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This story is a sequel to New Lyrics: Friendshipping Sonata Dusk and Pinkie Pie

While skateboarding one day, Rainbow Dash saw Adagio Dazzle somewhere in an alleyway. Instantly convinced she’s up to no good, she tries tracking her down.

It doesn’t quite go as expected.

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So let's start with telling you that at least one or two years ago I read the prequel of this story when I was fimfiction as an anonymous user and tell you that I loved that story, even though I hoped that eventually friendship between Sonata and Pinkie Evolve into a romantic relationship, but despite all I liked the story. Now almost two years after the release comes out of a sequel !? Right between favorites both this story and the prequel since I'm now registered to the site. I look forward to reading the sequel to this fiction.

P.S: May I hope for a possible PinkiexSonata in this Fiction despite the protagonists being Adagio and Rainbow? Along with SciSet, PinkiexSonata is my favorite pairing and I noticed that there are really few stories with this pairing.

P.S.S: I congratulate you for the prequel that was magnificent and I congratulate you for the very beginning of this story.

Nothing too overt in the PinkiexSonata section in this one.
Hope you like the rest of the story!

Canniba... you... you do know that lots of Sea critters eat fish right? Sharks, barracuda, eels, anglerfish...

Sonata will be the end of Dash

Ah, I'm so glad this got another chapter.

Now we wait some more!

So is this romantic shipping or friendshipping?

Definitely a little stronger than friendshipping. :raritywink:

Ha ha! Of course, this means war!

Love is a battlefield, after all.

So is that a yes to romantic shipping or something else?

This is... interesting... and I don't mean that in a negative way. I should say up front I've never seen that ship portrayed convincingly ever, but I'm intrigued by what you've done with it so far. Mostly that I love how you're writing Sonata.

I still can't get my head around a single quality about Rainbow that Adagio would find attractive, though.

This fic is really good. You get top marks for portraying an unusual ship and making it realistic.

How about (insert body part here)?

8374813 Yeah, but I presume she owns a mirror?

The hell does that have to do with anything?

8375510 Well, we all love a good body part, but I think Adagio would consider anything Rainbow has to be inferior to her own. So why would she look at Rainbow for those body parts, when she could just look in a mirror?

... Because she's not an exclusive narcissist?

Egg all in her hair. So she punched out their windows and probably broke her wrist.

I am so glad you had her respond with confidence and force rather than Rarity-style hysterics about her hair. On which note I'm surprised Rarity considered it an overreaction :rainbowhuh:

8376377 But why go elsewhere if it won't measure up to what you've got at home?

Because masturbation gets old?

8376458 Depends on the alternative. If the person you're sleeping with is a step down from you, then you're lowering yourself, and it's probably not the most uplifting of experiences. To someone that proud, anyway.

Even then, she has rather close ties to two fellow seductresses, who would probably be less of a step down than a Rainboom. I think she probably needs to go find her human equivalent already living in the EG world.

Like I said, I'm enjoying the story and its portrayal of both characters. And I think they always work wonderfully as rivals, it's just the romantic attraction I struggle to see from Adagio to Rainbow. Personality-wise, I think they'd find each other abhorrent, but I don't want to further derail the story's comment section - shipping those two is the inherent central premise and I don't want to complain about that, I was just intending to acknowledge my biases going in. And given that my favourite ship is DagiFire, which is superficially similar but with more maturity and fewer card-carrying heroes, perhaps there is some ground for it.

Those author's notes, man. Funny stuff!

(heh. English class again)


Still my compliments for this story, every chapter I love more and more. You continue to go great! I look forward to reading the next chapters!

That escalated quickly.

And the escalation will only continue! :pinkiecrazy:

In the words of Archer: "Phrasing!"

Dash, it may be time to admit that you have a girlfriend.


Dash doesn't do girlfriends.


Archer yells it whenever someone says a really impressive double entendre. Given that Rainbow said one that was a paragraph long it seemed apropos.

Yep, it's happened. They are a couple now.

I wonder how long it will take for the two of them to admit this?

Every chapter you write makes me enjoy this story more and more. Congratulations on the great work you are doing. I look forward to reading the next chapters.


I know. The, "Phrasing?" was in reference to the double-entendre in my post.

Soooooo...we'll forget about the breaking and entering because, I guess, the power of boners - or whatever female equivalent is - is stronger than the law.

*ding of sin counter going up*
In all fairness, though, if someone brought me a bunch of food for free, I probably wouldn't call the cops on them. Not right away, at least.

Dangit now I have to add a line about 'it's only breaking and entering if something is broken' when I get home from work.


*ding of sin counter going up*

Glad took that with a bit of tongue in cheek, as it was intended. (P.S. Cinema Sins is awesome!)

I do so love this story

Now I can not wait to see how this story goes on! And I congratulate you for the dialogue between Sonata and Rainbow, that was my favorite part of the chapter. You've been very good!

“Passable,” Adagio said thoughtfully, nodding.

That whole paragraph might be my favorite bit of the story :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

And I do love your rationale for Adagio’s attraction to Rainbow. Not exactly what I’d call wholesome, but very Adagio.

Weird to see Adagio having so little self confidence about a relationship. Still it is oddly fitting.

Plenty of room on the floor. Try 8 people in a 6 by 10 one bed student flat. I was in the cooker.:pinkiecrazy:

Adagio could always go with peanut butter. :derpytongue2:

Both bits of this were excellent :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash sat on the floor, leaning against the couch, between Adagio’s legs, with Adagio gently brushing her hair.

Rainbow whimpered, feeling conflicted.

:rainbowlaugh: This was a great cut, and I liked how you then backtracked through the explanation of how they got there.

Never could picture Adagio as a sports fan, but this chapter did a great job selling her playing that part.

Only thing I'd say is that with this line:

She opened the door, and as Adagio passed to leave, she gave her a gentle peck on the lips.

It could be clearer who's she and who's her in the third part of the sentence. MLP really makes you work hard to provide clarity with only one gender of pronouns to work with :twilightoops:

“Anyway, I was thinking.”

“Thought I smelled something burning.”


Argh it was all nice what was wrong with her

A one-line admission of this was exactly the right level of acknowledgement :pinkiehappy:

For a lighthearted story, this is moving stuff :pinkiehappy: I am very much enjoying reading it.

The short chapters aren't at all what I'm used to, but they're working really well, good call!

At this rate, theyre going to have to move into one of AJs spare barns?:ajbemused:

Chicken breast marinaded in brutally squeezed orange juice with clove, peppercorn and sea salt?

Leaving the dismembered orange skin to scream silently as its summoning candle burns away its spirit? :trixieshiftright:

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