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Bonbon has been trying to get to know Lyra for years, but the unicorn refuses to show her true self or accept Bonbon's advances. When Bonbon discovers that Lyra is leaving town without even saying goodbye, Bonbon decides to follow, no matter how far they must go or how hard Lyra protests. Rainbow Dash tags along as a guide, paid by Lyra for her services, but the tight-lipped Wonderbolt appears to have her own motivations as well.

It's all secrets and lies, but Bonbon is determined to get to the truth, even if it takes her to the end of the world. And it just might.

- Big thanks to Thanqol for his aid in prereading and reviewing
- Featured on Equestria Daily
- Interview about this story

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 328 )

Da BUCK?! Ok... HOW did two amazing stories just HAPPEN to pop up like that AT THE SAME TIME?!

Starting to wonder... if you two are somehow the same people...

Well, I don't think I have time to also be the Descendant. Sorry, but thanks! :twilightblush:

2590968 Hope you know you two Luna-neared caused a super nova with that simultaneous upload!

Damnit, your avatar just screams belly rubs ._.

EDIT: And now in feature box RIGHT next to you-know-what xD

It does, doesn't it? :rainbowkiss: Hehe, thanks, it must be a sign :twilightsmile:

I somehow have no idea what the human tag is for. I want to say Lyra has something to do with it, but it's too early to tell. I can hope, though.

Aye. In a story featuring Lyra, it's a very good bet that the Human tag is because of her somehow. Other than that, can't really say much without spoiling it

I found this story through you, and I have to thank you for that. I'm not following Adcoon, since I tend to avoid horror stories, but I do greatly enjoy zir non-horror work.

2592993 My pleasure ^^ this one was a real treat!

Adcoon does tend to steer to the grim side of stuff, but even his Horror stories leave you d'awwing by its end. At least the conclusion to one particular series anyways xD
I did however avoided that Sweetie Belle prequel like the plague admittedly, I couldn't even stand the original scene in Fillystata, so no way I'd survive a 'how it came to be' story. :pinkiesad2:

Ah, it's been a nice read :D though I have to say I giggled like a fangirl when RD kissed Twilight. XD

I'll be waiting for the next installment!

There will be more Princess TwiDash, although it'll be long-distance. But what's a little distance to those two? :rainbowdetermined2:

Glad you found and liked it :twilightsmile:
I only really have four stories that are capital-D Dark. Fillystata, MitM and Stitch are all pretty dark, of course. Stitch is, admittedly not for everyone. And then there's Butterflies, my random Cupcakes-clone, which hardly counts :derpytongue2:

II is more dark-ish, and more than once I considered whether it even needed the tag. Escargot is mostly comedy, and Squeak is mostly just a bit spooky, and both are just random one-shots.

I do like to write horror, but I also like to give it a dash of light every now and then. And I also write other things :twilightsmile:

I haven't read Anthropology yet (it's on my list). I expect there will be similarities, but also major differences. The basic premise is probably much the same, but with different twists, I'm sure.

New story from Adcoon? Disregard sleep; read story.

Also, I just picked up:
"You're running off with her?" Bonbon 'demanded'.
'Demanded' after a question.

Welp, can't wait to see where this goes, suprise me!:pinkiehappy:

That line seems fine to me. You can demand an answer to a question, after all.

Glad to hear I ruined your sleep :rainbowkiss:

2594386 I'm familiar with 'other things' ;3

As Celestia Is My Witness, and the lovely Painted Jack(beautiful btw <3), it just makes me all tingly inside knowing you're still churning out ponies. I still need to give II a chance. Honestly all these fics and stuff have taken a bit of a way side when they get too lengthy with RL in the way, but they are best stress relievers. Weekends are just awesome for reading fics!

Doesn't help I'm hooked on Anime these season with Railgun S (F U you episode 5 and your cheesiness yet clear ability to still make me cry!), Attack on Titan (dear lord it's amazing!), and this other about a boy who is a fanatic about cutting hair and a girl with unbreaking, uncuttable cursed hair. Which he cuts with his family's heirloom scissors he inherited. Show is "The Severing Crime Edge".

Which, aside from the other two Slice of Life animes I am in love with Minami-Ke Tadaima and new season of My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be This Cute (Oreimo for short...), I tend to spend a lot of time being dragged around the real world and digital world by which ever friend gets a hold of me first. With a side order of occasional pre-reading.

So, yeah, most fics over 4-6k tend to take longer to finish :p
But oh if Naturalreader 11 hasn't made catching up on some fics a dream come true <3
I can even make mp3 and take stories with me. No more almost getting hit by cars because I'm busy staring into a screen! :rainbowlaugh::unsuresweetie:

Looking forward towards chapter 2!

And yes, NR with a good natural voice like Peter or Kate make for great reads. It's been a fun discovery. Considering how many great stories there are.

Well, I've rambled enough already.

[NOTE: Dayum~ can't believe my back paging saved this old ass reply xD I NEVER hit "Add Comment"! :twilightblush:]

Guess I should at least say that your Bonbon is like the coolest Bonbon I've read since Mendacity. Her readiness for any potential disaster, and even having backups at other friends' places was gold. And OMG that Scootaloo is such a cutie! (well, duh, but like SUPER much more than usual in this story! She worked really well off Bonbon)

I don't think it was Lyra in the woods, but it *could* of been, but something in me just screams something potentially half pony half human? Like that goat boy from Zelda Link to the Past. Eh, just throwing wild speculation in there. Loved the exposition on Bonbon. Been awhile since I enjoyed a non-Trixie epic in some time. Again, looking forward towards chapter 2! (I'll try and be less lurky)

I'll probably be churning out pony stories for a while yet. II was supposed to be my last major pony story, but I just can't seem to stop :twilightblush: And I know exactly what you mean about the volume of fics. I prefer stories/chapters around 3-4000 words, because I can read those quickly without having to set any real time aside. Once it gets longer, I need to fit it into my schedule.

I'm still trying mightily to chew my way through Background Pony. Some of those chapters ... :raritydespair: I'm trying to get myself to read the longest one next, but setting aside hours to read one chapter is not something I do happily.

Anyway, I'm really glad you like my Bonbon. I'm really trying to do some cool stuff with all the characters, and give them a chance to really shine and be different from what you normally get. I'm also very happy with Scootaloo myself, and I think I can guarantee that there'll be more massive d'aaaw and heartwarmy awesomeness coming from her :twilightsmile:

Can't comment on your speculation :raritywink:

Ah, the second chapter is here. And I rejoice, for not only do I get to see more of your mysterious Lyra, but also....

....:trixieshiftleft: The Great and Powerful TRIXIE! :trixieshiftright:

So this is when Trixie finds the Alicorn Amulet, eh?

This takes place after the S3 finale, so it's not that

:trixieshiftright: The Great and Powerful TRIXIE makes every story better

And just like that, a whole portion of the city falls into chaos. Leave it to Trixie to manage to pull that off.

I love how this story is keeping the suspense on what secrets Lyra and Rainbow might or might not have, with many of their explanations feeling like they're half-truths or strawmen. Can't wait until the explanations for these secrets starts getting revealed.

I can't wait to reveal everything either. In proper time, anyway :twilightsmile:

For a second I thought you were throwing us off the trail with how you described Trixie's mane color.

I'm guessing Trixie harvested some of that diamond for whatever reason and now needs to go get more because her current supply broke.

Did I describe her mane color wrong somewhere? I find Trixie's mane color really difficult to describe. Technically I think it's "light cornflower" which is a variant of azure/blue. But to me it looks almost white and white is what I'd intuitively use to describe it, but that's probably going to confuse people.

I'd go with silvery white.

But no I don't think you misdescribed it. (I don't actually know what a corn flower looks like) but I misread it initially as sunflower.

My problem with "cornflower" is that it makes me think of corn :facehoof: Silvery might be good. Perhaps "silvery blue"? It does have a hint of very light blue, after all


Perhaps. There is the faint blue tint.

Trixie! Fun, fun , fun!

Tiny error I think, she instead of he?
Bonbon too had seen the streak of azure and cornflower tail at the end of the alley. She didn't get a chance to open her mouth before Lyra was off in hot pursuit once more. “What a day,” *he* murmured and rushed off behind her.

Damnit... What book... what book... URG, Ill think of it eventually

Is it 'How to Deal With Bratty Siblings and Please the Gods at the Same Time'?

I think there's a good chance you haven't read it, but let me know if you do think of one :pinkiesmile:

Uh ... no?


Yeah, I give up. I thought I knew, but now Im pretty sure I dont.

I sometimes find it hard to read chapters longer than about 5000 words.
Not so with this story.

Long chapters can be a challenge, but I thought it would fit this story, so that's great to hear :twilightsmile:

“You should have see your faces!”

Thanks for catching that

Wow,just...wow.Your story is awesome -as always.And 10.000 words per a chapter?AWWW YEAHH!!!:rainbowdetermined2:Also thanks for adding a little doze of TwiDash.You could never guess how happy it makes me :twilightsmile:.And no need to say your damn good at mystery -how can you come up with such bloody genius ideas?:rainbowlaugh: Anyways,you got me hooked up with your stories since ''II''.Can't wait to see where this is going:pinkiehappy:.

Thanks :twilightsmile:

I thought the longer chapters would be great for an epic adventure of this sort. Normally I prefer shorter chapters, but I think in this case it wouldn't work

I'm glad you enjoy the TwiDash. I really love that ship and wish I could make the whole story just about that, but that'd be unfair to Lyra and Bonbon :twilightblush:

As for mystery, I don't know how I do it, but I'm glad you like it :pinkiesmile:

Finally got to finish this chapter! OMG this was pretty funny. And since I don't think many of the jokes would work well out of context I won't spoil them for potential readers, that said though, I did love the reveal. You've gotten a lot better at descriptive action scenes! Loved that Sonic Rainboom Takedown - Trixie did NOT see that coming. That one shattering crystal and the sun fading had me wondering what other ancient artifacts and magics that Trixie come across this time!

Some nice moments there with Lyra, I absolutely adore foggy weather like that. <3
The thing with Lyra though has me wondering what is up with her even more now. As she got off the train.

Anyways great chapter! That ending was great. That Mare drives Rainbow crazy xD And just when you think RD finally got one up on her too lol I blame Lyra though. Which brings us to the 3rd most funniest scenes I won't spoil. I love the way Lyra reasons with ponies lol

Hehe, glad you liked it :twilightsmile: I try my best with the action and the mystery, so it's good to hear that it works

Now you must hurry and read the next chapter :rainbowwild:

Definitely one of my favorite stories on the site at the moment.

Because no one has said it and it seems the most obvious one to me I'm going to go with Lord of the Rings (I assume I'm wrong).

Glad to hear it :twilightsmile: And you are indeed wrong about the reference. It's nothing nearly as well-known as LotR.

Oh dear, poor Bon Bon and Lyra.

Is it okay if I intensely dislike Lyra and Dash? Dash more than Lyra. I get the feeling she isn't there to look out for Lyra, and wanted Bon Bon to leave because she's slowing down, rather than for her safety.

It's understandable, all of them are bloody stubborn and maybe a bit jerkish too. So far it's hard to say why they're acting the way they are, of course. They all have their reasons, though.

2824173 Sadly, acting like this really feels in character for Dash to me. Then again, I've never been a huge fan of Dash.

For this story, while it might change once we learn the reasons, I'm developing a deep dislike of Dash and her actions. It almost feels like she's intentionally driving a wedge between Bonbon and Lyra at this point. Almost feels like some kind of duality going on since we've seen how nice she is to both Scootaloo and Twilight so far in this story, but yet she's completely cold and borderline hostile to Bonbon.

I just wonder the true extent of Lyra's secret since she's completely willing to tell Rainbow the details, who as far as we know is nothing more than an acquaintance/wing for hire, but refuses to tell anything to the pony she's closest to.

What makes you think that Lyra has told Rainbow Dash all that much more than she's told Bonbon? Or that Rainbow has told Lyra anything? Secrets and lies, it's all secrets and lies :scootangel:

I'm a great fan of Dash, I absolutely love her. I think she's a really deep character who doesn't get nearly enough credit from many in the fandom, who only see her as a jerk.

2824411 Well, if I were hired to get someone somewhere, I'd definitely wouldn't be completely calm when they get left behind in a dark cave. Yet, Rainbow was perfectly fine with Lyra getting left behind even when they were apparently running from something dangerous in that very cave. So, it's more than likely that Rainbow knew something was up.

She was very quick to rush back in and save Lyra. She was also trying hard to dig through the snow blocking the entrance. It was only once she saw the tracks leading away from the cave that she decided all was cool.

2826528 Oops, forgot about that little detail. I guess that's what happens when I discuss things with the author themselves. My bad. :twilightsmile:

Really looking forward to seeing Bonbon's reaction to Lyra telling her to leave, and the resulting consequences.

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