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Learning how to control your magic can be difficult for anyone. Especially for Flurry Heart, around whom things tend to explode.

Just as well she's got a Spirit of Chaos to help her out.

Cover art from the gallery of Submerged08. Edited by Cursori. Honorable Mention in the 2019 Everfree Northwest Iron Author competiton.

Spanish translation, by SPANIARD-KIWI.

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That actually makes some sense.


You mean the description? ... Yeah.

The description did make me go :rainbowderp: at first, though.

I wonder how the title relates...

Discord'd be appalled to hear that. :raritywink:

Between you and me, the title's what comes of a frantic cognitive effort to unify together concepts like snowflakes and chaos and flurries and suchlike. The post-writing haze of Iron Author might not have been the best title-spawning time, but I'll stick with it. :twilightsmile:


OMG. This is awesome!

Wanting everyone's reactions, but the implied reactions are great too!

Lol at the limericks!


Lol at the limericks!

Discord's the best foalminder.

I sense story opportunities from said foal minding :p

Rest assured, there's stories aplenty from it. Some of which could be half-tempting to write. :pinkiehappy:

Lol, fair

Great story (since I forgot on my first comment)!

He's just practicing for foals of his own. Seven months along and his figure is still fantastic.

Ok, this was just a wonderful little story.

Around the fifteen-minute mark, panicked brain cells unfused, and somehow this happened.

Discord and Flurry would be proud.

He'd be the best and most terrifying doting mother in all Creation. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Even gurgling ape-creatures can sometimes live up to their good example.

Flurry's first response to something threatening is to try and kill it with a beam of magic. Love it!

She's a filly with her priorities straight. :pinkiehappy:


Amazing how well you can write someone in-character that doesn’t even really exist yet in terms of personality.

Bravo. :twilightsmile:

Writing the characterless characters in-character takes a certain eldritch knack. Glad it's appreciated. :twilightsmile:

I’m going to say something that I’d probably regret.

Sequel please:fluttershysad:

If inspiration ever strikes, I'd certainly be willing to write one. :twilightsmile:

What, I can't see what the outcome of all this is? Oh Come On!

Great read. Love the interactions between characters. Especially Discord being a mentor figure.

And can we get the lyrics Discord sang to Flurry

Well that was cute.

All the wizardly advice in the world won't do a lick of good for a born sorcerer, apparently.

To be honest, I was expecting a few more explosions at the end, though.

And the title is because she found order from chaos, isn't it.

'Wizards trying to teach a sorceress' is such a wonderfully accurate description of the problem Flurry had

Discord is second best pony
Only one better is Derpy

I for one like it... A way for Flurry and Discord to be friendly with each other, as Discord teach Flurry, and who knows what could happen in the future, maybe we will see a alicorn of chaos or something...

This was a great read! Congrats on the honorable mention. :)

I ended up favouriting this one-shot.

Through the light hearted fluff, I think there is a lesson to be learned:

Sometimes, just do it.

“Glacial erratic,” he said blithely. “You know how glaciers can sneak up like that. Ask your mother all about it.”

Why do I get the feeling Discord's sicced an especially erratic glacier on Cadence before?

In any case, this was the first story I read when the Iron Author submissions went live, and I absolutely loved it. (It helped that the EFNW closing ceremonies had a big gap of dead air since that chairty auction ran long.) Fantastic interaction and an entirely believable situation for Flurry to find herself in. Thank you for it.

(And it's kind of funny; you managed to find a way to write about a character that doesn't really have a defined personality in the show despite the rules forbidding that. Discord would no doubt be proud.)

Great little short.

What a lovely little story. Discord is a surprisingly good mentor when he wants to be.

After a few minutes of floating the rock. Flurry had a huge grin on her face, this in turn had a slight smile on Discords face, said smile got even larger when Flurry sat the rock down and leapt at Discord and hugged the stuffing out of him (literally) repeatedly saying "Thank you" over and over again.

Sorry couldn't resist:twilightsmile:

Rest assured, it'd be deid exciting. And filled with explosions, depending on how responsible of a mentor Discord's feeling. :raritywink:

Glad you like it! And alas, if only there were words sufficiently rude to do the limericks justice.

Glad you found it cute!

And the title is because she found order from chaos, isn't it.

...I'm going to retroactively claim that as the reason. Retroactive title meanings still count, I'm sure. :twilightsheepish:

My editor drew the same comparison as well. Great minds think alike, or something to that effect.

They're both excellent beings in their respective species categories, no denying that. :pinkiehappy:

Glad you like it! And 'Alicorn of chaos'. There's a prospectto send a shiver down Celestia's spine.

Thank you very much! Flattered to have gotten it. There was an abundance of good stories floating around in the aftermath of Iron Author, and I'm delighted mine placed as high as it did.

A decent approach, on occasion. Definitely the sort of lesson Discord would cheerfully impart.


Why do I get the feeling Discord's sicced an especially erratic glacier on Cadence before?

"Look, there was already a snowball fight going on in her palace gardens. I just escalated, is all."

Glad it livened up a quiet patch of the con, and that you liked it so much! That last paragraph's true as well, now you mention it. One can only ever hope (and often dread) to earn Discord's approval.

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Glad you approve! And aye, he's not too bad at it, when he makes the effort and it seems like fun.

Definitely the sort of scene that would've immediately followed. :pinkiehappy:

Haha glad you liked that :twilightsmile: And you just know Flutters would be very proud of Discord for helping Flurry too! :yay:

If inspiration for continuation ever occurs, I'd be happy to write one. :twilightsmile:

Discord makes flurry heart his Apprentice,
flurry heart becomes the princess of Chaos.

got a perfect name for the story a flurry of Chaos.

Sooo. You're saying the chaos of panic got you to write this little gem? Discord and I are very pleased indeed.


It's not just the magic I'd want to see. In fact, this isn't the first time Iv'e read where Discord was the culprit behind teaching a filly magical control. What I want happening is more along the lines of reactions to what has transpired, especially on the part of Flurry's family.

This was a nice little slice of life that did exactly what it set out to do. I would have liked the ending to run a little longer, but it's not horribly lacking as is.

being neither flammable or broken asunder

For the sake of parallelism I think this should be "nor", unless, you specifically want "flammable or broken asunder" to be one unit rather than separate parts.

most uncouthly awoken from their nap.

Is Discord nonbinary?

That'd work!

Combined terror and time is one dickens of a motivator, as well as sagacious draconequii. :raritywink:

There'd be a whole spectrum of reactions there, I'd imagine. Everything from Hurrah, our daughter's learning to Hang on, that's not how magic works to Discord's acting helpful, oh god, what's he planning now, and all points in-between.

Glad you liked it, and much obliged for the 'nor' correction, which has been fixed. As for Discord, I roll with him regarding 'binary' as one of these funny three-syllable words which happens to other beings.

In the comics Cadance even says she thinks her daughter will be the princess of explosions, so this checks out.

Haven't read the comics, but accidentally aligning with their canon's excellent. :pinkiehappy:

I havent read th comics, but I have to make this joke

"Flurry Heart like BIG BOOM"

Nice one. I like unusual character combinations and dynamics, and if there's one thing you can always count on Discord for, it's bringing something unusual to the table.

Glad you approve! It's hard to go wrong with hurling Discord at any character or situation. Guaranteed unusual fun, no matter what.

Great, now I ship Discord and Flurry Heart. An appropriately aged Flurry, of course, but the point remains they are ADORABLE in my mind.

Not a bad ship, with appropriate ages all round. :twilightsmile: I'd personally roll with him being to chaotic to settle, but all-too gleeful to vet potential dates for her. They need to be fun enough, after all, and sufficiently tolerant of a little chaos.

Now I totally want to see a fic where Discord's vetting a potential boyfriend of the Princess of Chaos.

Makes sense. Wizards having been trying to teach a sorcerer.

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