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Rarity is good at making dresses. In fact, she's the best. But even she didn't know that her latest dress would be more than the fashion sensation of the season.

Now she was going to have to add wing-holes to all her outfits, and everypony seems worried about her latest creation.

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That’s — hm.

You know what? This is right. In creating something so perfect, Rarity came to understand its one flaw, and learned to overcome it.

She really is a Princess.

Wow, this felt like such a crack fic, and is probably, but i couldn't help but feel like it really came together and ended on a high note. Nice one :twilightsmile:

I loved this. Great wit, characterizations are spot on believable, good use of Starlight Glimmer, the unexpected switch was executed well, and even the moral at the end made the whole thing upbeat. If this doesn't hit the Feature box, then something is broken.

Before I read this, I must know: How can the art of the dress be dark?

Are you familiar with the reason why Alexander wept? Or at least, what is attributed to him. Something like that. Or perhaps even the reverse, whether you are thinking of the Plutarch misquote.

Huh, when I saw the title page art, I thought she was going to start shouting about pigs in equine clothing and the wonders of life fibers. I am now upset that that didn't happen.

Mitch H #7 · Feb 25th, 2018 · · 24 ·

Princess Rarity Belle of Equestria, Princess of Inspiration

Oh, no, no-no-no-no - MagnetBolt, You were so close. It was almost the perfect comedy short, and then you had to go and get Rarity Belle all over it. Bad writer! Stop giving ponies with no last names, non-canonical last names! Next thing you know, you'll be having them swear by deified showrunners!

Nice. From the synopsis I expected this to be a bonkers crackfic. And it did have some elements of that - not in a bad way, I oft times like a good crackers bonkfic. But then there was actual meaning woven into it, and it ended on a great note.

This was great through and through, but that ending was... well perfect.

Incredible. This could've been entered into last month's comedy contest and done very well, I think (I still need to read your actual entry). It's a perfect example of how a comedy story needs to have a strong story at its core to succeed, and I think I'll be pointing people to this next time someone asks for help writing comedy.

Holy moly dude, you start straight off with the comedy. I hope Sweetie can learn to cook soon... and poor Spike. Holy.

Do you have a servant or...?”

“No, no. Spike isn't here.



Even if I don't believe that you can, I really hope you top this line. oh my goodness, that was fantastic.

which checked its commas and indefinite clauses just in case Pinkie Pie had somehow gotten into them.

Wow. You can now blame all these on Pinkie. *insert picture of brain here*



Between Cheerilee and Princess Celestia.

Good >:c

Well done dude. Good comedy, nice and sappy right there at the end. Overall amazing.


façade (I only did this because you used the "é" in décor later. Gotta have consistency.)

They're fine! Just

Did you mean to keep the "f" unitalicized? If so, yeah that works. If not, it works and I'd say keep it, but change it if you want.



“I donno, Rarity

dunno (???)
I guess it's slang,so the exact spelling doesn't really matter.
Ignore this block I guess.

just why thou need the full

I believe it's "needs" but I'mma Google this later...

So many great moments in this story, but this one had to be my favorite.

“Well, the usual thing is to seal it up for a thousand years and then somepony else will deal with it,”


Rarity got all four hooves under herself, taking a lesson from her cat and trying to look like everything had happened as intended, despite the screaming and the rough landing that had taken her across the entire town square before she'd stopped herself.

“Nailed it,”she whispered to herself.

Seriously though this was amazing. Well-earned feature.

Nice mix of comedy and seriousness there. funny the whole way through, but rather profound at the end. Nice.

“I donotthink candy corn qualifies as refined in any way.”

“On the contrary, Luna, it’s almostentirelyrefined.Refined sugar.”

BWAHAHAHA!! :rainbowlaugh:

Okay this was cute as all hell, I loved it.

"The last election had exactly two votes cast. One was my own. The other was from the mailmare, and she was only there because she was helping me organize it!"

Two votes was good. I recall one election that only a single vote was cast.

This is great.

There needs to be a sequel, exactly one sequel, and only one. The Dress Returns. What disaster does The Dress cause in 1000 years. I HAVE TO KNOW.

Later Applekack became Princess of Apples for inventing the great apple language.

I would have liked to have seen the psychological horror aspect explored a little more, but this is a very solid story.

A wonderful story. Thank you so much for writing it.

Now... Cadance... About that shipping... *Rolls out the Railgun of Sparity Shipping*

What? I have my preferences!

That was, like some others I have mentioned, not quite what I was expecting it to be, but it a way that was entirely positive.

Very nicely done.

Wonderful and fun story, made my best story bookshelf. :twilightsmile:

come on, how bad could this dress be.

*looks in the vault*

... Bring fire. And kerosene. The Mary Sue of garments must be burned.



This was kind of a ride, to be honest. It started out as comedic silliness, then took a sudden swerve towards heartfelt at the end.

I love it. I thought this was going to be purely silly at first, but dang. There was a fantastic moral attached, and actual character growth - I was a little worried when Rarity lost all ability to be satisfied with her own creations after The Dress, but everything came together in the end. Definitely going into the favorites list.

I particularly loved the part with Celestia (and how she was described), and Luna and Starlight's evil relapses. Great stuff.

Have a pizza roll.

Now that is how you properly ascend an alicorn. As a story, it's downright inspirational. And so is the Princess.

Is this a Kill la Kill crossover? Haven't read it yet. I'm just asking the question.

Do you see a Crossover tag?

could have been worse, she could have found the Lederhosen of Doom.

Perfection is evil.

No, but the header image is obviously inspired by it, the description reads like there could be a connection, and it wouldn't be the first time someone forgot a tag or left it off on purpose.

Ok, I was on board.

And then that ending. Sweet Celestia, that ending. You’re not allowed to induce feels like that in a silly one shot.


I love humor overtones and creativity here. Though Luna feels a little too cinic (unless it's her sense of humor).


Raven is being facetious or... well, I'm sure there was a term for that, just can't remember.

P.S. 1000 years in not enough


Naw. A Mary Sue Garment would be a self contradicting mess that only THINKS its beautiful when it really came across as comical at best.

And Spike now has all the time in the world to grow up into a dragon to match Rarity.

So does human Rarity get free wings without having to earn them? Like what happened to Sci-Twi?

And heh, so Celestia couldn't wait through the eternal space for Rarity to rest? Or did she?

I'm reminded of another fanfic where Luna and Celestia it turns out had a bet on which of Twilight's friends would ascend first.

“Though it is uncomfortable when they reference specific parts of my body that I'd rather not be referenced.”

Celestia's nethers.

What does she mean STICK the landing?

And I see Celestia REALLY was avoiding that question... I imagine Alicornhood could a gene that once awakened, is passed on to all following descendants.

she would be very sticky indeed, likely a fine paste given the durability of the cobblestone road under her.

Not really. She's almost indestructable now. Look at how much damage the other Alicorns can take.

Heh, Twilight didn't have this problem when she returned from the astral plane.

was not a good response when moving at near-sonic speed in a crowded environment.

Cute Strike sound effect.

Ponyville tried to ignore lest it increase their property taxes even more than it already had.

Sure has made the tourist board explode through.

it would be Rainbow Dash or Applejack.”

How do you figure?

I don't get how SUNSET hasn't gotten wings yet. She switched around ponies' cutie marks, and then cleaned up her own mess. Did she need to do it in song? And what happens when someone casts Starswirl's spell now?

“I'm just curious about how good a dress has to be to warrant immortality and cosmic power,” Fluttershy said. “I'm pretty good at knitting...”

Discord, "You better hurry Fluttershy, you have less than a century! Get busy! I promised cousin Ponythulu I'd introduce you at the next planetary alignment of the stars, and ... well, if you're not an Alicorn, you'll go insane from meeting him."

“Rarity, it's not just good. It's not just great. It's perfect. All other dresses are just imperfect shadows of the ultimate ur-dress that you created. It isn't something that belongs in this world. It's an ideal form that does not belong in our imperfect existence!”


“IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!” Rainbow Dash shouted, snapping out of her near-catatonia.

Reading Daring DO.

and according to my sister I have no appreciation for beauty.”

I thought Luna was the angsty artist in the family.

“Just for a little while. At the Gala, perhaps. I could wear it and they would see how beautiful and grand I am, and how my sister is only a pale reflection-”

Heh! :-)

“She starts laughing uncontrollably about making them all pay and how Sunburst will love her and despair.

She can wait until she becomes the Goddess of Equality.

“All creators can see only the flaws in their creation, even one without a fault.”

*Luna looking at the bat ponies* "Too small. Too fat. Too tall. Too skinny."

“I've seen some pretty awful things in Discord's realm,” Fluttershy explained. “There were these stairs that went up and down at the same time...”

You think that she hangs out with a god of chaos constantly that little could phase her now.

“You did,” Starlight muttered.

Uh, it's not evil. It's just how it is. Like ponies' brains turning to mush when they look at a cute foal. Like gravity.

“I know you'd never make an evil artifact on purpose,” Spike said, because he was there too. He continued to be there for the rest of the narrative but had nothing else important to say, and will be ignored.


Why the heck isn't Spike being happy at how he now has all the time in the world to grow up to Rarity's age and start dating her?!?!?! It feels like a big hole in the plot.

“I wonder if I could make myself tax-exempt...”

You are the government now, you can't tax yourself.

“Sorry AJ, Twilight said that'd be nepotism,” Rainbow Dash answered. “Trust me, I already asked.”

What do you call not locking her up for blowing up the weather factory?

Pinkie Pie sees different layers of reality and possible futures all the time! What a Perfect Dress to her?

but her therapist assured everypony that she'd eventually recover.

Pinkie Pie better lock her door with DeadBolts at night.

“If I have to choose between a good silhouette and being able to breathe, I will choose the former every time.”

Do Alicorns NEED to breath?


“It’s a good thing we aren’t on the moon.”

Nightmare Moon didn't have many subjects I imagine.

Rarity and Twilight excused themselves from the conversation they were having with Daisy, Roseluck, and Lily Valley about how this wasn’t a sign of an impending apocalypse. They hadn’t made much progress.

I thought Roseluck was with doctor.

"I voted," Rarity said. "I think. I can't recall. Wasn't the last election quite a while ago?"

The one between Mayor Mare and A Strawman dressed up as Filthy Rich from the comic?

but employing the Cutie Mark Crusaders to assist with the setup had been a mistake.

They earned their cutie marks, aren't they past the walking disaster phase?

Sweetie is now a nobility like Blueblood right?

The irony is that Sweetie Belle in her previous life in G3 was the cook of the group with the rest nearly destroying her kitchen with their 'good ideas'.

It's the same way a pony might learn to, say, fear snakes after being repeatedly bitten by vipers!"

Poor Twilight.

and the way to do that is to act like you're confident until it's true!"

experience eh?

She reminded herself that she really needed to push him a little harder towards dating among his own species, age range, or at least height.

Why the hell should she now? She now has all the time in the world to wait for him.

“Para-dig-em? Shift? Something like that.”

Spike lives with TWILIGHT SPARKLE, there's no way he has a limited vocabulary.

and Rarity had already made a mental note to offer Aloe and Lotus jobs as her personal servants.

They have enough help to have the rest of their family run the spa right?

very carefully controlled, dandruff issues (thank the stars it didn't show up on a white coat).

I wonder what Rarity's mane will become.

“We are annoyed,
“We art annoyed,

“She has never been this bad before,” Luna said. “We must come up with a plan.”

She wasn't there for the century of Chubby Celly, after Luna was banished.

It was one reason she and Applejack were such good friends.

I wonder if AJ feels the opposite about her.

This dress is only beautiful in and of itself. It could never make anypony happy.”

So Rarity should wear it herself.

“We really do need to get to the balcony. I have the royal orchestra stalling for time but the crowd will eventually notice they're just repeating the chorus over and over again.”


Figured Rarity would be the goddess of perfection and beauty.

Now I am just hoping for a sequel where a thousand years later there is chosen one that can wear the dress without due harm to themselves and others.

This being actually ENHANCES the dress just by wearing it to defeat an ultimate evil, by bringing out their inner compassionate beauty to the surface.

Thus bringing about a battle that shakes the heavens, Elysium, and the Realms Beyond or Inbetween. It be so epic and entralling that anyone trying retell it will be unable to live up to the actual events.

“Princess Cadance sent her regrets that she would be unable to attend,” Raven said. “Apparently she has to, and I quote-” Raven took a scroll from her saddlebags and read it aloud. “'Update her shipping charts.'”

That reminds me, I must update mine as well. Especially for my own fics.

That dress is a damn cognitohazard

it would have been funnier if mare mare turned into dress-Zila and ravaged the land with an army of jealous mares

This could almost be an actual episode, it was written so well. It'd have to be a special dream episode, but still...

I enjoyed the story quite a lot for the humor but then came three lines that changed it and made it even better:

“A dress shouldelevatethe pony wearing it. This dress is only beautiful in and of itself. It couldnevermake anypony happy.”

Two thumbs up.


The only problem with that is that the only being worthy of wearing it in that way would have to be the ultimate Mary Sue and thus would make for a terrible character.

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