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Pinkie Pie can’t wait to join Madame Rarity in a trip around the world. There’d be new ponies to meet, vibrant cities to explore, mechanical marvels to behold, and adventure waiting for them around every corner!

However, adventure proves to be more elusive than she’d expected. Despite this, Pinkie will find adventure, and nuisances like lucky breaks and common sense will not stop her.

Set in a steampunk universe inspired by the game 80 Days. No knowledge of the game is required to enjoy this story.

Written as part of horizon’s 80 Days in 16 Days Challenge.

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Comments ( 19 )

This was so very Pinkie Pie! It also reminded me of oh so many 'family vacations', both in my youth and later. This was certainly worth the trip! Bravo!

7404006 This story may or may not have been partly inspired by a road trip or two >.>

Glad to hear you liked it! :D

What's the point of going around the world if you never take a moment to appreciate it? A Pinktacular meta-adventure. Thank you for it.

7404077 Pinktacular... I like it. -v-

Did you win the challenge?

7404276 I did :P The challenge was to play the game & write a crossover about it within 16 days, and I did end up completing the challenge. :>

Didn't "win" in a competitive sense, if that's what you meant. Really, my only competitor was time :v

7405257 No problem! Thanks for reading, & I'm glad you enjoyed it c:

You know, the best thing about this is that it is simply so in character for Pinkie. Different world, steampunk rules and all, but at its heart Pinkie still seems like Pinkie. Now, I will admit that, at first glance this seems more like Rainbow's thing-desperate for adventure, but you captured the difference between them excellently-while Rainbow would go for an adventure for the sake glory and/or boasting rights, here Pinkie just wants to have fun and meet new friends.

Sure, being in character is a little thing that honestly all stories should go for, but when it's done this well, it deserves to be recognized, in my opinion.

So, I enjoyed it, and I wouldn't mind seeing more, although this is a good spot to leave off on.

7406816 I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it and appreciated Pinkie's characterization. I'm flattered to hear you think I did it well. ^^

I haven't written a lot of sequels, so I usually don't write more if it's marked "complete". If inspiration strikes, I'll go for it, but it hasn't happened often. Although yes, I agree, it's a good spot to leave off on. :pinkiehappy:

I've (finally) reviewed this on my blog as part of my 80 Days crossover roundup! Thank you for an entertaining read. :twilightsmile:

For future reference, I've written a blog (link) about my experience playing 80 Days and the reason I wrote this story the way I did, as well as some writing lessons I've taken away as a result, if anyone is interested.

Pinkie lay back on the seat, huffing. “Even between layovers, we just lay over. Can’t we stay over? Or cabaret-over? Perhaps find a local, moderately priced buffet-over and try a gourmet-over soufflé-over?”

at this point I fell in love with your Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:

Well perhaps you just don't know how to adventure on the move!

This is the modern world, full of modern, traveling ponies. The astute gentlemare knows how to adventure in style while globetrotting from Trottingham to Timbucktoo.


Author Interviewer

Okay, so the thing about the missing purse, and something going for something in a place, what was with that?

It comes from the game. I probably could've done better making that gag more accessible to people who haven't played it. >n>

In the game, when you go to a new city, you have the option to explore it. Sometimes you'll meet new characters or see new sights. Other times, you'll get one or two lines saying you helped a soldier find his purse or something. Your "reward" is that they tell you about an item that sells well in some other city, and that's it.

I put it in the story because it happens quite often in that game, and it's always a purse :P Pinkie's frustrations mirrored my own. I hoped the joke would stand on its own without knowledge of the game, but I'm getting the feeling it didn't, really. I tried my best to write this for someone unfamiliar with the game.

I hope the rest was enjoyable, though :x

Author Interviewer

Eh, it kinda works, it just seems weird until you stop to think about it. :B

Just one little nitpick, isn't "Madam" only supposed to be used to refer to married women?

Mmm, yeah... Technically, Mademoiselle probably would've been the correct title. :derpytongue2:

I think the reason I went with Madame is because it's the same number of syllables as Monsieur. Madame Rarity is based on Monsieur Fogg from 80 Days, so I figured that would be less of a mouthful (Mademoiselle Rarity is 7 syllables to Monsieur Fogg's 3, whereas Madame Rarity is 4).

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