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One winter's day, before Hearth's Warming Eve, Rarity falls backwards in time. To before all the Hearth's Warming Eves to come.

Written for Monochromatic for the 2017 Jinglemas collab. Cover art from the gallery of Plotcore. Proofread by themaskedferret.

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Not sure if I already told you, but this was a stunning and splendid story. Thank you for sharing it.

A small price to pay for saving Equestria, I should think. A shame she can't take credit for an entire period of pony-kind fashion... since it took place many hundreds of years before her birth. Well-done!

Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished. Still, hardly the first time Rarity's gotten little for saving Equestria beyond it still being there... except from a purely chronological standpoint, in which case it's very much the first time she saved the country.

In any case, good to see this up on its own. Still love it, especially the moment when Rarity realizes she can actually count the number of unicorns left on the planet while standing in one place. Incredible impact there.

Excellent Hearth's Warming tale! Loved your Rarity, and both Clover and Princess Platinum come off as people, not mere historical characters. :twilightsmile:

(Also, now I'm imagining Celestia as the mumbling old guy from The Fast Show, ending her incoherent ramble with "I was very, very drunk at the time." :trollestia:)

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Rarity is so very herself, in all her different facets.

Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:


"So your claim, madam, is that you invented Nouveau fashion in Equestria a thousand years before there was any Nouveau, and before there was any Equestria."

"In essence, yes."

"And that the entire post-Unification royal court of Unicornkind was, to paraphrase, 'copying your style'."

"...Not the most charitable of paraphrases, I must say, but -"

"The worst thing is, madam, considering the world we live in, it's not even that implausible."

Good deeds tend to be terribly unprofitable like that. As if doing good is meant to be its own reward, or something. Tsk, I say.

Realising your assembled kindred wouldn't actually fill a modest stadium can be a bit daunting. Glad that came through. :twilightsmile:

Putting flesh and blood on the bones of dusty historical characters (and alcohol in the bloodstream of Princess Celestia) is always a joy. Glad you liked it!

Thank you! I was a wee bit pensive about tackling her in first-person, and was certain I'd muck her voice up. Happily, nobody so far's raised too many glaring objections, so I've presumably done some things right. :raritywink:

Amazing story. Please give us more?

8636941 What you always do when you go back in time is grab what you know will be the rarest coin/stamp/baseball card/etc and store it in a sealed box in a secret place you know it won't be disturbed. Then you retrieve it in the future and get rich!

You can't bring it with you because radioisotopic tests upon in would reveal it to be very 'young' since it would skip over all the aging if it travels to the future with you.


"Why, good Rarity, how pleasant to see you again. What brings you to our — what are you — what are you doing? That is our crown! Return that to us at once! That is our crown!"

"Dreadfully sorry, Princess Platinum, but I suspect the Royal Canterlot Museum will pay me a mint and a half for this piece's miraculous rediscovery."

8637369 This will work out if ponies haven't yet invented radioisotopic dating methods. :raritywink:


"Miss Rarity, I must say, I'm more than a little disappointed that a heroine of Equestria would try to pass off an obvious fake such as this. Our dating charms clearly show this was forged no more than five years ago, not fifteen-hundred-plus-change."

"...am I to understand that I abrogated my own morals to no profit whatsoever? What manner of horrible, just universe is this?!"

Wonderful story, Carabas!

Y'know, given Starlight's habit of misusing magic to the extreme, I wonder if the events of this story were because of Twilight telling Starlight to clean out the fridge, and Starlight used chronomancy to unspoil the food.

Also, chronomancy:


“...I’m really not informed informed enough on the subject to take chances,” I managed.

Doublely informed!

8637402 You think in the same way as I do... your logic pleases me.

Now I can read this story without having to brutally criticize anything! Yay! :raritywink:

There were openings at the back, to accommodate a pegasus’s wings.

got a bit misty eyed at that point.

Great story, needs a epilogue with Twilight taking Rarity to a exhibit on Platinum and Clover and seeing her designs on display. Also I do like how you took from your previous story on Platinums behavior, sure she is always first. And here it's obvious she is starving because she is the first to short herself of food to feed others.

I suppose I knew you were based in Ponyville when I took up the job; this sort of event must be factored in.

I love this line.

Sassy Saddles and Plaid

Coco, surely. Just because she called in sick on the first day is no reason to give her job away.

I'll read it, but more time travel fics like this? Maybe a little bigger?


"Now, Twilight, in my defence, one of the saurians ended up eating the contents of your fridge when we were still trying to contain things to your palace. So in a way, my approach solved the initial problem perfectly. Right?"

"...Starlight, did the phrase 'ends don't justify the means' come up during your foalhood once?"

Time Police shout-out appreciated, and Rarity's informedness fixed! :raritywink:

You're very kind, but don't stint yourself. There's surely a semicolon in there that deserves some verbal evisceration.

A feeling shared by Clover. Glad to have induced it. :twilightsmile:

That would have made for a decent epilogue, true. Alas, by the time I was near the end, I was already stupidly past the suggested word-limit of five thousand, and I suspect adding much more would have made Petrichord hunt me down and swat me repeatedly. Glad the parallels to Noblesse are clear, though. It's the same Platinum each time, with the same senses of entitlement and obligation both.

The hardy psychopaths that willingly populate Ponyville deserve all the respect they get and then some. :raritywink:

She'll still be associated with the boutique, true, though I suspect Mr Stripes would have unkind views on dislodging Plaid from her current position. Landlords with only a loose knowledge of ethics can be a problem like that.

Stopped Clock has a wee bit more time-based faffing in it. It's been on hiatus for quite a while, though, and future updates are looking improbable.

Nah.... i don't think Stopped Clock will be what i want to read....

Now what i want to read is a fic that maybe could be like this fic but it would have Rainbow Dash meeting Hurricane and the other pegasi. Maybe she could do a Rainboom?
Then maybe do Earth Ponies with Pinkie meeting the Puddinghead?

Since that would make for fantastic reading.

With RD maybe make a longer fic? A big Adventure? Or with Pinkie?

Decent ideas, all of these, and fantastic reading in the right pair of hands. :twilightsmile: No guarantees I could ever get round to doing them justice, especially anything longer-form, but if anyone else wanted to poach the idea, I'd be delighted for them to.

*prays for someone to do so*
Carabas sama please try....

Each of those would need, like this one, to highlight the deeper meaning of their elements: loyalty and laughter.

I wonder if Rarity's garments are some kind of historical treasures of Platinum's line. Such materials and fabrication methods would nothing short of miraculous in those times. Each piece would be priceless, worthy of being royalty's treasure.

Wait, Clover is with her. She SO would preserve done pieces magically, even if only Rarity could prove her influence in the future. She did give her a most crucial gift, after all. Hope.


“Don’t say anything,” said Clover, her voice thick with what I realised was joy. “You don’t have to. And you don’t have to worry about things being ruined. There will be unity, like there was already going to be. You don’t have to nod. And you don’t have to worry that I’ll talk. If you like, these were found in an old crate somewhere we’d been lugging along all this time, and goodness knows who the competent maker was.”

I stared round at Platinum, who was engrossed with a boot. “What about ...” I whispered, nodding at her.

“Don’t worry,” Clover coughed, scuffing at her eyes. “She can be … suggestible, especially in her current state. This can all have been a fever dream, if I persuade her of it.”

Clover would have attempted the above, just to try and make sure the future in which kindly strangers like Rarity existed didn't go too off the rails, but the strange make and miraculous fabrication of the garments certainly would have excited a lot of attention from the other unicorns and influenced their style after unification. Plenty of chances for the original pieces to go astray or get destroyed in the intervening centuries, but it's fair to imagine some of them co-existing with other long-lost treasures of the unicorn monarchs. Somewhere in a long-buried dungeon deep under Canterlot Palace, there's a tome of eldritch lore sharing pedestal space with a fetching scarlet scarf. :raritywink:

“...it’s a cold night. And I suspect a scarf or two here and there won’t change the destiny of Equestria too much.”

What is Equestria ?:duck:
Rarity should have been more careful:pinkiehappy:

Trying her best, but still terribly new to all this time travel malarkey. :raritydespair:

"So, Grandma Clover, where did you and the old Princess get the idea to call the union of the tribes 'Equestria'?"

"Ah, dears, if you must know, grandma must have heard it in passing from a gallant stranger. Didn't properly think on it at the time, but it stuck in the head and ... and ..." Clover stopped talking to her grandfoals for a moment, in favour of silent mulling-over. "Ah. Hmm."

"What is it, grandma?"

"That's a new paradox for the chronomancy texts, then. Bit pleased to have enabled its invention, truth be told."

That was excellent. Rarity's voice was spot-on, and that was an interesting portrayal of the two unicorn founders.

Thank you! Voicing Rarity in first-person was a fun new challenge, and I've had equal amounts of fun portraying Clover and Platinum before. They're a lovely set of elements to mix together.

How utterly beautiful! :raritystarry:
First person Rarity was spot on, very well done... and your fondness for Princess Platinum shows again in a most enjoyable way. So much attention to detail in this story. *happy sigh*

8638443 *eye-narrows* Semi-colons... my arch-nemesis.

Yes, once part of the colon has been resected, things can get messy. (Alondro chooses the wrong interpretation of the term...) :pinkiesick:

Clover looked directly at me, and I realised there were tears in her eyes.

Mine, too. Just a little.

Thank you! :twilightsmile: Getting Rarity right was a concern, and it's good to hear people think I did so. Revisiting Platinum was also a joy, even if she wasn't as upbeat as in her previous portrayal.

Glad to hear it. Or, well, as glad as a person ought to be at inducing tears, at least. :twilightsheepish:

Perfect Rarity is perfect, I almost completely read the story in her voice. And the one with the fashion at the end? Been waiting for something to leave a mark, but didn't see that one coming. Great story! Love!

Thank you! Rarity's voice was something I'd been hoping to get right, as well as her inadvertent impact on fashion yet to come. :twilightsmile:

Magnificent story!

You got tears in my eyes at Clover realising ‘unity’ was going to happen :pinkiesad2:

Getting people so emotionally involved in events they are already familiar with takes rare skills, you are a true wordsmith !

Thank you very much, and I'm glad you liked it!

I'm gratified that that scene's touched a few folk - I wasn't sure if it'd end up being as affecting as I was aiming for. Things seem to have not been a failure there, though. :twilightsmile:

some skinchanger

So there's some knowledge of changelings in the pre-Equestria era?

Some loose knowledge and rumours, yep. More spaces outwith civilisation for their hives to hide away in as well.

Don't think of it as meddling, Rarity! Think of it as an opportunity to weave a bold new design on the fabric of time! :raritystarry:

Also I was halfway expecting Rarity/Platinum selfcest makeouts


Also I was halfway expecting Rarity/Platinum selfcest makeouts

Hey now, I already tackled overly-complex masturbation habits in Terra Incognita. Goodness knows how much the universe'll let me get away with examining that subject, but I suspect not much.

Maybe it's just the fact that you said this was written for Monochromatic, but I read shipping context into Rarity saying a far better pony than her played Clover the Clever.

As for the rest of it, an absolute delight. If I have one complaint, and you must understand this one is deeply subjective, the descriptions of Princess Platinum gave me horrific flashbacks to conversations I've had on deathbeds. I don't know what age you meant for her to be in this, but I ended up reading her as a starving octogenarian who's only still in charge because she doesn't dare die and leave the throne empty.

Which, while an absolutely delicious idea, is also tragic and probably gets in the way of Platinum/Hurricane. Speaking of, if you either have already written or plan to write anything featuring the other pillars of history (which may or may not include the Pillars of Harmony if anyone can suss out the blasted timeline) I would much appreciate being given a heads-up.

A wee bit of emphasis on Rarity's high esteem for Twilight might have been slipped in to sweeten the gift for the recipient, aye. (Well into Act 3 of The Enchanted Library, incidentally. I shall finish it, and then kick myself hard for not reading it earlier.) Romantic esteem, or platonic. Open to interpretation. :raritywink:

Exceedingly sorry to hear Platinum's condition had those sorts of associations for you. For what it's worth (and maybe it would have been worth spelling out in the text more) I envisaged her as a fairly young princess, a bit younger than she is in Noblesse, albiet with her physique shot right to hell by self-enforced starvation. And she survives in this timeline, despite what stupid levels of noblesse oblige'll drive her to.

Any time I write anything more with any of the Founders or Pillars of Harmony, and considering how fun they are, I'm almost certain to, I'll be sure to give you a bell. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, there just seemed to be more emphasis on Platinum's failing condition than Clover's, and her clear memory problems on top of that... my father's told me a lot of stories about his time working with Alzheimer's patients.

Ach. Little experience with people with Alzheimers (that I'm old enough to remember, at least), but I can see how Platinum's deterioration and confusion could easily echo it. Nothing to envy there at all.

I've read just a few stories where a pony from Ponyville ends up back in the days of the three tribes. This is by far the most memorable one yet.

Fantastic work on Rarity's dialogue, both internal and external! In my opinion, she's possibly the most difficult pony (aside, perhaps, from Pinkie) to write for, in terms of mannerisms and personality, but you handled it beautifully!

(On a side note, I too caught the jibe at Twilight being a better pony than her, but I just saw it as profound respect - current adventures in chronomancy aside - ant not anything untoward.)

(On a further side note, you're also one of the few authors I've ever seen to cover Plaid Stripes at all, even in passing, much less with dialogue and even a smidge of character development. Most would have chosen instead to focus on Coco - whom I have absolutely nothing against, I assure you - so congratulations on your choice of bringing some light onto an underused character...seeing as how underused characters are virtually unheard of in this fandom.)

Glad the story sticks out for you amidst the historical pack, and that you reckon I handled Rarity well. A tricky pony to do justice to, like you say, but eminently worth the bother. :raritywink:

Plaid's excellent fun to write for also, mind you. I've used her before, along with her father, who it remains my dubious pleasure to have written the only tagged story on the site for. 'Underused' would be a fair description for him as well.


So, what you’re saying is:

Rarity saved Equestria …
( •_•)>⌐■-■

… in style.

I accept my banishment.

More srsly, this was a very neat story. I love historical pieces that treat the settings and characters as they deserve. And the idea that Rarity accidentally rendered her entire style archaic is just hilarious.

Banishment would ordinarily be inflicted, buuut flattery'll get that rescinded. Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

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