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Simultaneously able to type 94 wpm and still take three years to finish a story. If you're feeling generous, throw a ko-fi at me.


Hidden deep in the rainforest of Binding is a temple of the Eohippus, ancestors of today's earth ponies. Daring Do must retrieve the Fertility Snake from its resting place before Ahuizotl gets there first.

Originally written for the Out of Time writeoff.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

This was funny
I loved the whole "to old for this" bit with them actually getting to be to old for it

I wonder if the Savvy pony will decide they'd probably make more money becoming a writer or detective. Was a neat story, i liked the detail on the traps and history and the humor worked well for me.

I want a sequel!

Ha. Is Savvy's first name Genre?

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