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Vinyl drops Octavia's vase while messing around. Now, before Octavia returns home, she must (emphasis on must) find a new one.

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This was absolutely hilarious! Well done, kiddo. Short and simple as it was, it had me at least at a high giggle at the lowest point and a hysterical cackle at the best.

Catch this fave, son

Looking st the title, I'm wondering if you really made puns. And I say, sans be proud!

An excellent little story that helped brighten my morning :)


Fifty Shades of Neigh...

I shall zap thee with a like and a fave!

Cute! Dat "dress" refrence tho:trollestia:

Worth a read, and funny. I snickered a bit at the reference to that "Dress". I still remember that thing even now... Wow, I have no life.

7103016 Making puns is what I do. It's a neigh of life...

7103375 Thanks. I'm glad I lightened a morning.

7103392 Thanks for that.

Haha. Fifty Shades of Neigh.

7103472 The whole dress debacle passed right over my head when I first saw it. While I was writing, the vase just so happened to be blue and black...

7103708 Same, but for different reasons.

very nice, but she is getting spanked?


Most assuredly.

Tune in next week for Octavia Spank Vinyl, and Vinyl Enjoys It!

So... What happens next... And how did they get into this routine whenever vinyl did something like that, and is there something that vinyl does to octavia whrn she does something?

... for some reason, Octavia has RPGMinX's voice... and I don't know why

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