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There's nothing strange about Alias, except for how awesome and radical she is, and how she totally relates to all today's youths and is not Queen Chrysalis. In fact, she's so definitely not Queen Chrysalis it's bodacious and by the way, what's your greatest weakness?

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That was awesome

I wish I was as cool as those glasses.

Why didn't you make this story longer?




Eh, I dunno Mags. I’d only give this one 10.5/10. 11/10 at the absolute most.

My god, I haven't even read it yet and you beat me to the punch! I knew from the phrasing in the description and cover glasses Immediately that this would be appropriate. But man, you did better than I could have, so good job man!!

And now that I've read it, Oh My God that was amazing!!! I was expecting something good, but I got something absolutely beautiful instead. You have won the internoot good sir.
Do you plan to continue this "young 6 + chrissy" timeline? There's a lot to be explored with her casual attempts at victory over the elements, which will probably just evolve into intense pranks, more than anything.

There isn't a more pitiful phrase in English than, I've got a lot of irons in the fire.

“Oh, you know,” Alias leaned back, trying to look cool. “I’ve got a lot of irons spinning at once, as the cool ponies like me say.”

I stand corrected.

... I want to hear about the noodle dream...

Emtu #11 · May 31st, 2018 · · 6 ·

Considering the leaked episode that featured Chrysalis (of course I watched it) this sounds exactly like some harebrained stunt she would pull.

This was fantastic. Yona and Chrysalis were the highlights, but I think everyone was pretty darn good :pinkiehappy:

I love how this supports my headcanon that literally any other changeling would make for a better leader than Chrysalis.

In any case, hilarious stuff. Thank you for it.

put leaks under spoiler

“All my friends are stupid,” Chrysalis sighed.

Silverstream hugged her. “That’s how you know they’rereallyyour friends!”

“That’s a terrible friendship lesson.”

Ocellus patted Chrysalis on the shoulder. “You’re sort of a terrible friend, your majesty.”


This fic made my day lolz.:rainbowlaugh:

Also this had me thinking about The simpsons episode, where Mr.Burns dressed as a teen to try and steal the oil money from the school.

:rainbowlaugh: This was glorious from start to finish.

Yona and Ocellus probably had my favorite moments during this (rocks!!), but Chrysa-- sorry, "Alias" -- was hysterical, too. XD

Damn it, An Obvious Alias was gonna be the name of my next alt account. Gotta think of something new now.

dear god...


This was amazing. Also, AJ does need to teach about more than just apples. She can get a little too tunnel vision.

Absolutely fantastic, I was laughing like an idiot the entire time.

I wish I was this cool

This is fudging brilliant and hilarious.


Thankfully bean free.

“You know, there’s an old griffon saying,” Gallus said. “Some days, you fall off the horse and you have to pick yourself up and eat that horse.”

They totally got that from DBZ:A Goku. Right as he was convincing Vegeta to join him on Kami's Lookout for training in the Hypersonic Lion Tamer. :trollestia:

“It doesn’t translate really well,” Gallus admitted. “But you gotta get yourself out of that rut, get back on your talons, and eat that horse with us!”

Alias nodded slowly, "I think I get what you're saying..." And so all the Chrysalis vore fics and images came to pass. :fluttershbad:

If this was how Chrysalis came back in the show... I'd be oddly ok with it. I mean, it's better than poorly-planned revenge plots which don't have a fly's chance at a spider convention of working.

When do the beandroids show up?

*Count Olaf takes notes*

Idiocy is the great friendship attractor. It's how we survive. A pretty important lesson for alias.

They'll probably need to expand the bleachers for when alias graduates. If her whole family comes it's gonna get tight otherwise.

Pffffffffffft, "Hello, fellow youths!" Yeah, no, that's a great way to blow your cover. Open muzzle, insert hoof. Great story! Random, but structured in terms of story. Lovely little ficlett.

“Fine, you want the truth!?” Alias sat up straight, glaring at Applejack through her shutter shades. “Apples are lame!”

“You know, there’s an old griffon saying,” Gallus said. “Some days, you fall off the horse and you have to pick yourself up and eat that horse.”
Everyone else in the room stared at him.

Smolder: "How could you?! I mean, that is what us dragons are already doing!"

borrowed a riding crop from Rarity’s personal collection

1. Why does Rarity even have something like that?
2. Do I want to know?

“It’s not my fault you horses all look the same,” Alias grumbled.

And unreformed changelings are not?

Great story!
I laughed a lot while reading it.

definitelynotQueen Chrysalis

Of course its not her... Chrysalis is INVISIBLE! (so you wouldn't be able to see her!)
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/410061/chrysalis-is-invisible xD

I could NOT STOP GRINNING the ENTIRE TIME I WAS READING THIS! It was ridiculous and perfect and I LOVE IT A LOT, well done, I approve heartily. I kind of want a sequel. *throws mug against the ground* ANOTHER! *mug is plastic and bounces back up to smack her in the face*

At first I was like "Are you friggin kidding me? They're THAT dumb", but by the end it was charming, heartwarming, and most hilarious in a touching way <3

The only question I have is....how will you make a sequel of this?!

I loved it. I wish someone took this idea and made it longer and a little bit more serious, but this one was really fun on its own.

Seconded. If it proved to be just as entertaining as this one shot I’d love to see it.

This...was fucking great

Now, I would usually list all of my favorite parts in this comment, but since that would mean copying the entire story into here, I'm not going to do that.

Really, I think the best parts were the sections that we didn't see, like Rarity's hair getting set on fire or trying to lure Starlight into the spike pit.

Nice job. 9/10

I second that. We demand noodle dreams!

This is great.

....we need a Chrysalis emoji.

Absolute favorite part, right here:

“What is it doing?!” Alias yelled, starting to panic. Had it found out that secretly she wasn’t cool?!

It's not just that Chrysalis apparently considers the fact that she's not cool a more damning secret than her true identity, but that she seems genuinely concerned about her uncoolness being discovered.

“Sometimes spontaneous combustion happens.” Smoulder shrugged. She rolled the dice, moving her tiny pony figure along the board.

/).(\ double facehoof!
... Celestia no! She didn't!?

I hope so bad this is the season end
Thought she would become principal however...

Dis is pretty good :rainbowlaugh:

She’d found an old army helmet and borrowed a riding crop from Rarity’s personal collection.

a riding crop from Rarity’s personal collection.

Oh my~

Snrk, that was hilarious.

That is exactly what popped up in my head after her first line.

So... She's good?

“Well I just, y’all…” Applejack huffed and turned away. She sighed. “Y’all are right. I’ve been teachin’ all y’all about just one type of fruit. As a teacher I should be tryin’ ta expand yer horizons. From now on we’ll learn about all sorts a fruit. Thank y’all, Alias.”

I... did Chrysalis just accidentally broaden AJ's horizons? O.o

“You know, there’s an old griffon saying,” Gallus said. “Some days, you fall off the horse and you have to pick yourself up and eat that horse.”

Dammit author! XD



Ocellus narrowed her eyes. “What I’d do is, I’d infiltrate their school and try to learn everything about them while in disguise, then after I’d befriended them, I’d use what I’d learned to ruin their friendships by creating misunderstandings and arguments between them that would quickly become self-fueling, destroying their ability to work together against a threat. Then, once they were alone and vulnerable, I’d start taking them one at a time, leaving planted evidence that it was one of them doing it. They’d start fighting each other and then, once there was only one left, I’d reveal everything I’d done and watch their spirit shatter under the weight of my betrayal and the friends that they, themselves, had brought down.”

Oh my GOD, Ocellus.

Alias coughed into her fetlock. “Nepotism!”

She's not wrong.

“Have fun playing buckball, Chrysalis,” Twilight said, patting her flank before shutting the door.


Yona gasped. “Everyone! I think pony is changeling!”

“All my friends are stupid,” Chrysalis sighed.

Silverstream hugged her. “That’s how you know they’re really your friends!”

“That’s a terrible friendship lesson.”

Ocellus patted Chrysalis on the shoulder. “You’re sort of a terrible friend, your majesty.”

What have you done. I have no lungs now because I laughed too hard. You monster.

I laughed long and loudly and that's really the best recommendation I can give.

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