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This story is a sequel to Moonlight Palaver

Upon Discord's release, the leaders of other nations must unite to curb the threat he poses.

Easier said than done.

Cover art by anima-dos.

Chapters (5)
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Well, I have to like any story that involves ornithopters. One that builds on Moonlight Palaver while making fantastic use of Discord? Instant follow and eager anticipation of the next installment. Especially if it involves the Capricious Crown of Capra.

They were all going to die. Possibly while screaming and on fire.

Oh, yes. Bring it.

5797884 5797908

That particular artifact'll be making itself known in the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

In the process of being brought, rest assured. :twilightsmile:

I wonder how long it will take for the various world leaders to become jaded to this sort of thing.

"Intelligence minister how goes world affairs?"

"A horrible ancient evil is attacking Equestria and if it succeeds there it will become unstoppable and the rest of the world will be next."

"Oh my, it's early this month. How is Cameltopia's disputed succession going? That could get ugly and we import 75% of our dates and incense from them."

There's almost certainly a well-used sign somewhere in the depths of the Asinial Intelligence Office reading 'It Has Been X Days Since Equestria Has Last Skirted The End-Times'. As well as an organised betting pool based around it.

Oh my. The betting pool sounds almost too good to pass up. If not Asinial, perhaps with the sheep then? I could totally see a scene starting off in their intelligence offices with that, the whole thing concluding with Fairy Floss pulling a Celestia when she finally comes in and claiming the whole pot.


"Pot goes to, ah, the Tyrant. Whose prediction was accurate to within the hour." The ram passed over the pot and shook his head wonderingly. "How did you guess, ma'am?"

"Because I've matched wits to beauty, dear," said Fairy Floss, accepting the pot with a knowing smile.

Elsewhere, elsewhen.

"And you're assisting in my escape ... why exactly?" Tirek said to the old sheep at his side, as they trotted through Tartarus's entryway.

"Because there is a pot of bits at stake, dear, and I am a very petty ewe. Mind the step."

The Cupcakes approach to death. I approve. :twilightsmile:

Glad to hear it!

5801420 Like man do I love your writing style and your world building is superb.

I really hope Discord wears the Crown of Kappa as a prank at some point. He'll find it hilarious.

Also, props to Amiatina for still trying to make the sale during a Discord attack friendly visit. That's keeping your eye on the bottom line!

If I told you have written a wonderful story, would you hold it against me? :trollestia:

Already fantastic, and it's barely starting. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Hey look, a sequel to my favorite one-shot on the entire site.

There are many negative epithets one could reasonably attach to Asincitta's mercantile classes. 'Easily swerved' ain't amongst them.

If you like. Give me your location, a convenient time, and I'll get a copy printed out for holding-against-you purposes. We'll sort something out. :trollestia:

Cheers! I can't wait to find out where it's going either. :pinkiehappy:

Flatterer. :twilightsmile: Happy to delight with the last one.

I do like the idea of Canterlot palace taking its brief foray into sapience as an opportunity to be grouchy and old.

Really, whoever named the Fear Nowt was just asking for it to be turned into a seagoing abomination.

Outraged muffled noises came from the base of Celestia’s throat, and the wriggling mouth in Discord’s grasp tried to bite him all the while.

I commend Celestia's mouth for refusing to go gently into the bodyless night. Bite him, bite him good!

“Apart from all that, Arch-Minister, what do you think of the Fear Nowt?” she stammered.


This is everything I could have wanted in a sequel.

This is amazing. I'd distantly hoped for a sequel, and here I am. Though if it's anything like it's predecessor, Discord really doesn't need to help the world leaders at all to further his goals.

I wonder when they'll all just resign themselves to the fact that Ponies have all the maguffins?

I kinda want to give Amiatina a hug..

Glad you were hoping! :twilightsmile: I'm sure they'll all do their best to thwart Discord ... for varying definitions of 'best'.

Hilariously? Horrifically? Pyrotechnically? So many adverbs, so few actual differences between them.

5803623 You sure are and stay true to that title with pride because of this story. :rainbowwild:

Oh dear. Those are the only words beyond mad giggles that suffice for this story. Poor, foolish Celestia. Poor, unknowing other world leaders. MORE!

More's in progress! :pinkiehappy: Working on a Crown section currently.

I don't think it's that dark, or likely to earn a Dark tag as it progresses. There might be a few darker elements here and there or passingly alluded to, but nothing that'll merit it being a main aspect of the story.

Oooo, a sequel. Very nice! Also, Discord's not actually killing ponies, which makes me think this will be just my speed.

Glad to have you aboard!

That part's necessary for an accurate rendition of Discord, I think - he's not especially malicious or overtly sadistic. Just ... 'chaotic' is the best term.

5808789 Glad to be aboard! Yeah, I think it's true to the show, which i really appreciate. Too many people are too eager to start throwing around 'dark' and 'mature' tags when writing for this fandom. Not that those stories are bad, but the sheer preponderance is slightly staggering.

Now that I'm aboard, I should-




You used the word "panjandrum"!
I think I might be in love.

Fancy words exist to be whipped out and used with gleeful abandon. :pinkiehappy:

5810283 Made-up words doubly so. Thank god for Samuel Foote.

Also, great job showing how absolutely unlivable chaos is. There's plenty of "it's just chaos, it's not so bad!" stories trying to condemn Celestia and Luna's actions against him as wholly unjustified and portray Discord as a harmless prankster, but... at this point, it frankly doesn't matter what his intentions are. It simply isn't possible to make a life in... that.

It's a curious balancing act to walk - like Not_A_Hat was saying (5808635), there's a limit to how villainous Discord can be played. He's not a especial sadist or truly malevolent, but he's certainly callous and unconcerned with the consequences his (nigh-omnipotent) actions might have on others. His intentions would just be self-interested and relatively benign if he was any less powerful. But as it stands, he's a complete menace.

Oh, I can't wait to see all the other countries you have for us.:yay:

Alright, that ending had me cackling. Discord would know all of the sapients in the world. I imagine this will be educational, if nothing else.

Interesting, I've never seen a Sapient Corvid species in FiM fiction before. Ravens are always awesome even when they're evil. Looking forward to the other sapients of the world (possibly ones that even Celestia has no experience with?)

Aaand here we see Discord flexing his full powers as God of Unpredictable Change.

Ha, I love the Corvid! Though I can't understand a word she's saying. Maybe spell out her accent less in the future?

“You didn’t think I was finished, did you?” came the sing-song tones of Discord. “There are other continents out there. And so much space in this cage to fill.”

Oh boy...

What's Luna up to at this point in time? Trying to manage Equestria?

A scottish accented raven? Just when I thought it couldn't get any better!

Eager to inflict them on you! :pinkiehappy:

Nothing like a good old-fashioned education while in captivity. All the unlooked-for crash courses in geography, history, and comparative biology a sapient could wish for.

Cheers! They've been a species I've had brewing in my head for a while now, though they've rarely gotten a chance to shine on the page.

Glad you think so! :twilightsmile:

This is probably a hazard of Scottishness. What's as clear as the break of day to me might be impenetrable to other readers. :twilightblush: I'll tone her down in later chapters if she's as clear as mud to others.

Some mixture of managing, laying low (as arranged with Celestia), and trying to fend off animate bits of scenery. She and Cadance will get a mention or two in later chapters.

Best kind of ravens! :pinkiehappy: Accept that as the utterly biased opinion it is, though.

“There are other continents out there. And so much space in this cage to fill.”

My body is ready. This is going to be awesome in the most terrifying sense of the word. :rainbowkiss:

I could not understand the raven. Not that meeting matters. Twilight and company will have this fixed on a jiffy. Surprised he hasn't kidnapped Luna and Cadence

Good old-fashioned inspiring fear and/or reverence will be attempted. :twilightsmile:

Luna and Cadance will get a wee bit of elaboration in upcoming chapters.

I'm able to work out a bit more than half of the Cormaer's dialogue. I'm quite intrigued by Celestia's history with that people...

In all, this should be quite the world-building exercise. Rather ironic that Discord seems to be arranging the first meeting of this world's United Nations.

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