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There is a giant hole in the wall of Twilight's castle. Most of her front door is gone. And Rainbow Dash had better have a good explanation for this.

Top ten finalist for the "Look, I can explain" writeoff.

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I really enjoyed this! I could really see Dash as a "secret agent" with BonBon/Sweetie Drops as her "mentor". Even more hilarity could ensue when a jealous Lyra misunderstands why BonBon is spending so much time with Dash.

Well, that was fairly amusing. :pinkiesmile:

That was so much fun!

"There is no stopping this!" Bon Bon shouted back. "Once it's initiated, there's no un-initiating it! That's the point of a self-destruct sequence!"

Not quite true. Remember that one time Ripley tried to stop Nostromo's self-destruct mechanism by activating the cooling units she had pulled out before? She would have done it, too, if it weren't for the fact that Mother turned out to be a major bitch, not accepting a two seconds slip-up.

6933009 Yeah, you always want to have some way to deactivate a self-destruct, just in case some crazy guy manages to turn it on.

Like me!

*presses the big red Blow Up The Earth button again!* HEE HEE HEE!! :pinkiecrazy:

AHahaha! Nice! That was a fun one, short and sweet with a good dose of slapstick and action. Also, I really like that someone grabbed onto the Special Agent Sweetie Drops canon; I don't know why people complain about that so much, it's kind of awesome and was a clever way for the writers to resolve her canon name of Sweetie Drops with her fanon name of Bon Bon. (Yes, it was totally canon before, I have the guidebook for seasons 1-3). Nice job, thanks for the fun read!

Its like the damn men in black but a little less and a little more badass all at once

I need to see you write the Daring Do/Sweetie Drops team mission prequel fic now.

Sequel pls?
It'd be nice to have an adventure series with rainbow that's not too long or short like this.

I like it.

It needs a sequel though. A long one.


That was a ton of fun and I definitely want to see more of this oddball partnership now.

"I need your help," Bon Bon ordered.

:rainbowderp:: "What could be more important than afternoon cake?"

"How about the safety of all of Ponyville?" Bon Bon challenged.

:rainbowhuh:: "Like, all of Ponyville?"

"And the surrounding areas," Bon Bon confirmed.

:rainbowderp:: "But afternoon cake."

You can't win, Bon Bon.

And if she came back with Rainbow Dash as a zombie pony, she was probably looking at a life sentence for contributing to the death of a national hero.

But if Rainbow "Danger" Dash becomes a zombie pony, would she technically really be dead? I mean, she is still walking around alive. (Sort of.)

And what happened to Professor Distressor? Did he woke up before the explosion and take revenge, or did he die and became a (sentient) zombie pony himself? Or something else? Or am I somehow overthinking?

Good story!

Is this merely supposed to be an One-Shot or will there be an sequel?

You can never kill a good bad guy. They just keep coming back. :raritywink:
This one is just a one-shot, and I haven't even thought of a sequel; but seeing how many people wouldn't mind one I might have to give it some thought.

If no sequel comes out, I'm legitimately going to die.

Awesome story! Loved it!

"So why did you foalnap me and bring me along?"
"Because you're the only other pony in town that has sunglasses," Bon Bon deadpanned.


🎵all in all you’re just a-nother brick in the wall🎵

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