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"Good Night... And Good Luck" -Dying Light

About me and what stories I'm currently writing

I'm a Guardian Of the Traveler, a Titan to be exact. I live with Dexter Grif, a Paladin of the Brotherhood Of Steel, Rainbow Dash, a Titan Pilot, and a Clone pilot who's renowned for rivaling Anakin Skywalker's Piloting Skills. The Stories I'm Currently Writing About is A A Storm Of Steel: The Tale Of The Rainbow Factory-Brotherhood Of Steel War and It's Prequel, Heart Of The Hive, which believe it or not, are true stories in my universe... Anyways "Let the Traveler Light your path" as I always Say... and don't look back... there's no monster behind you... except if your past is the monster... because live in the moment, live for the future... that's what my drill sergeant always told me... and go on... you're path is your's to blaze...


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I just like anything with destiny in it thats all... and because it has more than one chapter.

Thank you, for the favorite on Fo:E Guardian. Might I inquire how it was earned?

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