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Spiral really has no idea what they're doing and they hope you like what you're reading.


Ever been bested by a sickeningly sweet pony, specifically one who wields the Elements of Harmony? Are you just tired of love and hope and kindness filling your world? I know I am. Come to the next meeting of Villains Anonymous, where no unjust deed of cruelty goes unrewarded. Discuss your beliefs of disaster and anarchy with your like-minded colleagues, speak of plans for your next big scheme for world domination, or just be a stuck-up jerk. Here at Villains Anonymous, all evil is welcome.

-Discord, The Spirit of Disharmony

P.S., Chrysalis, it's your turn to bring snacks.


Updated 11/11/12

Seeing as how some of you want me to write more, I'll get on it soon.

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I look forward to reading more! New chapter, please.:twilightsmile:

This Was Awesome, Makes me want to sit down and be a Part of the Baddies Committee >:3 :derpytongue2:

Nice story! Its small stature doesn't interfere with its pleasant storyline. Here, have TWO mustaches::moustache::moustache:

I will keep an eye on this.

Not bad... it could have been a lot better if you tried to dig deeper into the concept, but it was good story none the less.


Man I wanted to hear "101 Ways to Kill a Pony"

Ahh, so this is what they do in their free time. Maybe the Mane 6 have a 'Heroines United Club' to discuss how to defeat the villians.
Somepony write a spin-off!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: This is bucking brilliant. Are you planning to continue it, or is this all it is? It's fine as a one-shot, but it's such a brilliant idea that I need MOAR.

This needs an editor, ASAP!
Also, it would've been funnier if Sombra only spoke in Blargh and Gir and Hahahaha
Jus' sayin'

Actually, seeing how slightly popular this got, working on some new chapters already.

Possible future chapter, or, go ahead, write that spin-off somebody!

1598501 Who brings the snacks to the Heroine's Club :pinkiehappy:


Take a wild guess. She's hyperactive, bouncy, and pink.

This.... um..... is this inspired in part by Wreck-it-Ralph in any way? :trixieshiftright:

Also, it was an entertaining read. :yay:


How'd you guess? :rainbowhuh:

And thank you^^

1598861 I could guess because I watched it just a few days ago. I love that movie.

(Also, the "Villains anonymous" thing kinda gave it away too) :rainbowwild:

This is gonna be good hehe!

this story receives 3 of 5 moustaches

If Nightmare Moon was there, could Pinkamena show up too? Both of them are second personalities, so.. Why not?

If Chrysalis forgets the snacks again, maybe she'll have to bring the snacks? She's quite used to having another slightly loony superior tell her what to do.

This.. This has my infinite Approval!! :D

Nooot bad (puts on monocle) my good sir your tale has spiked my interest please go on

I'm guessing they'll have guest speakers from other worlds? Cause that would be Hysterical!

Have you ever noticed how similar Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis look(tall, gangly, and scary eyes)? And I'm more than halfway convinced that King Sombra's an Alicorn under that kingly robe. Just food for thought.

There, there.
An Evil Overlord is never truly appreciated in his or her own time.

And freaking hell Chrysalis is amazing, I second that changling drones are adorable.

Dude... that's just EVIL.
Not even the fun kind of Evil.

And yay for more adorable Chrysalis!

Dick Move Discord, Dick Move.

He needs to escape without alerting them to his presence. He starts charging wildly through the crowd.

Works for me. :raritywink:

See Sombra Run, Watch Sombra run, RUN SOMBRA, RUN!!! >8D

Meta-references. Meta-references everywhere! :pinkiehappy:

They need to have a saying, like the one from Wreck-it Ralph, " I'm bad, and that's good, I will never be good, and that's not bad, there's no one I'd rather be than me. " Just something like that, I think it would be nice.

Heh, you used my idea. Thanks for that! :twilightsmile:

Why Pinkamena? She's horrifing. Nobody really likes her. SO WHY DOES SHE KEEP SHOWING UP? :flutterrage: That aside, it's a good story and definintely a hilarious one. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: This is pure awesome. Continue!

1611692>>1611917>>1612167 How will he escape? DUN DUN DUN

This is great. :pinkiehappy:

It keeps getting better. Have five moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I have been practicing and practicing with new types of magic, and I will challenge Twilight Sparkle herself to a dual!"

It isn't dual, it's duel. Trust me, I know this one. All hail grammar nazis!

To anyone paying attention, they would see a large man with long, black hair, a portion of it dyed red, charging through the crowds of bronies, utter terror upon his features.

Hey I think I saw that guy before.:rainbowhuh:

"Getting back on his hooves and getting job!"

Do you mean getting a job?

1617546 Yes indeed it is! Dual would imply two aspects and/or elements and/or parts and/or people and/or items, etc, etc. Duel is the one that Trixie would be referring to, as she plans to challenge Twilight to a showdown of magic. So, I believe that you are absolutely correct.

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