess emergency. :raritywink:

Now we need a story where everyone is having fits because Luna's wearing a costume of Pinkie with her horn still showing

Pretty good silly story.

But what could've made it better was Luna trying to imitate Flutters and Flutters briefly gaining consciousness to admonish Luna on her poor impersonation before passing out again.

Okay, but,

Hugs and the City

I never thought a title such as this could sound so wholesome.

Is Luna waring a costume of Fluttershy?

i love that bit of business where Fluttershy scampers back from the costume on the ground.

He may be strict and rude sometimes, but there was nothing he will do to help his friend.

You somehow spoke the truth! :rainbowlaugh:

Great little story, liked and faved. :yay::heart:

Glad you like it and thank you :pinkiehappy:

hmm, I wonder how often Pinkie masquerades as her friends to need so many disguises?

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