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Popping Candies

hope your day is just as sweet as candy! 🍬 💓

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popping candies!

i am a simple author who enjoys having a bit of fun, and i try to be as kind as possible. i'm rather new here though! i like to write comedic one-shots, but one day i'll aim toward something bigger, ty for visiting my page! i love to decorate it, btw. if you couldn't tell.

my favorite ponies fall along the lines of scootaloo, twilight, luna/nightmare moon, and discord himself! so thank you for visiting.

i hope you have a wonderful time here.


favorite mlp villain? · 12:18am July 11th

honestly, i've never been too interested in the villains of mlp until discord? he's probably one of my favorite characters and top favorite villain, but then i got really into nightmare moon and then chrysalis. i occasionally like to dabble in sombra's territory, though! yeah, i like all villains, but i have to say discord, nightmare moon, and chrissy take the cake for me and i like some of the fanon versions of sombra!

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hello there, i hope you're enjoying yourself!

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Wait... what happened now?:rainbowhuh:

I’m curious, and would like to read more of their stories.

2763308 An alt is an alternate account!

If this author has or gains another account, would you be so kind as to PM me their new / other name (assuming they’re okay with it)?

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