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In her latest attempt to take over Canterlot, Chrysalis has foalnapped Pinkie Pie and is holding her hostage in the changeling hive.
Yet this pony is different. Most ponies end up weeping in their cells, begging and pleading for release. In contrast, Pinkie Pie just doesn't stay still.
Or stay in her cell.
Or stay quiet.

Written for the October Crack Ships, Inc. contest.

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Please make this a series,it has potential:pinkiesmile:

if she thought the cmc were annoying when she captured them in the comic books she must really be suffering now with pinkie pie.

5184054 So... what was she looking at?

This was highly entertaining. Nice work.

Good Stuff. I buy it.

5184054 Lol, yeah. I was just about to post that, but you beat me to it... by one week :ajbemused:
Anyway, here's part 2, for some context:

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Oh lord, poor Chryssie. :rainbowlaugh:


Hahaha, this so needs a sequel. :rainbowlaugh:


I don't go around saying much, but this was cute.

this was so sweet! Please come up with a sequel!

“With The Pink Horror banished to the Crystal Empire, the only thing that could stop an invasion is the Elements of Harmony; but without one of their members, they’re useless as rocks!”

At first I thought Pinkie Pie would be 'The Pink Horror'.
But I'm sure Chrysalis will change her mind soon enough.

Mr. Cake had kept it under a trash can while Mrs. Cake had run hysterically through the streets until she luckily ran into Twilight Sparkle, who called for a chariot and took the changeling to Canterlot.

I hope they didn't forgot about him. There isn't much love in the Canterlot prison.

Good story!

I enjoyed reading it!

“Right; but now we have no idea where she is,” Twilight pointed out. “We can’t risk losing any guards; or worse, getting them replaced. And besides, can you imagine trying to keep Pinkie locked up in a cell somewhere?”

The four other ponies considered this, and their looks of concern quickly turned into looks of horror.

“They’ll go mad long before she will,” Rarity whispered. She never thought she’d feel sympathy for a changeling, but she suddenly did.


reminds of an episode of the old "She-Ra" cartoon where a character named "Perfuma" (who made plants grow) drove the villain crazy.

“I suppose; but what if she’s having a terrible time?” Fluttershy wondered aloud. “What if she’s all alone in the dark, surrounded by buzzing changelings? What if she’s crying right now?”

Don't worry, Flutters, Chryssy is still hanging on. Give it time.

Th is so need a sequel

Now that Chrysalis had taken a step back, she realized that Vern wasn’t the only one with a Pinkie Pie™ cutie mark. In fact, there were many changelings wearing one.

I love the TM

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