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Everyone knows Fluttershy, the little timid cream-coated Pegasus you see running from almost anything. A pretty harmless pony in anyone's eyes, right? But that's not the case. Fluttershy has a favorite pastime that she keeps hidden from the world. Something that completely contradicts her personality. Something that all of the ponies on the internet fear and hate. But she isn't all that bad, is she? Guys?

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OH NO REALLY?! You didn't notice? I always knew. :trollestia:

This was a great story, had me laughing loads :rainbowlaugh:

This story... is so full of win that a black hole would overflow. 19 Trollestia's for you!



Fluttertroll is best troll. BTW, dat ending.

I think I just got trolled.:applejackunsure:

I should just start calling her Trollershy then. You win dear Author, you win.

What! 9000!
Best thing ever.

Keep on Troll'en baby. You know what time it is. :yay:

"The _____ has been doubled."
It can be attributed to a lot of things, but the first time I heard the phrase came from Rameses II in the '90s movie The Prince of Egypt.

"Tell your people that as of today your workload has been doubled... thanks to you."
- Rameses to Moses, on the day of his return to Egypt.

Anyway, on to the story!


COMING SOON: Fluttertroll in Troll Hard 2: Troll Harder.
That was funny.


I'm confused... isn't there suppose to be a Derpy sighting somewhere?
I didn't see any place where she popped up?
Why you no Derpy?

Funny. I doubted this for a second, thinking this would be kind of stupid, but not entirely. The fact internet exists in Equestria is so far impossible, but I'm ignoring that simply for the fact that I liked this enough. Fluttershy as a troll is pretty damn funny, even the part you mixed in at the end of the flashback with Discord.

Just one thing, merely a nitpick: you must have usde the trem "grin smugly" or "smug grin" several times, which I wouldn't have minded maybe twice, but several times? Better adjectives could have been used, but that's my only problem. Otherwise, have two mustaches of approval of decency (or at least...that's what they are in my book!)


What... did I just read? :applejackconfused:

I'm pretty sure there's some kind of joke hidden in that link.

Yeah, my expanded vocabulary could not find any words that could replace her smug grin, to be completely honest. Maybe....jackass smile? I dunno, smug fits the cover image perfectly. But this wasn't a troll-fic on my end, it was literally just a fic with Fluttershy as a troll.


I was going to actually make a website called "Thisisafakelink.com/ifyoucopyandpastethisyouareanidiot"

But I got lazy, plus that domain name was already taken. So...it would've been hilarious if I did though, because it would link to a website with a troll face.

1024860 HEY! That was my idea. The Troll face part at least.

Wait, was this secretly a trollfic? :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:


Great story! Very entertaining! Flutters hasn't taken the real challenge, though. Can she out-troll Celestia? :trollestia:

Whenever it switched to one of the other mane six's homes I heard the Law and Order "DUN DUN!!!"

Is that supposed to happen? :rainbowhuh:

Also, hilarious story btw :raritywink:

Fluttertroll's Comment: lol ur fat

Poor Twilight, failing to understand that banhammers are but a temporarily solution.

Trollzorz art stupid lul, I always get called a troll.... but i'm being serious!

Awesome work! Had me giggling:rainbowwild:

nooo runnnn :pinkiegasp::fluttershysad:

Actually, in some twisted way, it kindof made sense.

Lol I love the Dragon Ball Z Reference. And everything else:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Quill Plus Ink deleted Apr 6th, 2013

... Fluttershy, if you are responsible for turning luna into Nightmare Moon AGAIN, you're going to be on your own this time.

Speaking of 9000 references!

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