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The Great and Powerful Trixie performs at a foal's birthday party. She had no choice.

Fifth place finisher of the "Illusion of Choice" writeoff. Reading here by Midnight29.

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that was touching

Nice to see Trixie get a break.

hi hi

It may only scratch the surface of any questions about self-determination, but it was short and sweet all the same. Thumbs up, easy. :twilightsmile:

Short. Amazingly simple. And so sweet it gave me the happy feels.

Nice execution, nice ending. Fun and interesting to read while still cute and simple! :3

Light touches make for effective results. Nice execution, author - sweet, and as long as it needed to be.

What a wonderful little short.

Second read. SO CUTE!

If I read it three times you'll be the first

So good:

To see this posted here. Great fun!


Interesting. 'The Illusion of Choice'? Nice to see you won fifth place.

A classic magical act, worked out to a T. Coupled with some pure heartwarming and a little introspection, it's an excellent Trixie story. Much approved.

So... was someone helping her off screen? Or was what happened to the cards part of the act after all?

that one dislike will burn in hell

It was touching. The funny thing is that the conflict in the story... was merely an illusion. :trollestia:

6642724 She was just playing up the trick; pretending like you've screwed up the trick is a classic tension-builder. Note how after the cards dissolve, the narration shifts from telling us Trixie's thoughts to an outside observer.

Short, sweet, and very well done. :twilightsmile:

There's always one asshole that hits the thumbs down just 'cuz. I'd spam the hell outta the like if I could

It really nice to read like this.

Awwwwww. Trixie is best magician.

she had surreptitiously moved the chosen card to the top o the deck.


maybe Trixie is Irish
Thanks for catching that! :scootangel:

Nice story, so hilarious :D, good job.

Trixie is a fun character.

I almost cried. so good.

When the show becomes your life, it can be very hard to break out of the mindset it requires. But no one is perfectly professional all the time, and the smallest venue can offer the biggest rewards. Lovely Trixie moment.

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