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Aria and Sonata are alone for the weekend and Aria decides she wants to go see the new horror movie "Doll House." Unfortunately, since the sirens can't leave Sonata, who has a history with horror movies and has an active imagination, home alone on most nights, she has to bring Sonata with her.

After the movie, things start to take a turn for the worse as you may expect.


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Then the mirror had some writing on it coming from the inside saying "!ouy teg lliw esh."

Flipped backwards it actually says 'hse will get you' not, 'she will get you'

Good story though:twilightsmile:

So can't leave Sonata alone and you can't take her anywhere. Damned if you do damned if you don't.

At least not to a scary movie or on the threat she locks you out. XD

could have asked Fluttershy to babysit?

I believe she was out of town with the others

You want to be careful not to use phrases like "Needless to say" and "Obviously" in narrative voice. There are cases where it's appropriate, but the narrative voice of this type of story generally shouldn't contain such conversational asides.

Huston, we have all the problems:rainbowlaugh:. This face me an idea for Sonata. Thanks for the laughs. Here's a like

Perhaps they should put Sonata on some medicine...

Also, this Doll House thing sounds like a really cool idea for a movie. Is it based on anything?

Who knows what hey can do? XD
Not so much. I tried thinking of an original movie for them to see and made one up, but There could be a similar thing already made. XD

Ah. Well, it's a really cool and creepy idea; just so you know. :raritywink:

This was incredibly fun.

8577326 The closest you can get is Child's Play as far as a real life version of the film goes. That or Annabelle.

Funny thing is, I've had some friends who would do this kind of thing.

Hey, I posted a story inspired by this. Just thought I let you know. If you read it, I hope it's to your liking.

PSA: Be On the lookout for the real life villain of the movie "The Doll House." Suspects say she seems to have come into reality almost like magic. Citizens are advised to avoid mirrors and walking alone.

Hahaha, Sonata was right!

Well written. Sonata was more or less me after my class had to watch 'the Woman in Black'.

Lol. Now I wanna look up that movie

It's based on the Susan Hill novel of the same name. I'm not good with scary stuff...

*EAS tones from a conveniently placed, and active radio*
"Civil Danger for the city of Canterlot. The following message is transmitted at the request of the Canterlot Police Department, at approximately 3:58 AM, a person dressed as the villain from the recently released horror film The Doll House has been reported to be killing anyone in sight. a Shelter-In-Place warning is also in effect until twelve o'clock am tonight"
*Chaos ensues*

That ending was mad! Great story overall.

”Aria, my mind is getting realistic!”

I just lost it at that line :rainbowlaugh:!

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