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This story is a sequel to The Witch of Canterlot

Queen Chrysalis is the most perfect, brilliant, intelligent foe Equestria has ever faced, and in just a few days she's going to unleash her plan to conquer Canterlot, and then Equestria, once and for all. At this late stage, nothing can stop her! She can just sit back and enjoy herself until the moment comes to drop the hammer.

Sunset Shimmer isn't perfect, but she's had once heck of a time in Saddle Arabia and can't wait to tell Princess Cadance all about it!

They'll get along like a house on fire.

A one-shot sequel to The Witch of Canterlot.

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... finally, someone noticed that problem.


Oh man, that was hilarious. And completely correct.

Chrysalis is not exactly the best actor, and her plan already relies too much in everyone being too busy/unprepared to notice anything before it unravels. Having a cranky, paranoid Sunset who has JUST come back from a cloak and dagger fiasco would make detecting Chrysalis a really brief event.

Sunset Shimmer manages to worm her way into everything. It was well-written. Thumbs up.

What happens if you do?

Delightful. An amusing comedic counterpart to the interludes in Witch of Canterlot. Always nice to see more of Sunset's antics in the capital.

This was the best vision of the wedding ever.

One of those "going purely off the title, which sparked my brain vomit a bit" things: not inviting a witch to your wedding can be much worse. Just ask Princess Aurora, now that she's awake again after a few centuries.

I love how Sunset's first instinct is to throw a book a5 Celestia to see her magic color.

I love the implication that this chase somehow managed to go from Cadence’s room to the Crystal Caverns, to Celestia’s office, all without managing to draw Celestia’s notice.

That wasn't a Witch, that was a High-borne Unseelie... and she even gave the King an opportunity to fix the slight by saying the the messenger must have "gotten lost"...

P.S. I love Mab's court!

Well, I did indeed find it fun. :D
Thanks for writing. :)

Which sunset is probably my favorite AU I've read on this site.

You have no idea how elatining it is to see a new story in Witch Sunset universe... And saddening when it was just a one-shot instead of the third installment epic.

Sure, it's still wonderfully silly and an earned fave, but we want mooooore :raritydespair:

Edit: to be clear I loved it, just want more of this lovely Sunset :raritywink:

The guard stepped out of the way, and Death trotted into the room.

Sunset would probably take that description as a compliment :pinkiecrazy:

I really enjoyed this story with Sunset immediately noticing something is wrong and simply attacking the changeling queen. Chysalis' internal monologue concerning her own superior intelligence was also very much in character.


Run little buggy RUN!

I was reading the first half and expecting it to be Sunset was completely innocent and knew nothing, but Chrysalis thought she knew etc.

Huh. Took like 7 years for the first sequel to happen. This is pleasant.

Although the picture first made me think of Umineko...

The first was in 2015, the second (linked in the description) in 2019, this is the third story.

Well, that was a burning defeat for Chrissy...

Awww, scary Sunny is always such spectacular fun.

Nice one!!!

Can't wait to see what further adventures await Sunset!!

Rofl! That was great!

You've no idea how excited I am to see a continuation of The Witch of Canterlot, even if it was just a short story like this one. This is one of my favorite AU settings.

A great little addition to your universe. I loved this tiny tale. :twilightsmile:

Truly hilarious. Excellent delivery with the build up of the tension only for it to drop spectacularly. Seeing more content for my favorite AU Sunset stories made my day.

As has been said, the fact that Chrysi was apparently fighting and running through not just the castle, but the caverns, before trying to request sanctuary is a brilliant comedic delivery. Also, wondering if that was a hint at SMILE being run by Celestia's attack dog in the next story.

Thanks for writing and sharing this!

Love the ending, with Chrysalis yelling at sunset.

“You hear that!! SANCTUARY!!”

Oh, Chrysalis. Sunset wasn't around to pass the Idiot Ball to. But she's feeling in a fun mood.

You're still breathing.

Heh. You missed the sequel, so not only do you get this appetizer, there's a full course meal of Sunset Time to boot.

This was great. As good as Everfree was, I couldn't get hooked on Canterlot... But this, for a one-shot, was great.


Nah I read all 3. Just pointing out how the first sequel took like 4 years while this one took a few months.

I s nice a good job!

This brought me a good laugh.

Mwahahahaha! That's right bugger, ruuuuun! I really enjoy this universe.

Maybe if I found a way to ambush her, that ‘somewhere’ could be banished to the same place I’d thrown the real Cadance. It was quieter than trying to fight her openly, and nopony could find their way out of those caverns on their own.

Bad idea.
What if Sunset and the real Cadance team up? They might find a way out, and once they do...

“You should always pay attention to the little details,” Sunset said. “Did you know Cadance’s magic is blue?”

Maybe, but the color of your magic had changed over time, too.
(No, really! Look at the movie, then look at the later episodes. It changed from greenish to red.)

“Don’t make me beg!” Chrysalis snapped. “I surrender! I’m leaving! I learned my lesson. Look, I even gave your princess back!”

I guess that counts as friendship lesson, right?

“I claim sanctuary!” She shouted. Then she turned and shouted down the hall. “You hear that? Sanctuary!” She turned back to me. “That’s still a thing, right?”
“That’s… that’s never been a thing.”

Awww... Don't be like that, Sunbutt. Just think of the poor little bug...

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Well, most who could have noticed are castle guards, and you shouldn't expect too much from them.

But Sunset is involved so you know there has to be at least two fires and an explosion. Celestia has good soundproofing at minimum.

Didn't notice my first two reads that Sunset throws a book at Celestia to check the color of her magic, since Chrysalis could have broken the window then disguised as Celestia. Really smart, so much that it flew over my head at first.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it

resisting the urge to poison one.

Which, going off the last story, Sunset could already be immune to the poison.

“You should always pay attention to the little details,” Sunset said. “Did you know Cadance’s magic is blue?”

I looked at the wineglass, outlined in my acid-green aura.

Lmao loved this.

Well played! I give it five yays.

Will there be a sequel?

I hope you do more for this universe. These 3 stories were great.

Loved it! Would love to see more from this as well!

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