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I am a simple writer who gets bouts of writer's block and procrastination. But, I do enjoy writing and wish to get cover images of my stories.


A/N: This is a trollfic about Justin Bieber. If you like him I suggest not reading further than this description.
Twilight Sparkle tries to come up with a new spell and ends up accidentally transporting world famous Justin Bieber to Equestria. His attitude butts heads with the locals.
Teen for swearing... a lot of swearing.

A/N: If anypony knows who made this image please tell me so I can credit them.

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Why do I hope that this gets featured? :applejackconfused:

2517071 Because you know secretly how brilliant this is

Please, for the love of the Royal Sisters... LET ME KISS THE RING ON YOUR FINGER, YOU KING!

Not going to actually read it but I have a good idea how it goes. Not ten seconds in, Equestria wins by a landslide. And Bieber has a cello, piano, and vinyl's turntables broken over his head.

This is genius
You brilliant person

2517096 I'm afraid you are only partially correct.

2517094 Consider my ring kissed.:rainbowlaugh: Hope it was enjoyable.

2517151 Thank you very much. I worried I would be stepping on people's toes. In all honesty I have two of his songs but they are the only ones I like about him.

i wanted jesus and obama to come in a helicopter and shoot beiber.....im not insane:pinkiecrazy:

2517314 Too bad that doesn't happen.:ajsleepy: I wondered if getting Chuck Norris in to Roundhouse him into the next era would have been appropriate but I couldn't think of a reason as to why or how he could get there.

Fuck yeah!!! I love this!!!

2517356 OP? I'm afraid I don't quite follow. Thanks though, may I ask which part/s you liked? I want to find where my comedy or storytelling as a whole is strong but more importantly where it's lacking.
2517358 Thank you oh so much.

OP=Original Poster. as for what I liked: the concept, the dialogue... the everything really.

2517391 Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.:twilightsmile:

Yet another for my growing "What the Hell" list.

Nice way to paint him as a gigantic douche. You have my respect. (He SUCKS.)

~Skeeter The Lurker

I wanted someone to cut out his tongue.

I wub you octy.

...nice job on the Feature. I guess.

I love the brutality,:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy: that lil bitch deserves it

I really love ponies and hate Justin Beiber
Sheer brilliance!

This is very good, but your comma placing had me scratching my head. Here's an example of what I mean. I'll put the questionable uses in bold:

“Wait… he was insulting us?” Twilight exclaimed, reading a certain passage of the ‘English for Pinkie Pie’ that covered the swear words that were used by the young human.

“He’s bucked,” Rainbow Dash snarled as she opened the door to the library, ready to get out there and kill Bieber.

“Hold on there sugarcube,” Applejack said, pulling Rainbow back by her tail, “Ya’ll can’t go bucking everypony that insults ya. Ah’m guessing he was mighty frustrated since he just appeared out of nowhere.”

“That does not condone his behaviour Applejack,” Rarity interjected, “He was rather rude to all of us when he came to. Although ‘bucking’ him seems rather extreme. I suggest we find him and talk to him.”

Twilight nodded, closing the book, “Rarity’s right girls. We need to find him and talk. If he’s hostile then you can buck him.”

For all of the incorrect uses for your commas, you added unnecessary ones. Also, you went a little cray-cray on the descriptions. Other than that, excellent. Fix all the kinks and you'll be awesome in no time.

So the idiot finally gets the Metaphorical Beating that he deserves. Personally I would have sent him into a horde of rabid anime fans(Nothing against anime fans as i am one myself), but it was a good story.

On another note: YOU DO NOT DO THAT TO ANYONE/PONY'S INSTRUMENT! NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU HALF-WITTED TWAT! OR I WILL FIND YOU. I think that was what Pinkie meant to say. :pinkiehappy:

O_O what the buck did i just read O_O

Came for the cover art. Hoped that Octavia would murder him. That didn't happen like I hoped, and he wasn't brutally tortured, but this is quite acceptable. I approve

Does anyone else wish Octavia and Vinyl did this to him?

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. All we can do now is bask in gloriousness of it.

That youtube video was the best video i ever saw. Only if it was real



Justin biber gets shot for 10 hours lol

dammit no dark or gore tag......
maybe I'll write one:pinkiecrazy:

I had the Laughs!:rainbowlaugh: Excellent work!

2517995 Wait...:derpyderp1: This got Featured?! How in hell did I miss that?! This is what I get for living in a country several hours ahead of America.

There is nothing to explain how much I love this, especially that last line.

welp. my day is made.


2517319It's Chuck Norris. He doesn't need a reason.:ajbemused: He can teleport to any reality and roundhouse any Bieber back to the Big Bang so they die in the explosion, just because he wants to.

In all honesty, the little prick deserved this. It was cute when he was a little kid. Notice I said cute, not good. It was cute then, now he's just a bitch with an ego.:twilightangry2: After what he did at the Ann Frank house, I can say he 200% deserved this.

Also, gratz on the feature. May not be the most serious work on here, but at least the love for ponies and hate for Bieber will spread further.:twilightsmile:

2520409 It's been on the Popular Stories Tab for hours!! I couldn't feel more proud. It wasn't ever meant to be serious, just a trollfic of him getting asswhupped. And Yep, Chuck Norris doesn't need a reason to be able to pop into Equestria. My bets are on him and AJ being pals.

At last! I was waiting for this! This is GENUIS!

2520524I'd say he'd be pals with Big Mac before he became friends with AJ.

Awww, and I hoped this story ended up with JB in a madhouse.

Still, a good one.

“From Quagmire when he visited last week,” Pinkie replied as Twilight flipped through the book.

I just like to kill...

He so. Bucking. Deserved this.:pinkiecrazy:

“I don’t care, just do something you stupid shit!” Bieber shouted as his body flashed with the intensity of a star going supernova. He screamed like a little girl as he faded quickly from existence.
The assistant lowered the arm he used to cover his eyes and looked around to see the singer was nowhere to be found, “Well… no small loss.”

Genius line! :duck: :rainbowlaugh:


Couldn't have happened to a nicer person!

I've seen a lot of errors in this fiction.

First of all, Justin Bieber is not a singer, and you've stated it multiple times in this story that she is a singer.
Second, Justin Bieber is not a 'he'; it is supposed to be 'she'.
Last, but not the least, why can't I give this more than one upvote?

2556509 I love your comment:rainbowlaugh:. And yet for reasons beyond my imagination, girls fawn over the little turd. He's here in my country (South Africa) and there have been multiple fainting episodes amongst HER fans. I can understand if she could actually sing but sadly talent he lacks.
As for the last part of the errors you have brought under my attention... yeah, you're gonna have to ask Knighty to address that one.

This needs to be made into a real video.

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