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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside. (Pronouns: RB/19)


This story is a sequel to Destroyed in a Flurry

(Reading the prequel is not necessary.)

Shining Armor and Sunburst take Flurry Heart to Earth to visit Disney World. Disney isn't ready for this princess.

With prereads by Sledge115 and Nitro Indigo. Cover art by Pabbles by commission; GIMP'd over the Disney stock photo by me.

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I love anything to do with Disney World! I can't wait to read this :D

That art is fucking precious

Understatement of the century! I love how much detail it has.

"I would have expected Return of the Jedi. More Princess Leia."

"Why does everybody think Leia's my favorite?" Flurry grumbled. "Just cuz Imma princess?"

"Well, who is your favorite?" Susan asked.

Flurry looked at Susan and pulled her headphones off again. "The Emperor. Duh."

Susan frowned in confusion. "Really? Why?"

With a huge grin: "Cuz Imma gonna be the Empress someday!"

Okay, just the opening alone is flat out cute. I'm going to enjoy this

"This story is a sequel of....." :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Shining Armor is zenned out on another level. He’s a veteran of multiple fights for the fate of the world (and sibling battles), of co-running a country, and of course of raising a precocious, extremely powerful, and often terrifying Alicorn foal. Even before he packed a bowl on the roof of the parking structure, this was already a relaxing vacation by his standards. The Disney Blueberry coursing through his horsey bloodstream is just the icing on the cake that is his utter tranquility.

Shining frowned at another text from the Empire. "Remind me to never leave Starlight in charge again."

Shining Armour left Starlight in charge of an empire? :unsuresweetie: Surely there must've been at least one other competent official in the Crystal Empire... :twilightoops:

Flurry lit her horn. "Memory wipe spell?"
"Yes, please!" both stallions shouted.

Methinks Flurry has been picking up a few habits from Glim Glam. :trixieshiftright:

Shining dropped his phone and Sunburst's glasses fell off his face when Flurry called Sunburst daddy.

Heh. I remember seeing this mentioned in Discord chat.

Shining's lucky that she's doing it more out of anger than ignorance. I'd originally thought that it would be in the context of Flurry innocently thinking that Sunburst was closer to the definition of daddy than Shining. Big oof.

"How come Mr. Flash and Aunt Twilight gots t'share a room?" Flurry asked.

Oh wow, Flashlight. We truly are past the days when the slightest hint of that would get a mob on your doorstep. :derpytongue2:

All in all, this was a delightful read! :heart:


Hey, big thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

"You're uncle Spike likes Power Ponies."



"Boy trunks would fit me, let's see if the gift shop has Kylo Ren!" She looked at Emily and Hunter. "We'll be right back!"

*newspaper* NO. Bad princess! We do not talk about that noncanon trash. Would you like to see my TPB of the Dark Empire trilogy when Frank Palpatine really came back?

Ooo I remember this being talked about in Offprint Discord, and I can't wait to get to the part. Let me dive right in!

This was magnificent. Great emotional arc, great gags, great background events, and a fantastic touch with Flurry's worryingly positive attitude towards the Sith. And thank goodness she didn't inflict the same level of devastation here as in the prequel. Closing down Disney World would hardly look good diplomatically. A most enjoyable read. Thank you for it.


worryingly positive attitude towards the Sith


Many thanks! I appreciate the kind words.

As a great Disney Parks fan... this fic checks out. Great fic and great fun.


Ah, EPCOT. What a disaster that would have been if it went forward.

From the top comment: Florida Man Attempts to Create Autonomous Dictatorship in Swamp


Flurry looked at Susan and pulled her headphones off again. "The Emperor. Duh."

Susan frowned in confusion. "Really? Why?"

With a huge grin: "Cuz Imma gonna be the Empress someday!"

And that right there is a tone setter, hehe.

Had a blast pre-reading this :twilightsmile: Will come back later for a longer comment, but all in all, I can say that this was a funny, heartwarming misadventure in Disney World :yay:

"They wouldn't sell me any bottles. They couldn't tell if I was twenty-one or not from the Equestrian birthdate on my passport."

When I was a store clerk, my personal policy was "I can't read the passport date? Then, it says "you're old enough.".

I got done reading it. This story way beyond adorable! I love how you write Flurry Heart. You've made me miss WDW so much! I really hope you write another chapter. Maybe next time Uncle Spike can come to Disney?

I honestly expected Shining to majorly lose his cool at Starlight and Trixie (and Spike) way earlier than he actually did (and way more extremely). I think I would have been screaming at them to stop wasting my time by Monday. Maybe Tuesday. Probably smashed my phone, too...

"That's Hayseed Turnip Truck. He's an earth pony. And a stallion. And an adult. And an idiot. How could you confuse him for my daughter?"
the funniest line of the story!

Thanks for writing this. The story brought back many happy memories of trips to WDW.

Hello, fellow Defunctland fan!

No coronavirus in the setting? Or it’s 2021 and things have somehow gotten back to normal by then? I took a vacation last week to Walt Disney World. Rise of the resistance was amazing.

All in all a cute fun little story, plenty of chuckles and oof moments. I do have to question how good Lord Consort Shining Armor is when he chooses those two as imperial place holders and appears to not know his own daughter very well. Curious as to what was going on on the Equestrian side of the portal.

I started to write in coronavirus and masks but it depressed me, so I wrote full happy.

Thanks! Also, Shining seems not so great at selecting underlings...

What is your favorite Disney Park/Resort/Attraction?

Mine is Magic Kingdom/Pop Century/Carousel of Progress

Looks like an interesting story. Can't wait to read it. I must point out, though, that in the cover art Shining Armor is wearing a shirt that reads "Star Wars" yet has an image of the starship Enterprise.

I can imagine the heart dropping for that Pegasus Life Guard. "Oh sweet Celestia.. the princess!"
Also like how you bring up Flurry will be Empress someday, like her mom. Cadance is a Princess of Equestria, Empress of The Crystal Empire.

Or Ponies helped magicly cure it?

it would be interesting to see them visit Australia especially with how the seasons are inverted and also there would probably be a funny and awkward moment where flurry asks "why did (insert human name here) say it is stinking hot?" for

I am frankly surprised the cell phone survived the trip.

Awesome good story I love type of stories like this and I've been to Disney World four times I just love going to that amusement park😁😁😁

So many moments, though I did wonder how long before Armor changed the order of home ...

As for Flurry, like Art said, 'Kids say the darnest things' (Flashlight)

Shining, across the bus's aisle, facehoofed and spoke into his phone. "Starlight, so help me, when I put you and Trixie in charge—"

What the heck were you thinking?

Flurry looked at Susan and pulled her headphones off again. "The Emperor. Duh."

Susan frowned in confusion. "Really? Why?"

With a huge grin: "Cuz Imma gonna be the Empress someday!"

Flurry Heart will destroy us all.

No probs. WDW is one of my favourite places on Earth. Here's to the virus clearing up quickly so we can go back.

As the child of someone who was pretty much always "on call," this story hit close to home. I'm glad it had a happy ending. (I'm now on very good terms with my father, but I'm also really glad that the chain of father-to-son transmission of workaholism has been broken. I want to be more available for my future children.) I enjoyed it thoroughly, though I did find a few mistakes and one curious item that might just be fuel for a bit more horror for Flurry Heart at some later date.

Flurry snacked on odd gravy-covered potato slices in Canada and fish-and-chips in the United Kingdom; Shining and Sunburst got pints, reasoning that their stomachs were still on Crystal Empire time, where it was late afternoon, not mid-mroning.

Uh... isn't gravy usually made from meat? Also, "mroning."

Flurry found herself behind the Gilly and Snow Day, and in front of all the humans.

I don't think Gilly requires the definite article.

Shining has never seen such a wide smile on her face.

I think that should be "had."

Oof! So embarrassing. All fixed, thanks!

Sadly, I've never been to Australia, or I would write that. I'm thinking of Myrtle Beach or the San Diego Zoo for possible sequels.

I think Epcot's Finding Nemo, mainly because that was my kid's favorite, and it was so great to see that smile...

That shocked me, but the artist did it so well I decided I liked it. Maybe Shining accidentally bought a Flim and Flam bootleg shirt.

With a huge grin: "Cuz Imma gonna be the Empress someday!"


I did indeed enjoy, though I'm afraid I'm not thinking of much more to say at the moment. Thank you for writing. :)


I bet she'd enjoy God Emperor of Dune. I'm sure she has a high reading level for her age.

Awwww! I just loved this whole thing so much.



Uh... isn't gravy usually made from meat?

The defining component is roux, which can be made with butter or oil instead of animal fat.

Hmmm seems Flurry didn't build her own lightsaber (well she probably did but not ala Disney), she'd be going Power and Control wouldn't she...

Somepony should get Flurry a copy of The Dictator’s Handbook though if that’s still too advanced for her she could probably follow CPG Grey’s summary for the high points.



Or just the Evil Overlord/Evil Empress lists.

Diane's face was pale and she trembled.

But why

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